• Incheon Korea - A guide for first-time travelers

    Incheon Korea is an interesting tourist destination in the Korean itinerary. When you visit Incheon, you have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty, the old buildings and the fascinating food here.

    1. About Incheon Korea 

    Incheon is the name of a city in  Korea  , this place has over 2000 years of history. Due to the long history, visitors can still see works that bear traces of time alongside the modern features. Incheon South Korea covers an area of ​​almost 1000 km2. Although not too big, the city has many beautiful scenes due to its beach location.
    Incheon South Korea is about 35 km west of Seoul, so it is easy to get here. From  Seoul  you can take the train or the interurban bus. Incheon also has a large international airport to meet the needs of travelers around the world. 

    2. When should I come to Incheon Korea?

    After the Korean travel experience of many visitors, the best time to visit Incheon Korea is in spring and autumn. In these two seasons, the weather here is very cool and pleasant. If you drive in summer, the weather is pretty hot, while the city can have a negative temperature in winter.
    At the same time, the Korean  spring and  autumn landscape in Incheon is becoming  more beautiful and romantic. Visitors also have the opportunity to admire the peach blossoms or the romantic change of the seasons. 

    3. Popular attractions in Incheon Korea 

    3.1 Muui Island

    Incheon Muui Island attracts visitors with its wild and romantic beauty along with a fairly affordable travel service. This is a small  Korean island  with a white sand beach and clear blue sea. When visitors enter the island, they can immediately feel the calm on the island.
    Visiting Muui Island offers three main activities that visitors can experience. The first is the ascent to Horyong, the most majestic mountain on the island. After traveling from the top of the mountain you can see the beautiful sky below. The second activity is the cool bath at Hanaggae Beach, the most beautiful beach here. And finally, enjoy the fresh fish dishes at very affordable prices.

    3.2. Chinatown - Chinatown

    We often hear the name Chinatown in many countries around the world. Many Chinese live in these streets. Korea has such a place in Incheon. You can easily recognize this street by a gate that boldly bold Chinese architecture. When you visit Chinatown, you lose yourself in real China. All restaurants, restaurants or shops are predominantly  Chinese  . 
    When visiting Chinatown, you can also enjoy a variety of traditional Chinese famous dishes.

    3.3. Wolmido (night scene)

    Wolmido is an amusement park in Incheon, South Korea. This park opens up a fun world with lots of fun games. The special park sparkles and lights up at night when the lights come on. 
    When you come to Wolmido, you can challenge yourself with adventures or sit on the rotation to admire the city at night. A show that combines sound and light in the water park is particularly impressive here. No matter what  time of year  you  travel to Korea  , you should try this interesting park. 

    3.4. Sorae Ecological Park

    If Chinatown is Chinese, Sorae Ecological Park has a very Dutch beauty. The entire park area of ​​more than 1,560,000 m2 is a mangrove area and habitat for many animals. Sorae is full of reeds that grow throughout the park. The highlight for the beauty here are the windmills that come from fairy tales. If you are self-sufficient and unfamiliar with how to get here, you can use  the Korean map  on paper or online.  

    3.5. Incheon Bridge

    The Incheon Korea Bridge is considered a symbol of this city. Huge bridge with a length of up to 21.4 km. The Incheon Bridge connects Incheon Airport with the city of Songdo. Seen from above, like a giant dragon squirming in the West Sea. When you ride on a high speed bridge, you really feel the full size and certainty of it.
    The night of Incheon Bridge is also very nice. A line of lights on the bridge like twinkling stars illuminating the western sea.

    3.6. Sunset on the Eurwang Sea

    A romantic and wonderful scene that you shouldn't miss in Incheon Korea is the sunset on the Eurwang Sea. If you stand on this beach, you can watch the full sunset at the end of the day. 
    Incheon trip, please spend the afternoon to Eurwang beach. The peaceful beach is gradually covered by the dazzling gold of the last rays of the sun. And so the light faded and then sank into the silence of the night. The moment of transfer between the day and always leaving a lot of emotions in the heart of the visitors. If you travel to  the autumn of Korea  , this place will be even more romantic. 

    3.7. Ganghwa mud pit

    The Ganghwa mud pit is one of the typical landscapes of Incheon Korea. There are large swamps in Ganghwa, the water level of which varies according to the season, but is generally very low. Gangwa mud bath has a long history and attracts visitors with the novelty and very interesting.
    Not very clean, but happy to discuss

    3.8. Visit to the Sorae seafood market 

    Incheon Korea has an abundance of seafood due to its location near the sea. Since ancient times, people have used this natural material to prepare many  famous  Korean dishes  . Visitors to Incheon tourism must visit the Sorae fish market near the port of Soraepogu. When you come to this market you will see many types of seafood, some of which are visited for the first time.
    Not only that, the price of seafood on the market is also very cheap, so you can buy completely without worrying about expensive ones.

    3.9. Enjoy seafood in Incheon South Korea

    When you come to Incheon, be sure to visit a fish restaurant or a restaurant to enjoy the food here. Since all freshly caught seafood is used to cook the dish, visitors can feel the full delicacy of the dish. Some famous dishes in Incheon like sashimi sashimi, cold noodles with chili sauce, grilled shark ... 
    Incheon  Tourism  Korea always has special attractions with visitors. You can travel to this city for a short time or combine a multi-day Korean itinerary. I hope you will have an unforgettable trip here!

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