• Wat Arun Thailand - Journey to the sacred Buddha land

    Thailand has long been known for its unique temples. Wat Arun is over 200 years old and one of the most famous travel destinations known as the spiritual symbol of the people in the land of the Golden Temple.

    1. Where is Wat Arun? 

    Wat Arun is not in the heart of Bangkok, but on the west bank of the Chao Pharaya. According to historical records, King Thaksin was the person who laid the first foundation stone for the construction of this temple. After the king decided to move the capital to Thonburi, he built a temple to worship and worship, just like Thai customs.

    Legend has it that because he found this piece of land in the morning, he had a lot of strange notions. Therefore, the king built a temple here called Wa Arun, which also means dawn. 
    Wat Arun in the Royal Palace of Thailand is one of the most famous spiritual destinations near the Thailand Jade Buddha Temple.

    It is known that the temple was built in the second half of the 19th century. It took over 50 years for the massive and refined architecture to be completed. In particular, the Buddha image in this temple was designed by King Rama II and took exactly its form.

    Instructions for moving to Wat Arun

    To get to Wat Arun Thailand you can travel by subway or ferry. However, according to the experience of Thai tourism, ferries are the most suitable way to move quickly and save a lot of money. The price of a ferry to cross the river to Wat Arun is only 3 baths / person.
    Visitors move to the Chao Phraya River, wait for the ferry, and it only takes 10-15 minutes to get there. If you don't speak fluent Thai, just point your finger at the other temple and they'll understand.

    3. Discover the peculiarity of the temple with the meaning of sunrise

    For Thais, next to the Jade Buddha Temple, Wat Arun is one of the most sacred and magical spiritual destinations. Therefore, this temple in Thailand tours 3 days 2 nights is one of the sights that should not be missed.
    In addition to the name Wat Arun, it is also known as the Temple of Dawn, because King Thaksin found it one morning when the sun was just rising. According to the locals, this temple is extremely sacred, a belief in the protection of the Buddhas for living things.

    A special feature of Wat Arun Thailand is probably the tower, which is higher than 70 meters. At night, all the lights around the tower are illuminated, creating a bright, extremely magnificent room. During the day, the temple of Binh Minh is impressed by the sophisticated features of the ceramic pieces on the wall of the temple.
    For a Buddhist worshiping country like Thailand, the presence of this temple in spiritual life is extremely important. In addition, under the influence of politics, Wat Arun is associated with people in everyday life.

    When is the best time to visit Wat Arrun? Maybe that's the question of many people. Although it's called dawn, many people believe that sunset or sunset when the sun is high is the most expensive time to check in or admire the beauty of the temple. 
    There may be no need to argue about the architecture. Every temple in Thailand can fascinate people with its extremely sophisticated architecture. Wat Arun is no exception. Inside, the statues of Monkey and Shiva are revered and revered, both mysterious and inviting, to attract tourists when they come here. 
    The ferry crosses the imaginative Chao River and takes you directly to Wat Arun Temple. The journey begins to discover the spiritual temple. Especially on festive occasions, this is the place where hundreds of thousands of visitors are welcome. Renowned tour operators in our country have organized many pilgrimages here to meet your needs.

    In recent years, Wat Arun has become an outstanding phenomenon that attracts many visitors. Opposite this location is also the Wat Pho Temple, where you can comfortably move the candles that you want to bring here to worship. If the way is not clear, you can refer to some Thai New Year tours or Thailand tours 5 days 4 nights. All services are supported by the organizer.

    4. Some things to consider when driving to Wat Arun

    "Join the custom!" To fully visit Wat Arun Temple, you need to consider the following:
    • Wear polite clothes to the temple, no shorts, skirts over the knee. If you don't know, you can rent clothes in advance to visit the temple.
    • In Thailand people respect the royal family very much. So be respectful and skillful when you enter the palace area or come into contact with images of the royal family. Never step on money, as this action can result in a fine ...
    • There should be at least one map showing how to travel on the subway or sky train, as this is an extremely popular vehicle here.
    Wat Arun Thailand with the beauty of architecture and history has created a peculiarity for the country of Buddhism. Come here and admire not only the statues, the beautiful architectural features, but also the belief in cause and effect, in the karma of the Buddha!

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