• 7 reasons to bring children to Kidzania Singapore?

    Singapore is famous for being a great destination for adults, teenagers and children. In Singapore in particular, there are many semi-wild parks or indoor amusement parks that were built for the purpose of being very educational, extremely friendly and extremely rewarding for small children. Among other things, Kidzania Singapore's indoor theme park is a great place to give children the opportunity to play the role of an adult and learn how to use money in real life.

    What is Kidzania Singapore?

    Kidzania is an indoor amusement park specially designed for children aged 4 to 17. This is one of the fastest growing children's entertainment brands in the world. KidZania is designed to educate through experience, promote life skills development, give children confidence and inspiration to become great world citizens. KidZania has become a global phenomenon with many locations opening worldwide, for example in Singapore, Bangkok, etc.
    Everywhere Kidzania offers experiences related to a specific region, culture and geography with its culinary specialties, entertainment and industry.
    Kidzania Singapore is located on Sentosa Island. This park has both real buildings and vehicles. With Kidzania, children can comfortably work, play and learn in a miniature city. One can say that KidZania is an independent country with its own language and RightZ is the place where children rule.
    Here children will appear as adults with around 60 jobs that children can choose freely, such as: a pilot, a bank clerk, a surgeon, a firefighter, youth members, dentists ... In their young memories these will definitely be great to to realize her dream of a future job. In addition, children will make money and use the money as in real life to learn how to spend money, build an independent personality and take responsibility for their decisions.
    Another interesting feature of KidZania Singapore is that it also has a real sail body - a great Boeing 737.

    7 reasons to bring children to KidZania Singapore?

    There are many reasons why you should bring your children to KidZania Singapore. Here is a list of such reasons:

    Real life simulation that enables children to act as adults

    KidZania is an indoor amusement park with a real-life model of houses and streets. Activities enable children to play and work in a child-sized city. Children play the role of an adult and transform themselves into one of 60 different professions such as: worker, surgeon, announcer, MC, engineer, dentist, pilot, crew member, banker, driver, beginner, photojournalist, gardener, financial advisor, fire service, teacher, cashier , Sellers, customers in a supermarket ...
    With these experiences, children can play a role in their favorite job and take responsibility for their work. This will help make the baby's dream of a future career come true and help him become more independent.
    Kidzania Singapore indoor amusement park
    Children play the role and work as adults

    Let children learn how to use money appropriately

    KidZania Singapore not only learns to be adults with job responsibilities, but also lets children learn a lesson about economics, how to spend money, and how to make money. Children are paid with KidZo money and can spend money if they "take on" different roles. With over 60 activities, children can make their own decisions.
    Some interesting activities, like the child playing the role of a baker, will bake a cake themselves and eventually use their finished product to ... prepare a lunch for themselves.
    There is also a bank where children can open a credit card and use it to pay.

    KidZania Singapore is an indoor playground

    KidZania Singapore is an indoor amusement park, so parents can be sure to play here all day long without worrying about rain or shine. While children are having fun, parents can fully enjoy their own time (when your child is grown up).
    KidZania Singapore has dining options
    In KidZania there are always stalls, restaurants for parents and children for lunch and dinner, as well as drivers ... In these shops you can pay with the normal Singapore dollar (not with KidZos). , KidZos only applies to children in the game). In this way, parents who accompany children can be sure that they have a place where they can stop.
    Indoor playground Kidzania Singapore
    The game takes place in the hall

    Supervisors will be happy to help you

    In each area of ​​activity, work in a small town is supervised by a supervisor to support children. These supervisors are mature, well-educated adults who guide children at work. Therefore, parents do not have to worry because the child has a dedicated professional instructor. This is the plus point of the Kidzania amusement park.

    Children under the age of eight must be accompanied by an adult

    Children under the age of eight must be accompanied by an adult at all times in KidZania Singapore. So you can monitor your children from afar or spend time photographing them through the glass window. There are also some activities that parents can take part in.  For example, parents can play the role of a city visit by taking a bus tour, enjoying theatrical performances, cheering on the stadium ...

    Birthday parties can be held at KidZania Singapore

    Here at Kidzania Singapore you can organize a birthday party for your baby. The KidZania Singapore theme park offers two party packages with 5 party themes. The Zuper KidZ Party offers tickets for the baby's birthday party, including 15 guests, including 8 adults. a birthday cake with a KidZania theme; Take photos for up to an hour. Buffet meal; room.vv ... This will be an impressive birthday party for children in a wonderful room of the miniature world.

    Online bookings are cheaper if you buy tickets directly

    Buying Kidzania Singapore tickets is cheaper to book tickets online than buying direct at the gate. This is a great deal for travelers. In addition, you can easily buy tickets in advance without having to queue up. After booking, you will receive a ticket voucher by email. On the day of joining, you only need to present this voucher to the ticket inspector at the gate to enter.

    Guide for KidZania Singapore

    The KidZania Singapore indoor amusement park is located on the artificial island of Sentosa. To get here, visitors can either take the Sentosa Express Taxi or drive alone. If you are traveling on the Sentosa Express, you can get off at the beach station. Here, go to the bus stop, drive past the bus, and take the escalator that leads to the bridge that takes you to Palawan Kidz City.
    For those who drive, go to the Beach Car Park. For parking spaces closest to KidZania Singapore, take the right lane to Beach Car Park. Park on the right block. There are stairs and elevators that lead to the bridge between Palawan Kidz City.

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