• Chilli crab - a unique dish to try when coming to the island nation of Singapore

    Chili crabs are a unique dish that you must try for all visitors when visiting the island state of Singapore. This is considered a specialty, a national brand and the pride of Singaporeans amidst their rich and varied cuisine.

    Chilli Crab, a proud specialty of Singapore

    Chili crabs, also known as chili crabs, are one of the must-sees when visiting Singapore. This is a fairly expensive dish, so it's usually only used for important occasions like parties, birthdays, gatherings ... in Singapore.
    Singapore Chili Crab is a great combination of sweet and juicy crab pieces with a rich sauce with something spicy, sweet, sweet and aromatic. A specialty of this dish is the secret in the sauce. You must let the drops of sweet and spicy crab sauce on each finger sob.
    To enjoy this dish, guests must use hands and a towel / bib, and peel crabs with tongs.
    Chili Crab ranked 35th out of 50 best foods in the world in 2011, according to CNN Go. This is a delicious dish that every visitor to Singapore cannot ignore. .
    Singapore chilli crab
    Chilli Crab, a proud specialty of Singapore

    Historically shaped chili crab dishes

    It is believed that the famous chili crab dish was invented by Cher Yam Tian in the mid-1950s. During a cooking process, she added bottled chili sauce to fried crab dishes instead of using tomato sauce, her usual ingredients.
    In 1956, she and her husband started selling this dish in a cart along the coast. Business was good and finally opened a restaurant called Palm Beach (514 Upper East Coast Road) in 1962. In 1984 the couple left Singapore to move to New Zealand and sold a stake.
    Another story is Hooi Kok Wah, one of the four best-known local chefs in Singapore in the 1960s, who is also considered a pioneer of chilli crab sauce in Singapore.
    He opened the Dragon Phoenix Restaurant in 1963. His chilli-crab dish is a different version made from lemon juice, vinegar, sambal, tomatoes, egg white in sauce instead of tomato sauce and bottled peppers. This dish later became more popular in Singapore.
    For a while, Tourism Minister Malaysia thought that chilli crab was one of Malaysia's traditional dishes, but many people misunderstood its origins. In fact, there have been no documents to support this.

    Some addresses enjoy crab and chilli sauce

    Suggest some addresses to enjoy delicious chilli crab dishes in Singapore that visitors can't ignore:

    Long Beach fish restaurant

    For foodies, the Long Beach Seafood Restaurant seems to be the restaurant with the best chili crab sauce in Singapore. This famous restaurant has received multiple culinary awards for the best and freshest seafood ever. Many heads of state as well as famous artists such as Lady Gaga, Morgan Freeman, Brendan Fraser ... have visited here.
    The sauce of the crab-chili sauce is a perfect combination of many flavors: a little sweet, a little salty, spicy.
    The Long Beach Seafood Restaurant is also a great place to try black pepper crabs. This is a legendary dish created by a great Long Beach chef that creates a reputation for this place. Delicious fresh crab meat, juicy, the sauce delicious, perfect.
    The minimum weight of mud crabs is known to be 1 kg, while Alaska king crabs and Australian king crabs are between 3 kg and 10 kg.

    No seafood sign

    This restaurant was built by a street vendor without a sign and is therefore called No Signboard Seafood. With a history spanning over 40 years, the restaurant is famous for its excellent chilli crab sauce.
    Here you can enjoy chilli crabs, which are served according to your wishes. No Signboard Seafood is considered the best address for white pepper crabs and the perfect recipe. Although spicy, it doesn't drown out the sweetness of crab meat. Crabs are served with fried rice and some vegetables. In addition to crab dishes, you can also enjoy many different fish dishes here.

    Jumbo fish restaurant

    This is a restaurant with 20 years of experience. It is famous for raw seafood processed in the local and Hong Kong style.
    Special dishes are constantly being created here to vary the aromas and to meet all taste needs.
    The award-winning jumbo crab sauce with chili sauce is very popular with the locals.
    Its specialty is the sauce, sweet, slightly spicy (suitable for those who eat less spicy).
    In addition, this restaurant is right on the river with a view of the Singapore River, extremely romantic. You can also see the landscape of the port of Singapore, the modern skyscrapers or the sparkling light on the river ... The interior is also beautifully designed and equipped with air conditioning.

    Red House seafood

    The Red House Seafood is located on the banks of the Singapore River. This restaurant has no air conditioning, only fans, but the restaurant attracts many customers. Crab dishes are highly valued here as super fresh crabs and unique flavors
    There are not only crabs with chili sauce, but also many unique seafood. However, the price here is quite high. There are currently two other branches in Clarke Quay and Prinsep Street.

    Mellben seafood in Ang Mo Kio

    Mellben Seafood is a famous address for you to enjoy Singapore's unique chili crab sauce. Starting from a small stand along Alexandra Road, Mellben Seafood has developed into a famous restaurant with a branch.
    The menu features various dishes such as chilli crabs, black pepper crabs, crab hotpot soup, salted egg yolk crabs ... Chilli crabs in Mellben are one of the most delicious dishes in the lion city. The chili sauce here has a wonderfully spicy, sweet and sweet taste. If you can't eat spicy, remember to ask the restaurant for less spicy.
    Mellben Seafood at Ang Mo Kio is located far from the center of Singapore. To get here, you can take a bus as there is no subway station nearby.
    It is advisable to call ahead to make a reservation and check the price of the food before ordering, as these are not on the menu.

    Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House

    The Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House is an affordable restaurant that serves traditional Chinese dishes with great views of the marina. There is a famous crab with chili sauce in Singapore. Since its opening, this restaurant has eaten more than 100,000 grapefruit crabs with chili sauce.
    One of the secrets of this restaurant's amazing chilli crab sauce is the sauce with chilies, ginger flowers, herbs ... These herbs and spices are also chopped like lemongrass leaves and curry. with a little chilli just enough to create a distinctive, unforgettable taste.

    Some bag experience while enjoying crab with Singapore Chili Sauce

    • A pocket experience for you when you enjoy Singapore chili crab sauce when you first visit the island:
    • Crabs are eaten by hand, so restaurants usually provide you with wet towels or place a bowl of water next to each one (when served on the table). Note that this bowl of water is intended for washing hands and not for drinking water or soup.
    • You will use the pliers to break the crab shells for meat. Sometimes you have to crack an extra shell with the wooden pliers and hammers of the restaurant.
    • The tool for breaking the crab is slippery. Therefore, wear overalls when eating.
    • To enjoy crabs, you should note that you should not wear white clothes, as crab sauce can drip onto your clothes.
    • If the crab's top shell is separated from the main body, crab eggs may be present if it is a female crab.
    • Sing people usually love sour sauce with bread, be it soft white bread, baguette bread or Chinese tender cake.
    • Bread is often served with chilli.
    • At street vendors, you can enjoy crab dishes at a cheaper price. It's just cheaper here because the crab is smaller and this is the price for locals, not tourists.
    • Chili crabs are an expensive dish. You can buy crabs to cook yourself if you have a lot of time and a gift to cook.

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