• Traveling to Thailand should dress properly?

    When preparing for a trip to Thailand, in addition to the necessary topics such as tour plans, trips, hotel reservations ... Visitors have yet another wonder is the costume of how to dress properly! Thailand is a Buddhist country and is dressed in principle when entering temples.

    Indeed. In another country you have to "join as usual". It is also a way to express your respect for the local people and for the culture of the country you are visiting and exploring. In order to have the right outfit for your trip, you definitely need to have a good picture of customs, religion and climate in Thailand.

    Travel to Thailand should get dressed?

    When you travel to Thailand you have to rely on your circumstances, your destination in the schedule, which prepares the costumes accordingly. They go to the temple, visit the royal palace, go to the trekking forest, go to the beach to sunbathe, dive to see the corals ... everyone has the right costumes. It is also necessary to rely on the climate when going to Thailand to properly prepare the clothes.

    Costumes when entering the palace, Thai temple

    Thailand is a Buddhist country and there is a temple everywhere in Thailand. One can say that there is one temple per 8 m2. A peculiarity is that temples and Buddhism have a great influence on the spiritual life of the Thai people. Therefore, this is a very festive place. The Royal Palace of Thailand also plays such an important role spiritually.
    When you visit the Royal Palace or Temple in Thailand, you have to follow a very strict general rule: costumes are generally confidential. Pants over the knee, shirt with sleeves over the shoulders. Women should not wear skirts, shorts, blouse 2 or a three-hole shirt. Men also don't wear shorts when they enter the temple.
    If you accidentally wear a slightly "cool" outfit, you have to fight it by renting / renting it with a scarf, coat or sarongs (usually available at the temple gate).
    Another note to keep in mind is that when entering the temple, you must leave sandals outside at the prescribed location. In some temples, such as Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai, you get plastic bags and put your shoes in and put them in your pocket or take them with you.
    When visiting the pagoda, all hats must be removed to show minimal respect and respect for your sacred place of the Thai people.
    Discreet clothing when visiting a temple in Thailand
    Discrete costume when you go to the temple

    Beach outfit

    Thailand also has many beautiful beaches and many pristine islands with beautiful blue water and is an ideal coral diving spot like Phuket, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, Trang, Koh Chang, Koh Samui ... Do It is definitely indispensable for you to travel to Thailand the waters of the island, swimming, leisure activities at sea or snorkeling, snorkeling etc. Now in your luggage when traveling. Thailand is essential for a bikini or diving suit (if you are a professional diver).
    Hats, sunscreen, and glasses are also essential items so that you can safely immerse yourself in the yellow sunshine, blue sea and white sand. Don't forget to bring private clothes when you visit a local temple.
    Thai beach clothes
    Comfortable beach clothes

    Clothing for hiking in Thailand

    In addition to visiting the temple, you should also prepare other types of costumes that are suitable for the destination. If you want to travel and trek in the northern mountainous areas of Thailand such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pai etc., you should bring special shoes. Sweat-wicking shirts, sweatpants and trekking pants, water bags, towels ... The criteria are sweat-absorbent, light and easy-to-dry clothes.
    If you come to these areas but do not hike, you can wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the season. However, you still need to wear long, discreet clothing to visit temples, as there are also many temples and pagodas in this area.

    Casual wear

    In addition to the temple costume, beach clothes or mountain outfit, you also need to prepare casual clothes for normal activities or sightseeing days. With this type of outfit, you should choose clothes that are compact, easy to dry, easy to roll in a suitcase, and occupy a small area.
    In particular, you can prepare some jogging pants or Alibaba pants, T-shirts, sweat shirts. In particular, you should bring a large headscarf (or towel) to cover the sun, wipe off sweat, etc. Many uses.
    For those who only travel for "shopping" or "resort" you can cheat for some virtual costumes like dresses, skirts, shirts, hats, glasses ... However, it is recommended to combine a skirt with many dresses, which need to wear the least, but combine in many different costumes. Shoes are only needed to bring a pair of virtual ones to life, the rest should bring a pair of sandals or slippers for easy transportation.

    Clothing when traveling to southern Thailand and northern Thailand

    Costumes when traveling 2 South - North Thailand also differ. In the south of Thailand, the area is mainly a sea island, so it is suitable for beach clothes (bikini, diving ...) as well as for cool costumes. While northern Thailand is largely mountainous, it is suitable for trekking as well as sports shoes and comfortable, handy clothing such as tank tops, Alibaba pants and shorts (not too short).

    Costumes for women

    For girls, in addition to costumes appropriate for the geography, weather, and places you visit, and the purpose of wearing clothes to live "virtually" or "comfortably," consider the following too: Drag don't look too "cool". If you are traveling alone or to small places or if you are moving in the dark, take the train ... to ensure safety for yourself. In these times, you have to put the safety criteria first, don't wear fashionable or outstanding outfits to be the focus of the bad guys.
    More information
    • Bring hats, sunscreen and sunglasses in the sunny season as the weather in Thailand is pretty hot like in Saigon (Vietnam). Costumes should be gentle and comfortable. Do not carry suitcases that are too heavy or too heavy.
    • In the rainy season: should bring raincoats and umbrellas to protect yourself. Rain, it rained heavily for a long time. The rainy season is similar in Saigon from June to October (depending on the year).
    • In summer, the average temperature in Thailand is between 28 and 35 degrees C.
    • Don't wear too many shoes. Bring only a pair of sneakers and a pair of flip-flops to move around comfortably. Do not put any criteria of virtual life in the foreground, but make your feet unhappy during the trip.
    • Don't bring too many items of clothing as you usually go shopping everywhere to buy clothes and wear them on the go. This is a flexible and flexible option for those who travel long.
    • Do not choose the costumes that are tight, but should be comfortable, cool, and convenient for transportation because you have to get in and out a lot, move, and walk a lot.

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