• What's great about Miyagi prefecture in Japan?

    Miyagi is located in northeastern Japan, about 366 km from Tokyo. Miyagi has been a relatively interesting new tourist destination for foreign tourists lately. Before that, many Japanese language schools were also gathered here. Miyagi is an interesting destination for you to experience skiing, onsen swimming and great seafood. This industrial city also has many historical sights, beautiful nature and exotic museums.
    About Miyagi Prefecture in Japan
    Miyagi is a Japanese province in Tohoku (Tohoku means northeast in Japanese; this region includes the northeast of Honshū - the main island of Japan. This region is sometimes called Michinoku). Miyagi is about 366 km from Tokyo and takes about 1h30 minutes by train.
    This is a well known destination for those who want to learn Japanese. Miyagi is famous for fishing and agriculture. The climate here is cool and mild all year round. Although Miyagi has snow even in winter, the average annual temperature is only around 18 degrees Celsius.
    Sendai is the central area, the capital of Miyagi Prefecture. Here you will find many interesting historical places or museums and parks.

    What is Miyagi interesting?

    So far, when it comes to Japan, people often think of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara or Nagoya. The name Miyagi seems to be quite unknown to Vietnamese tourists. However, Miyagi is also a good place to visit with its beautiful natural landscape (Matsushima Island), rich seafood dishes, exotic museums ...

    Matsushima Bay

    Matsushima Bay is located north of Sendai. This is a place with picturesque scenery at an entrance along the Pacific coast. Matsushima has been known for centuries as one of the three most scenic places in Japan (three major scenes).  
    Matsushima has 260 limestone islands, large and small, floating on the clear blue waters of Matsushima Bay. The wonderful landscape with the wild nature and the pines rushing in the wind or the white stone walls through the waves that beat really make a real impression ... Japan.
    The highlight of Matsushima is not only the picturesque areas on the islands. Matsushima has many famous ancient temples. Sendai City's first daimyo, Masamune Date, moved a tea shop he bought from Hideyoshi Toyotomi to Matsushima to enjoy it in the evening and watch the moon.
    Zuigan-ji Temple was founded in the 9th century and later became the family temple of the Date clan. Godai-do hall, in which the statue of Godai Myoo stands; Ojima Island is visited by a painted bridge ...
    Matsushima is famous for being a moon watching site, but you can also take in the breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset here.

    Sendai City Museum

    Sendai City Museum in Sendai Castle (Aoba) is a museum that holds 90,000 artifacts. These are works of art and historical documents related to the history and culture of Endai and Miyagi. They are mainly cultural assets of the Date family. Around 1,000 of these artifacts are publicly accessible. A number of works and illustrations on display begin with old books, paintings, ukiyo-e etc.

    Aoba castle

    Aoba Castle is 400 years old. built by Sendai's first Daimyo, Date Masamune. Today, Aoba is the current pride and symbol of Sendai's prosperity. Around the statue of Date Masamune riding on campus you can enjoy some spectacular views of the city. On nice days you can see the Pacific.

    Meditation garden in Entsuin

    The Entsuin Temple is a famous temple in the entire Tohoku region. This is a Buddhist Rinzai temple. To get to the main population of the temple, go along a cliff path with a cave system carved into the rocks with numerous interesting large and small Buddha statues. This work marks the development of the Zen Buddhism sect in Japanese Buddhism.
    An interesting feature of the Entsuin Temple is that it has decorative motifs in the European style such as roses, hearts ... This temple has become a famous national tourist attraction. The temple currently welcomes more than 2,000 visitors daily.

    Sendai City Jomon Site Park

    Sendomon City Jomon Site Park is a sanctuary of a Jomon-era village that contains the ruins of Yamada Uenodai, which were built around 4,000 years ago. In the facilities you will find a vertical cave-style house from the Jomon period and the same vegetation that was planted during this period.
    Here you can also take part in (guided) activities such as experience with old tools (clay pots and stoneware).

    Katahira campus of Tohoku University

    Around 1904, Lu Xun, a well-known writer of modern Chinese literature, attended the medical faculty of Tohoku University (then called Medical School) for a year and a half.
    Visitors are currently encountering the Lu Xun monument here in one of the lecture halls on campus. Another piece of information is that Lu Xun's former residence still exists near the main gate of the Katahira facility. In 1998, Chinese President Jiang Zemin visited this auditorium.

    Sendai Station, Sendai City

    If you want to go shopping, there is no place more ideal than Sendai Station in Miyagi Prefecture. This is a busy shopping area with everything from popular to high quality, from international brands to Japanese goods. If you want to experience the kitchen, this is also a travel destination as you have many things to choose from.

    Miyagikyo Nikka Whiskey Distillery

    This distillery was built in 1969 by Masataka Taketsuru, the founder of Nikka Whiskey, after Yoichi from Hokkaido. Nikka Whiskey Miyagikyo was created to create and prepare fine whiskeys in two different locations. It is said that Taketsuru made plans after finding the size of the taste of whiskey diluted with water from the Nikkawa River.

    Zao City

    If you want to experience winter in Miyagi, you should definitely go to the city of Zao (from December to April each year). This season, Zao's landscape "floods" with "pictures" of "monsters" formed from huge snow and ice, incredibly amazing, but also fascinating.
    In other seasons when there is no snow, you can go to the Zao Fox Village. This strange village breeds wild foxes everywhere and is not afraid of humans. Here you can carry and take photos with fox if you want (pay additional 300 yen / person)

    Johgi Nyorai (Saihoji Temple)

    Johgi Nyorai (Saihoji Temple)
    Johgi Nyorai (Saihoji Temple)
    Johgi Nyorai (Saihoji Temple) is a famous place to pray for love and well-being in life. Rumor has it that the gods of the temple will give you the satisfaction of what you are asking for if you really pay respect.
    Taira no Sadayoshi was reportedly running to seek shelter in the area 800 years ago during the war, and then decided to erect a Buddha image to pray for war victims. Later, as today, this place became a temple.
    In addition to the highlights mentioned above, Miyagi also has some interesting temples like Zuihoden, Osaki Hachimangu ... also very attractive for visitors.

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