• Admire the beauty of the Cingjing Sheep sheep farm

    Once known as the Swiss miniature farm in Taiwan, the Cingjing Farm sheep farm is a beautiful picture for those who want to explore the heavenly heaven of Europe right in Asia. So why is this farm so popular with young people? Explore this colorful picture to find an answer!

    Peaceful Swiss beauty at Cingjing Farm

    If Taiwan is known for many exciting and shimmering entertainment spots, Cingjing Farm is a completely different appearance with those flashy looks. Noiseless, unobtrusive, despite the vigorous development of Taiwan's metropolis, Cingjing Farm still enjoys life in its own way. A life is so simple, peaceful and warm, away from the bustle, no smoke.
    This farm was established in 1961 in Nantou province in the central region of Taiwan. Initially, this farm was created to develop the livestock production industry, which was poor and not focused by the government. The Association of Veterans of the former Republic of China regime has migrated here and started the work of developing a green, clean and safe model. Thanks to the benefits, this farm is increasingly supported by the government and expanded into an extremely large area like today's Cingjing Farm.
    At Cingjing Farm, visitors will see a beautiful green landscape. All were bewildered in front of a beautiful farm that appeared like a modern fairy tale. The farm is increasingly being invested and is now a vast prairie.
    Because of the idyllic landscape and the picture is so beautiful that more and more tourists come to this place. Over time Cingjing Sheep Farm has become an expensive tourist destination and named in the list of the best places to visit in Taiwan.

    Explore the Cingjing Sheep Farm

    Cingjing Farm is surrounded by hills and extremely rich system of vegetation creating a natural, environmentally friendly life. Located at an altitude of 1,700m above sea level, it has a pleasant cool climate all year round. Most tourists come to Cingjing Farm to leave the busy city, enjoying the peace and fresh air here.

    Cingjing Sheep FarmWhat could be better than leaving the city of smoke and dust, immersing in the immense green nature

    A favorite destination for young people is the beautiful windmill road. This is the perfect check - in point for the virtual living believers with dozens of funnily decorated windmills adjacent to each other, forming a colorful street.
    Besides, discovering sheep with lovely white fur is also an extremely interesting experience. On this farm, they usually breed Corriedale sheep, Barbado sheep and also Hereford, Aberdeen Angus or Arabian cattle. Nearby, the newly built beautiful windmill road will be a great check - in point for the virtual living devotees.
    Not only sheep, at Cingjing also organizes extremely intense horse races. These horses come from all over the world like the US and the Middle East. The start of the race is from 10:45 am to 3:45 pm.
    Located to the south of Cingjing Farm, Mist Plaza is a small village with landscapes such as Swiss-style buildings, Cingjing guest houses and a number of convenience stores.
    Besides, the village has quite a lot of delicious restaurants and drinks to serve the resort's journey after a long tour. Many restaurants serve Van Nam, Southwest or French style extremely attractive.
    There are also some very attractive fruit gardens. Some fruits are grown such as kiwi, pear, plum, peach, ... You also need to buy tickets to enjoy the fruit buffet grown here. In the afternoon, visitors also attend afternoon tea parties, just watching and enjoying the excellent Taiwanese tea that is unmatched.

    What time should visit Cingjing sheep farm?

    Visiting Cingjing Sheep Farm at the best time is a question of many people. Often spring and autumn are said to be the best when conducting this fun. In spring, the whole prairie is green and the weather is also very favorable. This is also the time when beautiful flowers or fruits such as peach blossom, azalea, apple, pear, ... iridescent colors take turns to bloom. The fragrance always covers the farm.
    Autumn is a transition period, the weather will be a bit chilly. The appearance of the farm also changed markedly when the trees turned yellow and the leaves fell everywhere to weave, making the picture extremely romantic. Young people often choose this time to visit to get the most expensive check-in pictures and the pristine white sheep flock in the space also becomes beautiful.

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