• Dragon Tiger Tower - a prominent landmark in the city of Kaohsiung

    Dragon and Tiger are two animal figures that carry with them strong spiritual power to Eastern culture. And today, let's explore the Long Ho tower in Taiwan to better understand these two images.

    History of the Long Ho tower

    Long Ho Tower is a temple comprising two colorful temples of modern Lien Tri lagoon, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kaohsiung. This work is located in the Cihji Palace temple area which was built in the 17th century. It is the residence of Baosheng Dadi, a famous medical god worshiped in Chinese and Taiwanese culture . In 1974, the new tower was started to build more and completed in 1976. During the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, this place became a military base and Buddha statues were moved to other places to protect. After the withdrawal of the Japanese troops, this unique temple and tower area returned to its original role and is preserved to this day.
    Long Ho tower is just 5km from downtown Kaohsiung and is located to the west of Lien Tri lagoon. This area is opposite to Chau Trai Wetland park and near the bus stop on Lien Than Street. Therefore, you can easily reach here by the Red Line # 35 public bus route. Bus tickets are only about NT $ 12 (about US $ 0.5). Alternatively, use public transport such as Zuoying high-speed rail, train, subway to have more interesting experiences. 
    The first experience that you cannot ignore, is walking along the road around Lien Tri Lake. This is the second largest artificial lake in Taiwan with a peaceful and quiet beauty in the bustling city. Surrounding the lake are many different temples, but the most prominent is the Dragon Tiger Tower . From a distance, you can see the two towers appearing in colorful and bold dots for Kaohsiung land.

    Dragon Tiger Tower - a prominent landmark in the city of KaohsiungTwo high towers are a prominent feature in Lien Tri lagoon

    At this point, you should visit the Cihji Palace temple opposite the tower first. This is a temple with extremely beautiful architecture in ancient Chinese style with the front of the entrance as 6 main pillars made from stone forming 5 entrances to the temple. The roof of the temple is tiled with 3-storey red roofs and the images of dragons soaring are very colorful and eye-catching. The pillars also carved extremely sophisticated dragon images, showing the talent in the sculpture making the architecture here. Baosheng Dadi Buddhist deity temple in Chinese culture. Do not forget to visit the temple to pray for your health and good luck for yourself and your loved ones.
    Opposite to Cihji Palace Temple are two famous Long Ho towers in Taiwan. The tower is located in the middle of the lake, so to reach the foot of the tower, you have to cross a poor zigzag bridge. Under the bridge is an extremely beautiful lotus pond with a length of 1.5km and a width of 500m. 
    As its name suggests, the Tiger Tower consists of two towers, the Long Tower and the Tiger Tower, connected by a small bridge in the middle. Each 7-storey tower has unique doors with Dragon and Tiger statues on both sides. In Chinese culture, these are the two animals that symbolize power and luck. In it, the Dragon symbolizes supreme power. The ancient Chinese emperors often used the image of the dragon for robes, the throne, the palace, ... to symbolize the noble nobility and spiritual power. This belief is ingrained in Chinese people's minds and they believe that people born in the Year of the Dragon are often smart and have illustrious careers. Next, the Tiger is the symbol of courage, integrity and the king of animals. 
    Coming to the tower, you will have to follow the entrance inside the dragon's mouth and the exit at the tiger's mouth. People here call this "going to Dragon to Tiger", with the concept that this will bring good luck, turn luck into luck thanks to their spiritual strength. Inside the mouths of these two mascots are frescoes depicting legends and images of 24 distinguished figures in Chinese history. All are vividly sculpted in traditional costumes such as vividly recreating ancient China .
    Once inside the tower, follow the red painted steps to reach the top of the tower. The feeling of standing on the towering tower enjoying the fresh, airy atmosphere away from the haze of the city will help you relax and relax, relieve stress in life. Looking far to admire the panoramic view of Lien Tri Lagoon or the city view is also an extremely interesting experience. You can see Chau Trai Wetland Park right on the opposite side, or nearby Radio Station Spring and Autumn with a giant statue of 72m tall statues of majesty holding a sword, solid foot pedal. 
    At night, stroll around Lien Tri Lake once more to take a stroll in the wind and watch the two stupas shine brightly in the cool water. Far away are skyscrapers with bright lights every night when the city becomes more shimmering.
    The exact address of the tower is at 1435 Cuihua Road, Zuoying Area, Gaoxiong City. The Dragon Tiger Tower opens its doors to guests at 8:30 am and closes at 17:30 pm. Visitors can visit and enter the tower for free without losing any extra cost. But be aware that this is a famous Taiwan tourist spot, so on weekends there will be lots of tourists and locals come to worship. You should go on weekdays if you want to admire the beauty of the tower to the fullest.

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