• Explore Taroko National Park in Taiwan

    Coming to Taiwan, you cannot miss the journey to explore Taroko National Park. It is known as the most beautiful national park, among the top destinations to visit in Taiwan.

    The meaning of the name of Taroko National Park

    In the Atayal language, "Taroko" means beautiful. Taroko National Park is as beautiful as an oil painting. On both sides of the road are rocky canyons surrounded by lush green lawns stretching from the foot to the top of the mountain creating an extremely diverse ecosystem. Not only that, interspersed with cliffs is the majestic waterfall flowing from above to leave an impression for countless visitors at first sight.
    Taroko Park is a famous place for rolling cliffs, deep gorges and stretches of marble. The park covers an area of ​​about 120,000 hectares, 3700m higher than the sea level. There are 90% of the mountains are rocky. Including 27 mountains with altitudes above 3000m. The most striking is the poetic Liwu River throughout the park's grounds, weaving between the valleys and pouring into the sea. In addition, you should not miss the opportunity to admire and explore the Taroko Gorge gorge with a length of over 18km.
    Taroko National Park is located on a tranquil town called Hualien on the east coast of Taiwan. The best time to travel from Hualien to the canyon is early in the morning. If you have a lot of time, stay in town for a few days to explore the coastline and immerse yourself in the sweet beauty of the East Rift valley. From Tapei, there are many bus routes that take tourists to Taroko Gorge during the day. Besides, to have a more complete experience for the first time, you should refer to the package tours. If you have a valid driving license, it is great for motorbike trips because you have the right to rent your own vehicle.

    Taroko National ParkLet's explore this beautiful park with your best friends

    Changchun Temple

    Located within the grounds of Taroko National Park , the temple is one of the great spiritual destinations that you can see the full beauty of the Taroko Gorge. Following the ridge, crossing the suspension bridge spanning the stream is a straight path to the Eternal Spring Shrine. It has a fresh atmosphere with a pure space, away from the noisy and crowded city.

    Swallow Grotto Cave

    Previously the Swallo Cave was located in the deep, deep ocean. Influenced by the effects of geological change that lasted for millions of years and the erosion of the Liwu River, this cave has been raised to its present position. Walking under the cliff, visitors will see the sediments dating back millions of years with the images of weasel hovering in the air. This place promises to be a great destination for tourists on the journey to Taiwan .

    Water Screen Cave

    Located at the end of Biyang Road, the cave has a length of about 100m with many natural cracks in the arch. Perhaps that is why beautiful water curtains pour down from above. Visitors to the cave will bring raincoats or umbrellas to avoid getting wet and a flashlight to illuminate because the cave space is quite dark.

    ChingXi suspension bridge

    Connecting the two cliffs, the ChingXi suspension bridge is the longest suspension bridge in Taroko National Park. From here, you can unleash your view of the surrounding nature.

    Wenshan hot springs

    Wenshan is a natural hot spring, nestled in Hualien valley. Here, you can take a dip in the warm water and mingle among the beautiful nature. However, the access road here is the slope of each other. If you are planning to experience this place, you should consider it because it will be difficult to move.

    Watch the sunrise on Mount Liwu

    Coming to Taroko, you will enjoy one of the expensive experiences that is watching the sunrise from Liwu mountain. What is more wonderful than being able to catch the sunrise from the height of 1000m and admire the scene of the sun rising in the vast blue ocean with cool fresh air.

    Datong and Dali villages

    Separated from the modern world outside, Datong and Dali villages in Taroko Park are home to the Taroko indigenous people. Although it is not as bustling and beautiful as Cuu Phan or Thap Phan , this place still has its own beauty. Because the distance from the village to the plain is quite far, the people here still follow the cultural features from ancient times. People live close to each other, always help each other and treat each other like family members. In the middle of the bustling and developing city like Taiwan, there is rarely any place where such a simple life exists.

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