• Immerse yourself in a peaceful place of Taiwan Alishan mountain

    Mount Alishan is the most famous mountain in Taiwan. Coming here, you not only admire the beautiful nature, experience a unique culture but also sip Oolong tea cups from traditional Alishan tea leaves. What are you waiting for without discovering Mount Alishan Taiwan right away!

    The story of Alishan forest railway on Alishan mountain in Taiwan

    This is the train line that makes Alishan different. This railway was designed and built by the Japanese in 1912 for the purpose of logging. This railway line connects Alishan - Fenchihu - Chiayi. By 1918, it was added with a red passenger car. However, the 2014 typhoon swept everything, causing heavy damage, destroying the Alishan - Fenchihu railway. Therefore, today the train only runs Fenchihu to Chiayi. In particular, this train only runs on weekends with two departure time frames from 9am and 10am, serving only about 180 passengers. If you plan to experience the majestic mountains by train, you should book in advance. 
    Mount Alishan Taiwan is famous for its harmonious beauty and diversity of plants and trees combined with majestic mountains and forests. Therefore, all four seasons of Alishan are as beautiful as paintings. Spring with cherry blossoms blooming on both sides of the road, making people feel like in  Japan miniature. In summer, the whole green forest embraces the whole mountain. Autumn is a romantic image of a maple tree forest. And in winter, visitors can stand on the mountainside to watch the clouds drift, dimly under the mist. Each season brings a very unique beauty, promising to bring you different emotions, great experiences.

    Ways to move to Mount Alishan Taiwan

    To move to Mount Alishan in Taiwan, there are two main ways of traveling by train and by bus.

    1. Ships 

    To get to Alishan, you will go through two stages:
    - Stage 1: From Taipei to Chiayi, there are two modes of transportation are regular trains and HSR high-speed trains, buy tickets at Taipei Main Train Station.
    - Stage 2: Move from Chiayi to Alishan by bus, usually the bus will park in front of the station to pick up guests.

    2. Bus

    King bus tickets are also sold at the counter at Taipei Main Train Station. Besides day trips, you can choose a trip that starts at 10pm, arriving around 3-4am to arrive. However, this evening is only available on Fridays and Saturdays. The ticket price is 625NT. You should come to buy tickets one day or half a day in advance to avoid the station is out of tickets.
    Alternatively, if you plan to go to Sun Moon Lake in advance, you can take the bus number 6739 Yuanlin. The price for each ticket is 307NT. Choosing this bus you will have the opportunity to enjoy many beautiful scenes such as Tataja, Zhizhong Sacred Tree, Husband & Wife tree and Xinyimei village. 

    Interesting activities on Alishan Mountain in Taiwan

    Take a stroll with Alishan National Scenic Area

    What is more wonderful than being immersed in the village atmosphere in the morning, enjoying the peaceful space and watching Alishan under the mist is so virtual. Surrounded by towering pine forests, the murmuring of stream water. Going deeper into the forest, you will see the rays of the morning sun through the foliage, reflected in the sparkling dew. 


    Follow the Giant Trees Train trail

    On the two sides of the trail are rows of giant cypress trees, some hugging hugely. These ancient trees existed here thousands of years ago, witnessing the changing seasons of Alishan. On the way there is a small temple named Cihuyn and a temple to worship the sacred forest god, built by people from ancient times. The beauty of this road has been favored by tourists for the beauty of wonderland. 

    Immerse yourself in the peaceful place of Alishan Taiwan Taiwan mountainThe beautiful Giant Trees Train Trail captivates people

    Sisters Pond

    The name of the sister in the middle of Alishan Mountain is derived from the legend of two disgruntled aboriginal girls because they could not find their own love, so they committed suicide here, forming two stabbing water lying next to each other in in the middle of the forest. Her dress has an oval shape, smaller than her sister's rectangular dress. Lost amidst the emerald green water and the primeval forest and poetic floor. 

    Discover Alishan Forest Railway

    Alishan Forest Railway Station is made of wood, probably from precious woods from the forest itself, so it has impressed visitors from the first time. This is also one of the great check points for travelers passionate about "living virtual".

    Zhushan line train

    Different from the red train above, this train runs straight from this station to watch the sunrise on Jade Mountain. This train starts early in the morning with a one-way ticket price of 100TWD. The train will run around Alishan so that visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery here. There are also Shenmu Line and Zhaoping line trips, departing later at around 10 am, the train slows slowly around the Alishan National Scenic Area.


    Enjoy Oolong tea from premium Alishan tea leaves

    The fine Alishan tea is carefully selected and grown on a thousand meter high mountain, with a good soil and climate. The tea leaves after being harvested will undergo a process of preliminary processing, then graded and carefully crafted. So Oolong tea on Taiwan's Alishan mountain is not cheap. You can buy tea bags to try, each cup costs about 35NT. 


    Visit the old village of Fenqihu

    This village is located near Fenqihu Station, surrounded by three huge mountains. Although not famous as Cuu Phan ancient village or Thap Phan ancient village, this is still an extremely attractive destination. The most famous here is the Fenqihu lunch box consisting of bamboo shoots, meat and traditional braised eggs in a round aluminum box. With a strange taste and different form, this lunchbox is one of the suggestions that you should try. 

    Enjoy the traditional repertoire

    Mount Alishan is a place to preserve and preserve national traditional values ​​under the policies of Taiwan. Ethnic people living here will be provided with land, houses and created conditions to improve their lives. In addition, there are cultural villages and exhibitors here to display antiques. On a fixed day of the week there will be traditional music and dance performances to bring this unique culture closer to foreign visitors. Traveling to Taiwan, do not forget to visit Mount Alishan and interact with the people here.

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