• Learn about the fashion world at Ximen Dinh

    When starting the journey to Taiwan, you will surely think of the best shopping and entertainment centers located in this island nation. One of those famous shopping centers is Tay Mon Dinh, a popular walking street that the people of Taiwan are proud of all tourists in the world.

    Origin of Tay Mon Dinh city

    Ximending is a large neighborhood for pedestrians, this is the first model to appear early in Taiwan. This neighborhood is currently located in Van Hoa district, one of the key districts of the expensive administrative system of Taiwan. This place can be considered as a place with the most tourist arrivals and is the intersection of many trending cultural values.
    Initially this street was a large market specializing in selling clothes updated with many global fashion trends. And really, the merchants here catch waves very quickly the style of the new era. Therefore, a large number of customers flock to shopping every day. Almost all of the shops here are influenced by Japanese fashion That is why initially the costumes here often update the latest bold trend of the country of cherry blossoms. Therefore, many foreign tourists mistakenly believe that this neighborhood is a Japanese mecca in Taiwan.
    But later modern fashion culture along with the growth of many prominent brands in mainland China brought a spectacular change in the appearance of the neighborhood. Merchants realized that the number of other foreign visitors came here quite a number, so some of them have developed stores following the trend of the world. Today's neighborhoods change colors and become more and more diverse. Many restaurants, pubs, clubs, bars, ... are growing rapidly, the number of tourists increases dramatically. And so far, Tay Mon Dinh is a shopping paradise with all the global hot trends and entertainment activities belonging to the busiest ranks in Asia.

    Playboy at Tay Mon Dinh

    Because it is a tourist and entertainment center, Tay Mon Dinh tourism has many interesting places that will satisfy your desire to fully relieve stress after many days of chaos and fatigue. Walking around this neighborhood will help you enjoy the bustling atmosphere and learn many unique cultural features.
    First, join the music clubs held regularly at the center to enjoy the music party is very rich and lively. This is an artistic experience that helps your spirit to have a diverse view of different types of music.
    In addition, there are also artists who are willing to perform on public streets for foreign tourists. They maintain these activities for passion, not for profit. Even if you are an artistic person, you can join them, making the space more friendly.
    Come to Tay Mon Dinh definitely visit the fashion stores. This is the most typical feature of all streets. It is important that every store owner is friendly, you can stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and be comfortable immersed in famous brands, really amazing costumes of Many cultures with diverse styles.
    In addition to the famous fashion stores, along the streets there are also many big cinemas, karaoke houses. It is estimated that there are about 25 street theaters operating in 30 different theater rooms. These places are always busy and crowded. You try to feel once by coming here.
    Visitors can also take a scenic walk and enjoy the ancient spaces on the streets such as the Red House building, old markets, a few long-standing temples. The highlight of these places is that they bear the hallmark of Japanese culture . The color blocks combine to form a quite new space.

    Experiences when traveling to Tay Mon Dinh

    If you are starting a trip to this colorful street, here are a few tips to be able to fully enjoy your vacation at many new things in Tay Mon Dinh .

    Ximen DinhMake a specific travel plan because there are so many attractions

    Firstly, if you go in a private group, find out in advance where you will go. The systematic arrangement will help you get the tour easily without spending a lot of time finding your way and getting lost.
    Secondly, this neighborhood is often nicer at night so please set aside some time to experience more into this space.
    Thirdly, you need to book travel tickets early because if you go on weekends or holidays the ticket price is often high, even the ticket is out.
    Fourth, use public transportation when needed because the streets here are very large, walking will take a lot of your time. In this case, you can book tickets according to the Taiwan tour around the city to see more interesting things.

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