• Lost in the lovely Youkai village in Taiwan

    Youkai Village is an extremely unique village in Taiwan. Heard the name "Youkai" maybe you are visualizing a scary village like horror movies right? But the truth is why, let's explore Vietnam here.

    History of the village of Youkai

    Youkai Village (also known as Yaoquai Cun) is located along Khe Dau Forest, Nantou District, a suburb of bustling Taichung City. It is quite far from Taichung city center and will take about 40 minutes by car. This is a famous tourist destination that attracts more than 200,000 visitors each month. Originally this village was called Matsubayashi. In 2011, the village was rebuilt and redecorated under the theme of youkai and then changed its name to Yaoquai Cun, or Youkai Village. 
    Yaoquai Cun Village was born with a touching story about the friendship between two people from two different countries. At that time, Taiwan was still under Japanese control, Japanese and Taiwanese people lived together on this island. In one village there were two close friends, one named Kubota from a distant Japan, and the other a Taiwanese son Katsuichi Matsubayashi. Despite their two different bloodlines, their friendship is so close that it makes everyone admire. 
    But then everything came, after World War II ended, Japan handed over autonomy to Taiwan, Mr. Kubota said goodbye to his return to Japan. At home, he opened a bakery and paired his name with his best friend to make it the name of Matsubuyashi Kobota bakery. But a few years later the bakery was burned down by a fire that caused Kubota's wife to leave forever. Upon hearing the news, Mr. Matsubuyashi sent Mr. Kubota a sum of money to help his friend. Thanking Matsubuyashi's heart, Mr. Kubota carved a statue and wished to give it to his friend to show his gratitude. Unfortunately, they were unable to see each other for the last time before dying. 
    In 2009, a village called Matsubuyashi was built by the descendants of the old village to commemorate the deep friendship of the two. Especially in the village also opened a bakery called Kubota as if to express the wish of two close friends to meet again. The statue that Mr. Kubota decided to give to Mr. Matsubuyashi was also brought here and placed solemnly in front of the Ming Shan resort.

    Youkai villageA corner of the Youkai village today

    What is so interesting about Youkai Village?

    At first hearing the name of Youkai Village , perhaps everyone would think this is a scary and dark place with strange monsters. However, the reality is completely the opposite because this is an extremely lovely village. The village of Yaoquai Cun is inspired by Japanese monsters. But do not worry, all are decorated with colorful and extremely cute style. 
    Entering the village you will feel like stepping into a funny cartoon world. Stretching across the village are very eye-catching and unique monster statues designed and arranged lovingly in their own way. From teddy bears, bunny rabbits, 3-eyed monsters, long-neck ghosts and lots of scary youkai images in Japanese culture are all transformed into cute humor. Thanks to that, this place was affectionately called " Youkai Village ".
    However, not all monsters are so cute. All are divided into two factions, the good and the bad, and have a separate shape. Most of you will see the very cute statues, but sometimes you will see some that can make you goosebumps.
    Besides the statues that simulate Japanese monsters in an interesting cartoon style, the unique architecture and decoration here is also a highlight not to be missed. It is not difficult to realize that this village is imbued with Japanese cultural style with typical architecture and red color. In front of a house is a lot of red lanterns hanging everywhere, the railings, pillars are made from painted red wood. Surely, after walking around the village, you will feel you are lost in an ancient city of Japan.
    And the main highlight not to be missed in Youkai village is Kubota Bakery. This bakery proves the immortal friendship of best friends ever. It serves a lot of extremely delicious and unique dishes. In which "cat bite people" is a famous dish that many tourists love to choose most. This bakery is open from 10:30 to 14:30 every day, so come early so that you don't run out of food.
    For virtual believers, this is a great Taiwan tourist destination . The village is quite small and to visit the whole village takes about 1-2 hours on foot. However, thanks to the unique Japanese architecture mixed with traditional Taiwan architecture, surely the Youkai village will become a super beautiful backdrop for your thousand likes. In addition, the Youkai village also has a play area for those who love to explore the culture of Japan, such as a souvenir shop, a play area for children or dropping souls into the series. Famous manga of the land of cherry blossoms. 

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