• Taiwan Milk Tea - Journey to discover the cradle of milk tea

    Taiwanese milk tea is one of the motivations that motivated many tourists around the world to come to Taiwan to learn compelling stories about the journey of famous milk tea cups and to enjoy bold milk tea. traditional taste.

    Origin of Taiwan milk tea

    Taiwanese milk tea was born in early 1908, originating from a street tea seller named Nancy Yang. With the increasingly popular tea market, the competitiveness is also increased. That requires the owner to create more new drinks to attract customers, mostly young people. Nancy Yang added fruit, syrup, sweetened sweet potato and pearls to her drink to add to the appeal. Initially, this drink was not known by many people, but it was reported by some Japanese broadcasters that attracted more businessmen.
    In 1983, Liu Han Chieh, the founder of Chun Shui Tang Tea House in Taichung, brought cold milk tea. On a trip to Japan , he enjoyed watching Japanese people drink cold tea. After that, he went home and made cold tea from what he learned and added sweetened caramelized sugar pearls and customer milk tea. Surprisingly, he received very positive feedback. Since then, this cold milk tea has become a new trend in the Taiwan Milk Tea market .
    In 1988, Lam Tu Hue was the product development manager of Chun Sui Tang who made a new step for milk tea. Once, she brought a traditional Taiwanese sweet potato cake made to a company meeting. During high spirits, this manager put the filtered cakes in a milk tea cup. Soon after, this drink also became a strong trend in Taiwan with the name of bubble tea. 
    In 1990, milk tea was brought to the attention of the media and broadcasted in many countries along with articles in the Los Angeles Times newspaper in North America. This drink is becoming more and more popular in the international market through Chinese neighborhoods. When introduced to the Asian market, Taiwan Milk Tea is called with the English name "Bubble tea". The name comes from the difference between bubble tea and pearl tea. With non-stop creativity, milk tea is combined with different types of topping such as many pearls, fruit jelly, pudding and beans. In particular, to suck the big pearls, the small straws have been improved to make it more eye-catching and easy to enjoy topping while drinking.

    Taiwan milk teaThe Taiwanese milk tea "flooded" topping attractive to women

    How are the first types of milk tea combined?

    With the integration into many different markets, the formula of Taiwan Milk Tea is also varied. The main ingredient used is tea mixed with milk in the right proportion combined with some types of topping. Common teas to prepare with milk are:

    Taiwan black tea

    Black tea is the name of Asians based on the dark red of tea water after brewing. And black tea is an English name for black tea leaves. The leaves are black, but the tea is red because the tea leaves have undergone oxidation. The density of tea water depends on the degree of oxidation when fermented, usually will be 80-100%. Therefore, the tea taste is often stronger than other teas. 

    Jasmine green tea

    Jasmine green tea is also known as Taiwan jasmine green tea. Tea is processed by the traditional manual method by an autoclave insulation or sun-dried, giving the greenish-yellow mixed water. Green tea is different from red tea because it does not undergo fermentation, so the tea water is easily discolored when left long. This tea is marinated with jasmine to create a soothing, pleasant aroma.

    Alishan Tea

    Alishan tea is known as the "national tea" of Taiwan Milk Tea . As the name implies, this tea is derived from Alishan tea leaves, only found in the high mountains of Taiwan Alishan. Not only the color and taste are unique, but this tea is also very good for health.

    Oolong Tea

    Oolong tea is one of the largest mass produced teas in Taiwan. With favorable climatic and soil characteristics, this tea leaf is mostly of indigenous origin. Tea is rounded with the level of oxygen from 15% - 70% should have a slight sweetness and aroma.

    Tieguanyin Tea

    Tea is also known as Jupiter. In particular, it has roots associated with the canon of Guan Yin, so it attracts a lot of attention from tourists. This type of tea has low oxidation, from 10-15%, so when brewing, it will still have a slightly faint taste of green tea.

    Taiwanese Earl Gray Tea

    Earl Gray is known as Earl Gray tea in the UK, derived from Ceylon tea leaves and the essence of Bergamot berries. Taking advantage of the similar climates to Ceylon Island, Taiwan also brought this tea to grow in combination with special processing techniques, creating a strange attraction of Taiwan Milk Tea . 

    Some famous brands of milk tea

    With the relentless integration trend, many milk tea brands have been born and created a great reputation in the Taiwan market as well as worldwide. Here are some famous milk tea that you should not ignore when traveling to Taiwan . 

    50 Lan

    The 50 Lan brand includes one of the largest and most trusted milk tea shops in Taipei and Taiwan. The two most famous teas are Grass Jelly milk tea and Flan pudding. The price per cup ranges from 40-60 yuan.


    Lattea is also one of the Taiwanese Milk Tea brands with many branches in Taipei. When introduced into Vietnam market, this brand was named Bobapop. The most outstanding beverage is the cheese cream tea, which has a fat and salty taste that is not greasy but is very interesting. The price for a big glass here is about 70 yuan.

    Chun Shui Tang

    This is the first milk tea brand to sell milk tea combined with pearls in Taiwan. Coming to this restaurant, you will enjoy the taste of traditional pearls with light drinks. In addition, visitors can order some more snacks such as beef noodles, cakes and dumplings. 

    Taiwan milk teaDiscover the flavor of the "ancestor" of Taiwanese milk tea 

    Ten Ren's Tea
    As a chain of stores operating since 1953, TenRen's Tea attracts many tourists looking for nostalgia and a long-term development journey. One suggestion that you should try when coming to Ten Ren is 913 King's Oolong Milk Tea. Prices range from 60 to 90 yuan.

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