• The captivating beauty of Taiwanese Literature Temple

    Taiwan is known as the home of many peaceful lands with poetic and beautiful landscapes. The temples and shrines in Taiwan always contain an unreal beauty in the real world that makes it easy for visitors to fall in love. One of the places that brings such pleasing beauty is Taiwan's Temple of Literature - a unique work of art essence.

    The incredible beauty of Taiwanese Literature Temple

    The surrounding scenery of Vo Mieu has never made tourists stop admiring. The temple is located right next to Nhat Nguyet Lake , silhouetted against a quiet lake. Most people also know that this lake is one of the most famous lyrical beauty of Taiwan, which magnifies the great value that rare temples in Taiwan possess.
    This temple was built in 1934 with a noble mission to preserve the values ​​of Confucianism in the context of this religion being lost, gradually falling back. The contemporary government had to contemplate for a long time to find the best location to build the temple and then decided to follow the wishes of many people by building it north of Nhat Nguyet Lake.
    Although Taiwan's Temple of Literature  is a spiritual and very mysterious temple, no one can deny the surprising beauty of this temple because of its massive and unique architecture with Confucian spirit. The pagoda is divided into two distinct areas, namely Vo Mieu and Van Mieu. In which, Literature Temple is the most famous place to worship Chinese Confucianism, Confucius and his pupils, Manh Tu and Zihsih.
    Talented architects have cleverly integrated Taiwanese traditional architecture with Confucianism into a lavish architectural system that extends from high to low. It is the exquisite beauty between brick tiles and orange red color covering the whole temple. Or the large pillars at the main hall of the elite class by the arched dome highlighting the five senses of the first visitor.

    Journey to discover Taiwanese Literature Temple

    As soon as you step into the temple, you will immediately see a large arch designed from blue stone to liven up the space. In front of the main temple is a lion statue sculpted meticulously on the precious sandstone. This statue is placed on either side of the door with the task of restoring the door, bringing power and sacredness to the temple.
    To get to the main electricity section, you need to experience an impressive staircase journey with 366 steps. This number is associated with a very special meaning because it is the symbol for 366 leap years that the mortal man must go through, must understand and feel every big and small event happening in a year with many change.
    As soon as you walk along the corridor of the Taiwanese Temple of Literature , you will come across an astonishing beauty created by a beautiful, well-ordered system of wind chimes. These bells are valued as a talisman of peace, silently bringing wishes and sincere feelings that people send to Buddha To fulfill the wishes of each person. Therefore, do not hesitate to buy yourself a ticket of this peace, the value you receive is always far greater than you think.
    Going deep into the temple, you will feel like you are lost in a luxurious world of ancient China. It is a very powerful space, the center of the huge royal court, which only belonged to the ancient emperors. The motifs are meticulously adorned, clearly depicted in order to honor the Buddhist architecture of Confucianism.
    Right next to the corridor along the corridor to the power, there are many pillars covered with eye-catching red paint. On each pillar like that there are many Chinese characters with Confucian style that implies teaching sentient beings, educating Buddhist personality. That is the unique beauty that Confucian education was always aiming for.

    The intoxicating beauty of Van Vo Mieu in the heart of DaiCheck-in before the beautiful stupas

    What is the best time to travel to Van Vo Mieu Taiwan?

    The question of choosing the best time to explore the peaceful place of Van Vo Mieu has always been a concern of many travelers. This temple is located close to Nhat Nguyet lake and Long Ho tower , so if you know the right time, you can take a journey to admire many of the beauty of Taiwan.
    Often the period from early February to the end of April will be the best time of a spring trip to the temple. The weather was chilly now and the air was also fresh. Spring scenery everywhere bloom, preschool blooming, hoe incense. Sometimes from Nhat Nguyet lake, it shroubles the misty mist, making the pagoda look further away from the distance, full of mystery.
    Especially, this is also the time of many early spring festivals, the most flexible pray for peace for a year of many big and small events. Starting with a trip to Taiwan  at this time, you will feel lucky and convenient for the new year full of joy.
    In addition, you can also choose a different travel time from August to the end of November. The weather of autumn with more yellow leaves makes the temple more tranquil and peaceful. The sky at this time, clear, calm waves near the lake as the sacred temple before the wishes of every Buddhist.

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