• Visiting Buddha Quang Son Tu - Buddhist capital of Dai

    Foshan Quang Tu is the Buddhist capital in Taiwan with a large area and majestic structures. It will be a great omission if not to Buddha Quang Son during his trip to Taiwan.

    The birth of Buddha Quang Son Tu

    Quang Son Tu Buddha , also known as Quang Son Buddha, was built in 1967 by the master Phap Tinh Tinh stood up and took nearly ten years to complete in 1974. This massive architectural complex of Buddhist temples and pagodas is located in Kaohsiung province, the peaceful land of Taiwan, characterized by the Mahayana sect and the gathering place of many Buddhists all over the world. gender. Today, Quang Son Buddha is considered to be the only Buddhist capital of Taiwan because of the scale and reputation of the continent.
    With the strong development of Buddhism on the island nation of Taiwan, Quang Son Tu Buddha is increasingly developing and becoming an indispensable belief in the lives of many Buddhists as well as the people here. In particular, the first major contribution belongs to the efforts of the temple's founder, Phap Tinh Tinh Van, who brought extensive humanitarian teachings everywhere Buddhism existed. Today, this place has become a popular tourist destination not to be missed when traveling to Taiwan .

    Buddha Guangshan TuThe peaceful beauty of Buddha Quang Son Tu

    Unique and massive architecture of Buddha Quang Son Tu

    Complex of Quang Son Tu Buddhist temple has an area of ​​up to 100 hectares, including 8 stupas, 4 Chanh Giac Thap, 48 earthen palaces and 8 heavenly palaces. These are all considered the quintessential symbols of Ky Quan Da. The abbot of the temple made strict requirements in the common life of the Great Buddha and agreed that every 100 years, it would open a palace to introduce the life of Buddhists at different ages. Here everything is extremely big and beautiful. Visitors can be overwhelmed by giant statues, large towers or pagodas connected with the architecture of ancient Chinese Buddhism.
    The first step into the temple, you will encounter a straight path with two fragrant flower rows and green grassy grounds. That is called Quan Chanh. It has an open space, the architecture is streamlined to create a wide sky.
    Quan Chanh is located right in the center of the temple, there are 8 towers built symmetrically along both sides of the road. These eight towers symbolize the Eightfold Path, a belief in Buddhism. The special thing is that these towers are extremely large in size, like protecting people to the Buddha realm.
    These towers are painted in orange, following the direction of 7 floors but including the base of 9 floors. Above the spire tower is attached with sparkling round copper blocks. Many people believe that just walking through the road has these towers, the spirit is much more peaceful.
    When you go through Chanh Quan, you will come to the Main Hall. Inside the extremely spacious main hall, there are three large Buddha statues next to each other. This is where people often come to pray incense. In addition, it also regularly organizes the preaching of Buddhist philosophy, humanities teachings to help people dispel the worries, reduce the pressure in chaotic life.

    Buddha Guangshan TuThe main hall is the place of worship and activities of the Buddhists

    At the end of Quan Chanh street is the highest and the most sacred place at Quang Son Tu Buddha , which is the seat of Dai Quang Buddha and Bo De Quang. In it the Buddha image will certainly make you admire for its enormous scale with a height of 108 meters. Currently this is a bronze statue with the highest record height of the world.
    This Great Buddha image is placed at the highest place, in the middle of a vast space of heaven and earth. Below are four small white pristine pillars bearing the Four Noble Truths. What is valuable is that within the Great Buddha there are more than 100 copies of the Bible written by the most exemplary Buddhists.
    Besides that, Quang Son Tu Buddha is also famous for the hidden treasure of Buddha's tooth relics. There are only 3 in the world and this place is one of the three lucky places to own this priceless artifact. The opportunity to see the treasure is not easy, because it is not regularly displayed and kept extremely secret to ensure safety. Therefore only the lucky Buddhists, successful enlightenment can admire that beauty. Sometimes on major anniversaries, if the terrain is harmonized, the treasure is also allowed to be displayed for a short time.

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