• Walking on the old town of Dam Thuy in Taiwan

    Although not as beautiful and famous as Cuu Phan Ancient Town or Thap Phan Old Town, Dam Thuy Ancient Town still has its own beauty to hold the footsteps of tourists coming to Taiwan. Let's explore this very interesting old town right now.

    Dam Thuy ancient town - the mark of the cultural diversity of ethnic groups

    Dam Thuy ancient town is also known as Tamsui old town. This is an ancient street located along the banks of the Dam Thuy River spanning through the bustling Taipei city. The name Dam Thuy is also named after this famous river. The neighborhood started from a tram station and spanned the entire Dam Thuy port area.
    Tamsui Old Town has a very special development history. Previously, Dam Thuy was once the largest and busiest port in Taiwan. In the 17th century, this place became the capital of the Spaniards. Then in 1641, the Dutch built Anthonio port there. The highlight of the main port is that Hongmao Castle is still standing to this day.
    Between mid-1895 and 1945, Taiwan was once again colonized by the mighty Japanese empire. At that time, Dam Thuy became more and more famous and was the island's largest port, playing an important role in cultural trade and strategic military position. By the end of the 20th century, due to the accumulation of mud in the dense river, making it difficult for ships to enter the port, the port was moved to Keelung in the Northeast, closing a period of golden glory of Dam Thuy old town .
    As one of Taiwan's largest trading areas in the 19th and 20th centuries, Dam Thuy has the opportunity to exchange culture with many classes and cultures around the world. Despite being directly influenced by Eastern culture in general and Chinese culture in particular, Tamsui old town still carries the bold imprints of Spain, the Netherlands, and especially Japan. Despite being occupied by the empire for more than 50 years, the people of Taiwan did not eliminate but still absorbed the beauty of the culture of the cherry blossom country in a very happy way.

    The unique beauty in the old town of Dam Thuy

    If you are a tourist believer, after looking at a few images on the internet, you will probably think that this place is a peaceful and boring place. The Taiwan travel blog also does not have much information about Dam Thuy. But trust me, Tamsui will really bring you unforgettable moments.

    Old Town Dam ThuyThe old streets are bold Chinese architecture
    Dam Thuy old town carries a strange beauty. Here you will find it easy to see the ancient architectural features imprinted with ancient China, the shops in a unique traditional style. Walking around the small streets, visitors will mistakenly think that they are lost in the peaceful and nostalgic ancient years. Some of the famous buildings that you should not miss are the Dam Thuy church and consulate built in 1600 by Spain, or the ancient Oxford school in Chinese style.
    In contrast to the ancient, there are some super cute shops that are extremely creative and eye-catching decoration mixed in the old nostalgic beauty. Especially the restaurants, eateries, supermarkets with Japanese culture are décor extremely brilliantly and in harmony with the ancient local architecture.
    For some reason, an old town like Dam Thuy is extremely favored by street artists to create extremely interesting street art works. These works are painted on the walls, corridors, stairs, in every alley with vivid colors and bold motifs imprinted with Asian characteristics. Coming here, you will have countless beautiful angles with impressive street art works such as Rainbow Village in Taichung or closer to Tam Thanh Mural Village in Quang Nam.
    If you are a food lover, you absolutely should not miss Dam Thuy night market. Along the two sides of the road are countless restaurants serving traditional Taiwanese dishes such as shrimp cakes, meat dumplings, iron eggs, oysters, etc. In addition, this is a shoping paradise with many fashion clothing stores. cheap clothes and shoes for you to choose.
    Walking to the north of the old quarter is the bustling Dam Thuy port area for a while. Here you can visit the beautiful love bridge, buy fresh seafood on the street. Street music performances, painting walking, ... are the unique art activities that you can easily encounter.
    Along the river is a path for bicycles. Walking to Dam Thuy River at sunset or riding a bicycle to breathe the cool air will be a memorable experience during your trip to Taiwan  .

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