• A few things to know before you are on your way to Vancouver

    Vancouver is one of the most vital cities in the world, and this motivates many tourists to just get here right away but before you get off to Vancouver, you need to know some of the things below.
    Vancouver is located on the Burrard Peninsula, a seaport in western Canada. The city has an area of 114 km2 (44 sq mi), including flat and hilly land, Vancouver time in UTC − 8 time.
    With a long history, Vancouver brings in its multi-ethnic cultures, an economy that grows, and more is blessed by nature for its mild, warm, burning climate suitable for the rest of the resort.
    The city of Vancouver is proud to be one of the most important tourist train ports not only in North America, but in the whole world.

    Before traveling to Vancouver you need to book

    Although the majority of Vancouver attractions are concentrated in the city centre but because it is one of the very most expensive cities, you should only choose a room in some cheap hotels apart from the suburb if you want to save cost. Some points of stay suggestions: Budget Inn Patricia Vancouver Hotel-price $40 per night; Holiday Inn, Ramada Hotel – $30/night. The move from the property to the city is hardly disturbing by the traffic system in Vancouver not bad and the cost is also not high.

    Get to know your travel information in Vancouver

    Vancouver Tours often choose to use public transportation, especially the Skytrain. Not only fast moving, this is also the right choice if you want to go to thong dong just enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of Vancouver from above.
    In addition, buses are also popular for getting around the city, especially those that are not accessible by the Skytrain. It is best to purchase a day pass for $9 to comfortably visit Vancouver throughout the day; Or if long travel days then you should buy FareSavers that will save a lot more. The purchase of 10 tickets at once will also save you about 16% from the original price.

    Destinations of Vancouver Travel

    Famous is the city with beautiful natural landscapes, dreaming; Vancouver also owns many impressive architectural works, the busy neighborhood is worth a visit. Featured Destinations:
    -Unique Royal London Wax Museum: It is also dubbed the "House of terror" with more than 300 wax figures that simulate world-famous figures. It is worth saying that inside the museum the characters come out of myths, ghostly, creepy landscapes, or funeral and royal tombs.... are reproduced in large sizes as is true. 
    -VanDusen Botanical Garden: to feel the natural beauty at Vancouver City do not forget to Visit The VanDusen Botanical Gardens-the fairy lands of nature lovers. The 22-hectare garden is arranged in a beautiful, harmonious composition, the flowers are blooming all year round. VanDusen also created a huge collection of plants and flowers with over 255,000 trees representing more than 7,300 classified units from around the world. Here you will feel like you are in a fairy.
    -Grouse Mountain: Winter Vancouver Travel, you will want to come here to get to the ski, Summer also has many other games to choose from. Grouse Mountain has plenty of fun and leisure areas including restaurants, hotels, sports areas, and many entertainment programs.

    kinh nghiệm du lịch vancouverGrouse Mountain winter snow covered thick

    -South Granville: South Granville is one of the best shopping streets in the city of Vancouver. Here you can enjoy a variety of items or coughs, from costumes, antique and modern furniture, books, home accessories, cookware and contemporary art. The renowned international shops also include: Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn Kids...
    -Gastown Quarter: The historic Quarter is located in British Columbia. The neighborhood stretches from Hastings Street to the east through Columbia St, running parallel to the west of Main Street. You can easily get here by bus, Subway.
    -Metropolis at Metrotown: that is the largest shopping mall in the city center with over 450 shops, restaurants, cinemas and large halls that often host the event.
    -Capilano Suspension bridge: This suspension bridge is one of the city's most famous landmarks. The work is 140m long and over 70m tall, linking Capilano River in North Vancouver to British Columbia. The venue attracts more than 800,000 visitors annually.

    Must-try dishes on Vancouver

    VancouverTours, you can enjoy delicious meals either on rustic tables or in the luxurious 5-star restaurant. Featuring fresh local ingredients along with interesting culinary culture are the things tourists should experience and will not regret after enjoying.
    The first is to mention Poutine – a popular dish in Canada and in Vancouver is no exception. The formula is French fries combined with curd cheese and an extremely attractive brown meat sauce.
    Then the butter Tart-the traditional food of Vancouver is crispy crispy, sweet foam.
    Dry bean Soup-bmootj The blend of culinary culture from France and Canadian bacon are all very attractive dishes to try when visiting the city of Vancouver.

    Vancouver addresses for Mexican shopping

    For a big city like Vancouver, the bustling shopping district is indispensable. If you want to buy the latest European fashion items and sports accessories come to Pacific Centre. Meanwhile, Davie Village is famous for being unique as the "compass" of the gay people, from the store owner to the guest. Also Chinatown is another interesting shopping destination in Vancouver, where people sell every item that you will need, if you want to buy gifts for loved ones that can come to Chinatown. Also characteristic, the Punjabi market of the Indian community in Vancouver is a stopover to shop and enjoy the delicious local food that tourists visit Vancouver. '

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