• Beer bathing, lake diving and one-of-a-two experiences during the summer in Austria

    In the summer of Austria, you can swim in the fine beer-filled tank at Starkenberger Brewery, which is an ancient castle located between the pristine Forest mountains.
    To avoid the hot weather of summer, most people will want to go to the tropics to soak in the cool waters and enjoy the slight winds blown across. What will it be in the land of the lush valleys and majestic snowy peaks in the European region? Try out the road and once the summer experience in Austria, admire the lakes of the veo flowing around the foothills, take part in an exciting outdoor activity such as hiking or butterfly watching in the park dedicated to this insect.
    From January 5 to September, the amount of Austria tourists reduced in comparison to winter and the hotel price is also much more pleasant. This is an ideal condition for tourists who do not like bucket and want to explore the peace of Austria. However, you are also more likely to get rain when you arrive in Austria during this period. Best of all, take the umbrella and wear layered costumes (t-shirts and thin coats) for easy response to the summer's weather change in Austria.

    Starkenberger Beer Tanks

    If you like to drink beer, get ready for a more special experience than ever in Austria. As its name suggests, the beer tanks inside the Starkenberger brewery in Tarrenz allow visitors to immerse themselves in the draft beer. This is fun in the summer in Austria that you can hardly get caught anywhere else.
    Starkenberger is a castle with ancient architecture located in the middle of the pristine mountain forest. Aside from producing beer glasses with a class flavor, this plant is recognized as the first place in the world to build a swimming pool inside its campus. Starkenberger has a total of 7 13 feet deep beer tanks. Starkenberger beer contains large amounts of vitamins and calcium, which are said to be capable of rejuvenating the skin and bringing many other health benefits. As a result, this Coat of interest in Austria occupies a lot of affection for not only foreign visitors but also the indigenous peoples.

    Crystal Worlds Crystals Museum

    Crystal Worlds in Wattens, Austria is a magical museum containing millions of wares. You will feel like you are walking into another world when you stand amongst millions of sparkling light reflected on the crystal.

    Những trải nghiệm có một không hai trong mùa hè ở ÁoInside the Crystal Worlds Museum. Photo: Wanderlust Chloe

    Tourists from Austria to the museum can enjoy a lot of unique exhibitions, including "Chambers of Woods". You have to walk through the famous The giant waterfall in the face of a giant to advance inside the main building.

    Green Lake

    Imagine you dress up the diver, take a fresh blue lake in the water, cool down and explore the colorful bottom of the lake. It is precisely what the Austrian tourists often experience when they arrive at Green Lake at the foot of Mount Hochschwab.
    It is interesting that Green Lake only becomes the ideal diving spot in spring or summer in Austria. In the winter, it is a normal park with 1-2m deep lake water. However, as the temperature rises, the snow ice from the Hochschwab peak begins to melt, prompting the water level to rise and engulfing some objects around the lake. That's why diving in Green Lake, you'll see wooden planks, couches or vegetation submerged in the water.
    If you do not like diving, you can stroll around the park like the locals and breathe in the fresh air.

    Riegersburg Castle

    Situated near the crater in the town of Riegersburg, Styria, the 17th-century Riegersburg Castle is a paradise destination for the summer of Austria. With so many legends associated with it since time immemorial, this medieval castle has led many generations of royal families to take a lot of effort to rebuild. Come to listen to fascinating stories and drop souls into the poetic natural scenery surrounding the castle.

    Aqua Dome Langenfeld

    Aqua Dome is a popular brand with cross-country ski resorts. In Summer in Austria, you can't miss the Aqua Dome in Langenfeld – a natural outdoor swimming pool, also known as a mineral spa that attracts many tourists. In addition, the three UFO pools here will bring you surreal experience in swimming, making you relax your mind and forget the entangled in everyday life.

    6. Lake Worthersee

    Worthersee is a famous place so that many people think that you must visit this lake to be seen as traveling Austria. Considered to be the top tourist destination in Europe, Lake Worthersee in Carinthia offers a range of worthwhile experiences such as boating, visiting the famous caves of Griffen Stalactite and ancient holy streets. The Automobile museum Villach is also worth a visit, especially for car enthusiasts.

    7. St Anton am Arlberg Ancient Village

    One of the best ski resorts in Austria is St Anton am Arlberg. Located in Tyrol, this beautiful village has a varied terrain with different difficulty levels for every ski object. If you are not arriving at St Anton am Arlberg in winter, you can still enjoy a peaceful ride and enjoy the majestic mountains in the summer of Austria. Do not forget to capture the invaluable photos in the breathtaking natural surroundings to keep this moment up until later.

    8. Zell am See tourist area

    Famous for its stunning mountain scenery and panorama view of the peaceful lake, Zell am See is a tourist destination in Austria . In winter, you will witness the Immensistic international ski competitions held here, in the summer of Austria, you go to St. Hippolyte Church which was built around the 16th century to discover the beauty of architecture, history and culture condensation in this place for the last few hundred years.


    9. The Royal Butterfly Park

    The Imperial Butterfly Park is a unique nature reserve where you can see beautiful creatures that often appear in poetry and books. Watching the colourful butterflies in the middle of the flower-filled space, the summer of Austria seems to have added a new flow of gas to the visitors. You can also watch short films that are free to play for more interesting information about the butterflies you have just caught in the park.

    10. Austrian National Library

    Österreichische Nationalbibliothek-Austria National Library-is one of the major libraries in the world. When you step into the side, you will marvel at the collection of millions of books, including those dating from the 14th century. Not only is heaven for the nerd, the National Library is also a tourist destination in Austria extremely ideal during summer days to learn about maps, prints, sculptures, immerse in the classical music space of the Library theater.

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