• Check-in among Khau Pha heaven - The majestic sea of ​​clouds

    Check-in Khau Pha Pass in the autumn days, there is nothing equal, sunny, windy, misty, cloudy, sky and your friends inhale the mountain flavor!
    Dubbed as one of the "four great mountain pass" of Vietnam. Check-in Khau Pha pass becomes a common cause for the moving people. And you, the monsoon has come, why not with someone vi vu Khau Pha? Save the Khau Pha Pass check-in experience very detailed, so it's convenient to carry a backpack and go!

    Khau Pha Pass check-in experience


    Khau Pha pass is a mountain pass classified as a difficult, superior, winding, rugged cliff, standing on a cliff, rocky side. This mountain pass is nearly 30 km, higher than 1,200 m in the territory of Yen Bai province and is the division of the territory between Mu Cang Chai and Van Chan districts.
    Therefore, check-in Khau Pha pass becomes familiar to young people who love moving, love the experience and discovery, adjacent to Mu Cang Chai, young people often come here to conquer the pass and watch Looking at Mu Cang Chai daydream - a fascinating 2 destination trip!
    Dubbed as one of the "four great peaks of the pass" of the North (including Pha Din pass, Hoang Lien Son, Ma Pi Leng and Fansipan), the famous Northern Pass - Khau Pha Pass is always an attractive destination for guests. Northwest tourism loves the majestic beauty of nature especially those passionate about conquering dangerous challenges.
    To be able to conquer the famous "Khau Pha" pass, you will move here by means of bus or motorbike.
    Starting from Hanoi, you can buy tickets to Mu Cang Chai at My Dinh bus station. Or you can take the bus Hanoi - Than Uyen, this route will go through Mu Cang Chai. After arriving, you can rent a motorbike to conquer Khau Pha Pass , the average car rental price is 120k / day without gas charge. You can contact the people here or rent a car right at the homestay, motels you check. Remember to choose a strong car, to conquer the pass!
    In addition, if you like vi vu and explore by yourself, you can also move by motorbike. Taking a starting point from Hanoi, you just run along Highway 32 through Trung Ha Bridge and then to Thanh Son District - Phu Tho. Next you will run through Nghia Lo town and then Tu Le commune - Van Chan district - Yen Bai province. After that, you keep going along Highway 32 to reach the legendary pass of this Northwestern region.
    Khau Pha is also known in Thai as "horn of heaven" because the top of the pass is 1,200 m high like a straight, protruding horn reaching towards the sky. This is the soul of this mountain pass, when climbing to the top of the pass is also the time when you have touched the "soul" of a famous mountain pass in the north! Standing from the top of the pass, looking down to the valley below, you feel you are standing in the clouds, holding a lot of green mist. 
    Check-in Khau Pha Pass in the late afternoon, you can also admire the yellow sunbeams that are piercing through the clouds, creating this scene like weaving sunshine, unbelievably dreaming!
    Check-in Khau Pha If you do not have the patience and the risk to climb to the top of the pass, you can admire this "horn of heaven" from afar. Looking from a distance far enough, the vision is wide enough, you will see the image of a curved horn, stabbing into the white clouds floating, each shimmering sunshine around the "horn" as a halo makes the scene become more mundane like in the fairy realm.

    check-in-deo-khau-pha-5Check-in with clouds

    But experiencing the dangers to appreciate what you have, after the hardships you go through, the amazingly beautiful nature will be a worthy gift for you. Clouds around the white mountain clear road, hugging the body of the pass, hugging the trees, the blade of grass. You can go through each cloud to enjoy the fresh air, reaching out to "grasp" each cloud as lost in wonderland. Here the earth and sky seem to merge into one.
    Most impressive is still the scenery on both sides of the pass. On one side is a deep abyss, on the other side is a vast green forest. It was that that created a wonderful picture of nature, but it seemed to provoke the courage of the travelers.
    When crossing this Khau Pha Yen Bai Pass , you will also see firsthand the life, activities, and jobs of ethnic minorities around Khau Pha Pass. Sometimes, you will find innocent Northwestern children in ethnic costumes offering their hands to candies from passersby and tourists. These childhood eyes will really distract you.
    When checking-in Khau Pha pass,  you can visit and check in at Che Cu Nha commune of Mong people here.

    The weather in Khau Pha pass is beautiful season


    September and October are the times when the weather and scenery of Khau Pha will be the most beautiful in the year for you to conquer and explore here. Coming to Khau Pha this color will feel the change of terraced fields from green rice to yellow ripe. This is a breathtakingly beautiful scene of  this Yen Bai tourist area every year.
    In addition, May and June are the flooding seasons and it is an ideal time to explore Khau Pha Pass .
    Currently, there are parachuting services from above to the foot of the Khau Pha pass to give tourists a new experience to fully feel the beauty of this place. However, this activity will not be for the faint of heart and in poor health. Besides, you will be guided and accompanied by a person so you can be assured of safety. This is an activity you should try once in your life when coming to Khau Pha.
    Save all the experience of checking-in Khau Pha Pass - one of the four great peaks of the Northern Pass and ready to visit the majestic mountains and forests!

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