• Come to Yen Bai to enjoy the armpits of Mong people

    Yen Bai is known as a locality that attracts tourists because of its fresh climate and spectacular nature, but also by the cuisine imbued with the culture of the Northwestern mountains. The following article will give you an overview of the Mong under the armpits dish in Yen Bai. This is considered a delicious culinary dish certain visitors must enjoy when coming here.

    Enjoy the underpinned pork dishes of the Mong people


    Pigs steal armpits of Mong people

    The armpits of Mong people are raised mainly in Mu Cang Chai, Tram Tau and upland communes of Van Chan and Van Yen districts. Mong people raise pigs with armpits quite simply. Mong people raise their armpits quite simply, usually after the mother gives birth to the piglets, they are left freely in the rain, without cages, without care, the pigs have to find food by themselves. Wild tubers outside the garden, in the forest ... sometimes just to eat corn, cassava roots.
    The breed has a special name because it is a small size pig, only about 4 to 10 kg, raised in a free-grazing manner, eating corn, potatoes, cassava or roots, vegetables in the forest, growing with food. Eat naturally so the meat is very clean. People in the mountainous areas reared freely, when they grow up, they steal them to their armpits and bring them to a market for sale.
    The name "swine armpits" originated from that or when there is a need to go to the market to buy, sell or exchange, highland people often lead, or when in a hurry, they can steal armpits, wade streams and forests through the forest to come. market.

    len-yen-bai-thuong-thuc-mon-thit-can-cap-nach-crab-expect-5Spicy mountains in the Northwest

    Armpits are a famous specialty of the Northwest forest . Visitors to the village buy pigs and go out to the forest to catch any. The big girl is the same price, because according to the opinion of the people here, "the next time the guest comes in, the girl will become a big child, what a big difference."
    Mongolia's armpits often live in the forest with their wild nature, so they are like wild animals, running very fast and hard to detect, when the breeding season, each time giving birth about 7-10 children, they can run and eat right away, follow my parents for a few days and then separate myself. Sometimes the owner creates a shelter in the forest for pigs to hide and forage like their home, whenever they need meat, they go to the forest to catch. Because they only eat grass, wild tubers grow slowly meat they are very delicious, almost no fat.


    How to process armpits

    Because the popularity of pork in the regions from the reverse to the plains is almost always "promoted" by the growers by feeding weight gain bran, when processing the dish, the meat will not achieve a strong aroma. exhibited, a lot of water again. Eating this type of pork can cause serious illness to humans. So pigs "steal armpits" of highland people are trusted by many people to choose. Because it is a clean food, firm and delicious meat. 
    Underarm pigs can be processed into many diverse and attractive dishes such as: grilled, stir-fried, steamed, plentiful, braised, civet, soup ribs ... or the whole pig is cleaned and marinated. leave the whole thing to bake or roast the nursery. 
    The pieces of pork that are stolen from Mong people have almost no fat, so they do not feel sick, when cooked from the outside, there is only a crispy cut layer, then a layer of lean meat is soft, sweet, less than 2 cm thick. and the innermost bone, usually very small and soft, is edible if not the shinbone.
    Processing this pork requires a proper and skillful process. Pigs who steal their armpits after being seized will be cleanly shaven and have to undergo a new operation. The butt will use lemon to remove all the dirt on the hairs before washing it, dry it, wipe a layer of water to smell and smell with straw or bagasse to create fragrance, so that the pig's skin is clean. 
    Evenly, fire until the pig's skin turns yellow, scrub it again with lemon, then filter the meat for processing into dishes. Meat is chopped into large pieces to steam or chop into skewers and grilled on charcoal.
    Steamed or grilled meats are all served with banana leaves, or patties, pieces of skin have a crisp skin, a little layer of fat and lean but firm meat. There are areas where pork or bamboo steaks are made, when the meat is chopped, marinated, and then stuffed in bamboo tubes to the charcoal grill. In particular, Mong underarms have to be eaten with corn or cider to add flavor.
    In order to get the perfect armpits dish, one of the typical spices of Northwestern mountains is indispensable , including guava, shovel and mint leaves. These unique spices, accompanied by salt, green peppers create a unique recipe, pieces of bacon, steamed or pieces of heart without this spice is considered to lose some flavor. Pork "stealing armpits" is a delicious and attractive dish, those who have once enjoyed the cuisine from pork "armpits" in Yen Bai mountains will surely remember forever.

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