• Everything you should do on a Montreal tour

    Possessing all the highlights such as attractive cuisine, stunning architecture, distinctive street art, diverse festivals..., Montreal-Canada deserves a destination in Europe you should visit once in a lifetime.
    Montreal is the second largest city in Canada, a city full of creativity that makes many people have to be surprised when traveling here, they commented that visiting Montreal gives them a sense of discovery in both Europe.
    For 1 international city such as Montreal, how did you think about the visit? Where to eat? Where is the experience? Here are a few suggestions.

    What to see when visiting Montreal?

    First of all, you should take 1 round to enjoy the Montreal cityscape, which wants to see the panoramic climb to the top of Mount Royal. Climb up the hill to the famous viewpoint so that you can see the beautiful and striking view of the entire city centre.
    For deeper exploration, guests are advised to enjoy a bit of architecture in the city. Beautiful works combined between the two old and new styles, from the colourful colorful houses to the glass skyscrapers that make up the iconic skyline in Montreal... It all creates a setting that cannot be left out. Notable for the Montreal architecture is Notre-Dame cathedral; From style, interior and space have attracted large amount of visitors all over the world to admire the eyes. Or you visit the historic port area of Old Montreal, stretching along the St. Lawrence River This is one of the most beautiful harbours in North America.
    The second aspect of the "look" of these are festivals, which are an important part of the Montreal culture. Many mass gatherings are held such as the International Jazz Festival, the World Film Festival, the fashion and international festival Just For Laughs.
    The Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art will also satisfy your eyes, and the museum's famous Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition has reached the world's reach. Or if you love art but can't go to the museum, just stroll through the streets every day, you'll see unique and original artwork at the Mural Festival.

    những trải nghiệm khi du lịch Montreal CanadaIt is said that Montreal is the city of art

    What to eat when traveling in Montreal?

    The cuisine in Montréal is also highly rated on the tour of Canadiancuisine. There are many options suitable for taste and money bag.
    Traditional dish "Poutine"-a combination of french fries and meat sauce is the first dish to try when traveling to Montreal. La Banquise is the exclusive name of "Poutine", which has many variations like bacon, mushrooms, onions.... The All-day restaurant is open for guests.
    Montreal is also known for its distinctive flavor rings. Different from New York-style sandwiches, the Montreal cake is smaller, thinner, sweeter and more rich. 2 highly rated stores are Fairmont Bagels or Saint-Viateur Bagels.
    Or are you more interested with the world-famous smoked meat dish-the classic dish of Schwartz's Deli restaurant? It is the oldest butcher in Canada and has become a monument.
    After trying out all the fatty dishes, if you want to enjoy the delicious dishes from the farm and the tasty menu of the famous chef Normand Laprise, visit the restaurants: Toque or Brasserie.

    Learn about coffee culture

    Throughout the bustling streets of the city centre and classic buildings, you can easily find warm cafes, from free open cafes to Starbucks. A bad suggestion for you is Tommy Café-the most beautiful retro-style coffee shop in the city. Here comes enough from latte, fresh DOSE smoothies accompanied by croissants or mimosas... And it's important to have a "virtual live" corner for art photos.
    If you are a tea-like person, please arrange through Europea's Birks Café around 16h to enjoy their notable afternoon tea.
    But Cafe Olimpico is a seat that gives you a lot of emotion.

    Rest, relax on your Montreal tour

    Surely you will be recommended to the first Bota Bota spa If you say you need to find 1 place to relax, the spa is located in the old port of Montréal and offers a variety of treatments, yoga, and quality restaurant services. Customers can book a relaxing day in the cold Nordic water stream, help improve circulation, remove toxins, stimulate the cardiovascular system...
    In addition, you may not know, Montreal has an underground city, where it is full of restaurants, exhibitions, shops, hotels, Metro stations, cinemas, nightclubs and even libraries. Whatever your hobby, come here and relax.
    Many of you think that shopping is taking stress? Spending some time stopping at the flower fashion house Marie Saint-Pierre, they also have a shop located on the Montagne road. If not, go to the Ogilvy shopping center in Saint-Catherine Street to search for expensive items, brands and large shops.

    If you need a place to stay when traveling in Montreal?

    After a tiring day in the Montreal Travel itinerary, perhaps something you need is a really comfortable bed, where you can immerse yourself in a few favorite tracks, soak in the bubble-filled tub and loose yourself. Then you pick up 1 newspaper, update little information and give yourself a drunk sleep.
    Luxury hotels such as Fairmont Queen Elizabeth or Le Germain will make your stay a pleasure. If you have a need to stay in a trendy hotel, hotel W, located in the heart of old Montréal in Victoria Square, is a bad suggestion.

    Travel experience

    To explore all of Montreal try the Montréal subway ride to see why.
    Montréal also has an electric taxi service that is friendly and safe for the streets, you will probably want to try it! If you want to adventure a little, jump on a Bixi-shared public bike system, and explore the city in a different way.
    Travel Montreal, tourists are promised to have a multitude of exciting experiences, the works should be presented, the food should be eaten, and the culture needs to learn... To journey to discover your West is complete and memorable.

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