• La Pan Tan raspberry hill - a paradise to live in virtual rice season, admires thousands of people

    La Pan Tan Raspberry Hill is a famous tourist destination in Mu Cang Chai, impressed with the majestic beautiful hills and beautiful golden terraced fields that fascinate the heart. 

    Where is La Pan Tan Raspberry Hill?  

    La Pan Tan raspberry hill belongs to Han Xung village, La Pan Tan commune, Mu Cang Chai. To re-appointment, in the ripe rice season, the golden terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai successively to the horizon to attract young people to the beautiful check-in. The reason is called raspberry hill, because the fields in La Pan Tan commune have round shape so people call it raspberry hill.
    Visit this famous tourist destination in Mu Cang Chai, you will be free to take pictures and save beautiful photos as a souvenir. If you are a lover of beautiful photography and want to live virtual with ripe yellow rice typical of the Northwest highlands, then the raspberry hill is the ideal place for you.


    When is La Pan Tan Raspberry Hill the most beautiful? 

    What season is the best time to go to La Pan Tan raspberry hill ? Around the end of September and early October, all over the fields in the raspberry hills dazzling with the most beautiful ripe yellow rice of the year. Visit the La Pan Tan raspberry hill at this time the weather is clear, the sky is soaring and the fields are showing brilliant yellow. At this time, everywhere in La Pan Tan commune, yellow rice color is ripe with yellow rice, all over the slopes of the unstoppable rice fields, the heavy and shiny golden rice fields are interspersed with wooden huts of the people creating a beautiful picture.


    How to travel on a La Pan Tan raspberry hill? 

    To travel to La Pan Tan raspberry hill , you first need to move to Yen Bai in many different ways. Specifically:
    With friends in Hanoi can take a bus at the bus station of My Dinh, Giap Bat or Gia Lam to Yen Bai with fares ranging from 200,000 VND. Or if you want to take the initiative in travel time and want to admire on the way, you can hike the raspberry hill by motorbike in the direction from Thang Long Bridge - Highway 12 - Phuc Yen - Viet Tri - Doan Hung - Highway 70 to Yen Bai. Or follow the direction of Son Tay Road - China Bridge - Tam Nong - along the Red River - Van Phu Bridge - Yen Bai. 
    For those of you in Saigon who want to explore La Pan Tan raspberry hill, you can take a bus or plane to Hanoi, then follow the instructions as above to Yen Bai. From Yen Bai city, you rent a motorbike at a homestay or a hostel for about 100,000 - 150,000 VND / depending on the type of car to go to the raspberry hill. Note, the road to La Pan Tan commune is quite steep, slippery and deep so you should pay attention to keep the steering wheel firmly. The road is rugged, but the area passes this dangerous road, you will admire the rare beauty. 


    What to prepare when trekking raspberry hill?

    Owning beautiful scenery, rugged roads, so when traveling to La Pan Tan raspberry hill, you should prepare necessary items such as:
    • Check carefully if the car is not damaged and the car maintenance is working well, filled with gasoline.
    • Bring cotton, gauze in case of falling, scratching or bleeding.
    • Prepare your phone to fully charge the battery, with GPRS positioning to determine the direction to go astray.
    • Sunglasses, gloves, raincoats, thin clothes ... are necessary items.
    • Bring a clamshell camera to store super-beautiful photos of raspberry hills. 
    If you do not know the way you can ask the locals here very hospitable, they will guide you enthusiastically. Or if you are not good at driving, you can hire people to climb up the raspberry field, you can see the Mong motorbike convoy here carrying passengers by motorbike or trekking. Moreover, because they are indigenous people, they are more familiar with the most beautiful angles in the raspberry hill, the people here are very enthusiastic, so you do not hesitate.

    What is Mu Cang Chai Raspberry Hill? 

    Raspberry hill in La Pan Tan is known as the most beautiful hill in the Northwest, with the golden raspberry "raspberry" rice fields symbolizing the symbol of Mu Cang Chai that every tourist wants to come once. Tourists still whisper that the most beautiful raspberry field in the morning, at this time the sun began to glimmer between fanciful smoke. The moment when sunrise is the ideal time to hunt for beautiful and unique angles, but if you want to see the best scenery, you should go down to the field. 

    La Pan Tan raspberry hill
    Extremely beautiful virtual living in raspberry hills

    The sunset time is also considered the ideal time to admire the beauty of the raspberry hill, the dyed purple color makes the scenery more magical. If the raspberry hills dawn bright yellow, when the sunset falls the scenery becomes quiet and beautiful like a picture. Moreover, this is also a time for you to fully admire the beauty and typical fragrance of ripe rice.
    At the raspberry hill there are ethnic people here, visitors can hire them to pose as they like to take pictures for about 200,000 VND for 4-5 people in about 30 minutes. Near the area of ​​about 40km raspberry hills are hills planted with vascular triangles, attracting tourists to take pictures. The triangle flower season lasts from September to December, coinciding with the ripe rice season so you will be delighted to check-in super nice.  
    In 2007, terraced fields in La Pan Tan commune with De Xu Phinh, Che Cu Nha were recognized as national landscapes and reached the top 10 most beautiful terraces in the world, becoming the pride of the people of Mu Cang.
    The ticket to visit the raspberry hill is 20,000 VND / person, walk about 2km to the raspberry hill. You can also go early to catch the most beautiful sunrise at the raspberry hill La Pan Tan . If you want to stay in Mu Cang Chai, you can choose homestays in Kim Noi village of Thai people for about 70,000 VND / night or choose a hotel in the central area of ​​Mu Cang Chai district for about 400,000 VND / night. 
    La Pan Tan raspberry hill is truly a beautiful virtual paradise with 1-0-2 in Mu Cang Chai in the golden rice season. Do not forget to "pocket" the useful experiences of Mu Cang Chai discovery above for your upcoming trip.

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