• Learn about the coffee culture in Austria and the place to enjoy in Vienna

    A perfect Austrian tour is indispensable for exploring the coffee culture in Austria, just reading the book and sip a cup of espresso in the space full of Yang music.
    Austria is widely known in the world with its striking Café culture . Unlike many other parts of Europe and the world, in Austria, people not only buy coffee and take it as a drink to wake up the spirit early in the morning, which is an essential part of the culture that helps people get closer together.
    In fact, the coffee culture in Austria HAS been recognized by UNESCO as the country's untangible cultural heritage.

    Coffee Culture in Austria

    Although the jacket does not pioneer create coffee shops, where people come to relax and converse, but coffee here has been exalted into a true artistic form.
    Most of the famous coffee shops in Austria often have an incredibly elegant atmosphere, yet equally warm. The Austrian people usually take a few hours at the coffee shop to meet friends, rest alone or read books. Just buy a cup of coffee, you can stay as long as you like.

    tìm hiểu văn hóa cà phê ở ÁoComing to the café to eat breakfast is a popular choice. Photo: WanderingTravelr

    In the past, many cafés in the capital Vienna are frequented by scientists and writers of artists. The cultural exchange at the coffee shop has followed it over the centuries.
    Spending time at a café is an integral part of your shirt Tour. However, with an incredibly rich beverage menu, you may be able to measure between a wide variety of options.
    In the coffee culture in Austria, the diversity of the coffees is a pride. Everyone can find their favorite coffee when they arrive in the country, whether it's rich or pale, sweet or bitter, creamy or dairy.

    Some of the common coffees you can find include:
    -Schwarzer: single espresso or double espresso (double espresso)
    -Brauner: single or double espresso extra cream
    -Verlängerter (Café Americano): drinks are made by adding hot water to Espresco to have a distinct flavor
    -Melange: Espresso blended with hot milk, frosting milk on top
    -Kaffe Verkehrt (Latte Macchiato): drinks also include espresso and milk, but more milk
    -Franziskaner: 1/3 coffee, 1/3 milk, 1/3 fresh cream
    -Einspänner: double espresso and water, add a little fresh cream
    At the Austrian coffee shops, each cup of coffee is served with a glass of water. This glass will help you clean the palate before drinking coffee to feel better taste, while helping to dispel thirst after drinking coffee. If you stay in the clock for hours, your water glasses will be regularly poured.
    The majority of Austria 's cafes offer pastries and other desserts so you can snack here to recharge your energy before continuing your journey.

    The famous cafés in Vienna

    Café Central

    Café Central is one of the most popular cafés in Vienna, with a menu consisting of classic capital dishes, traditional coffee specialties and homemade cakes.


    Gerstner owns a pastry and chocolate shop on the ground floor, a café on the 1st floor and a restaurant on the next floor. Hence, whether you want to have lunch, dinner or a snack, Gerstner is the proper Viennese Café to visit. Staff at the restaurant is very friendly, the food is served very fast, not only delicious but also meet the strict criteria of aesthetics.
    Before you leave the bar, you can buy a souvenir or a cake to take away.

    Café Landtmann

    Open since 1873, Café Landtmann is one of the oldest restaurants that clearly present the culture of Coffee in Austria, a familiar place to visit the local people's feet. The lively and friendly atmosphere here will make you feel at ease in the first time. Do not forget to call the apple strudel to sip the coffee, because this is the dessert of the best coat of the shop.


    In addition to the coffee and pastries menu, Phil also presents a bookstore right in the café. Hence, you can kill time quite efficiently at this location and drop the feel of coffee culture in Austria.
    Visit the ancient city of Vienna , don't forget to go to one of the cafes, soak up the flooded atmosphere and enjoy a tempting drink.

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