• Mossy stream of Muong Lo - a unique dish that must be tried when traveling to Yen Bai

    Muong Lo moss stream is a unique dish of the Northwest highland people that every tourist wants to enjoy once when having the opportunity to travel to Yen Bai. 

    Stream moss typical dish of the Northwest 

    The Muong Lo rocky stream moss in the early to early September, October to May lunar calendar is derived from the Thia river. Each moss grows up clinging to the rocks, moss grows to a certain size will fall and flow along the river, so moss grows steadily every year in accordance with natural rules. When the weather is warm, the Muong Lo girls invite each other to go to the streams to collect moss and dry it or use it to make many interesting dishes. 

    The best is the rock stream moss that is harvested in the spring, to choose clean and young mosses, so take it in a forest with fast flowing streams, where there are large rocks. Getting moss is not easy, because moss often deep in the water need to sit down to get, so if it is a day when the water is large, be careful.
    Mosses have three types: Spicy moss often grows discrete in dark green color, often found in Nam Thi, Nam Ma, Nam Khoai, Nam He ... areas of Ma River. The second type is the moss that grows on dark green filaments that grow in the tributary of the Da River and the tau moss that grows in patches in lakes or streams that don't attach to the rocks. According to the people here, stream moss is associated with the love story of the Thai couple and the Thia river. Thia River has the largest area of ​​Muong Lo Northwest with 150m wide stream bed, according to Thai Thia meaning tear, which is the tear of the Thai ethnic girl. 

    moss of Muong Lo stream
    Buy moss stream in Muong Lo

    A Thai couple fell in love but was forbidden by the girl's family to marry another person, and the two invited each other to flee to the mountains. Later, being chased and killed the boy threw down the cliff and turned into gravel. The girl who missed the crying boy flowed into the Thia river and turned herself into moss and gravel that made everyone feel sorry. Thai people often use stream moss to eat on their wedding day with the desire to express their longing for faithful love, happiness and luck. 
    Moss season often does not last long, so Muong Lo people often take advantage of moss season to harvest to use gradually in winter, Tet. Along with buffalo meat, kitchen, sausage, black rice cake ... moss is a dish that you should not miss when traveling to Yen Bai . 

    Enjoy delicious dishes from Muong Lo stream moss

    Mossy stream in Muong Lo is often used as a dish in daily meals or on new homes, weddings or festivals ... The harvest of moss is difficult but the processing is even more important. Moss is placed on each large rock and used to beat and remove bamboo grit and moss roots. Next, put the moss in the basket and wash it with water several times to clean, then incubate the moss with salt for about 15 minutes and process it into many different dishes. 
    After being harvested, the Muong Lo stream will be processed clean and use Thai spices such as guava seeds, chopped nuts, small seeds with lemon leaves, lemongrass, garlic, chili, fatty meat and use wrapped dong leaves. Use bamboo strips to tie the sides of the head and then break the two edges and hang with a bamboo splint, bury the moss in hot ash for about 30 minutes, then remove the bamboo stick and place the moss package on the charcoal stove. Check to see that the melted fat is ripe and present it on a platter. When you ripen Muong Lo stream, just open the layer of seaweed leaf, you can smell the sweet aroma of leaves and spices. When enjoying the feeling of a cool, sweet taste of moss, it is absorbed in the spice. 
    In addition to grilled moss specialties, Muong Lo people also use moss to eat instead of vegetables daily. Mosses are washed, shredded and boiled with water to make it taste better, boiled with duck or chicken broth and boiled. Fried moss is also very popular when used as a snack with wine, enjoying a mouthful of moss to drink the moss to dissolve in the mouth. 
    The dish from Muong Lo stream moss is very good for health, helps to detoxify, cool down and regulate blood. Right from the first time you enjoy this dish, you will feel the unique taste, an elegant and delicious dish that can be eaten at any season of the year. In particular, moss of rock streams is also associated with the love story about her tearful Thia, which is why Thia stalagmite moss has the most delicious taste in the Northwest. 
    Muong Lo stream moss is a rustic, unique dish not only of the Thai people, but also the Tay, Dao, Nung ... also very popular in this daily meal. If you have the opportunity to travel to the Northwest, you should enjoy stream moss once to feel the taste. 

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