• Soak in the traditional atmosphere of Canadian festivals

    Aside from the glamour and excitement of a growing and wealthy country like Canada, you can still find unique touches that bring rich cultural identity through traditional festivals in Canada.

    Celebration of Light – the Festival of Lights in Vancouver City 

    If you are intent on joining the Canada tour on 7 months, do not forget in the city of Vancouver the magnificent Light Festival awaits you. As one of Canada's most notable events, the vibrant Festival of Light (also known as the exciting Fireworks festival) will take place in 4 days, starting at 25/7 annually.

    In essence, this is an international fireworks competition held regularly in the city of Vancouver, Canada. This traditional Canadian festival annually attracts millions of domestic and foreign tourists to Vancouver and is considered the most desirable summer festival here. Participating in the festival, visitors will have to marvel at the size of the organization and the diversity, originality and brilliance of the high-altitude fireworks from many countries of the world, each of which lasts about 25 minutes.

    lễ hội truyền thống tại CanadaScale the program with the participation of many different countries

    Calgary Stampede Festival, State of Alberta

    To Calgary, Alberta in July 7, visitors have the opportunity to soak up the famous Calgary Stampede – one of Canada's largest annual events. The Cowboy Festival is held on the 2nd and 3rd week of July 7, lasting 10 days with many activities known as the Rodeo Festival. The main activity is crazy cow riding competitions, cows to whipping, horse racing around the barrel... Along with music performances, unique new exhibitions are held in Calgary City, Alberta Province, Canada.
    Participating in this traditional Canadian festival, you will be overwhelmed by witnating a large-scale parade, which is bigger than the parade around the stadium of major sporting events such as the World Cup. It is not uncommon for Calgary Stampede to be dubbed the world's largest outdoor demonstration.

    Quebec Winter Carnival-The winter festival, Quebec City

    Travel Canada Winter, surprise you when this place is not only flooded with the art museums or the beautifully furnished shopping booth, Canada dashing in the Snow white layers and have a very epic snow ice festival. In Quebec city-Canada, Winter comes everyone eagerly looking forward to the world's largest winter festival – the Quebec Winter Carnival.
    The Quebec Winter Carnival Festival is held annually in late Jan., beginning of January 2 – the coldest period of the year and lasts 17 days. During the festival, many outdoor activities are organized such as skiing, ice-skating, horse-skiing, snow fishing,... The most attracted is the snow carving contest, you will be admired for the intricate ice sculptures from talented sculptors No. 1.
    Visiting Quebec in the right winter, visitors are not only able to immerse yourself in the cold price of nature but also experience the features of Quebec Winter Carnival-a reason to travel Quebec in the east.

    Heritage Festival-Traditional festivals in Canada

    Canada's Heritage Festival (also known as Heritage Festival) in the great romantic Edmonton Valley, is held around 8 months annually and lasts for 3 days. This is the opportunity to exchange more than 80 different cultures in the world so the event is also particularly international meaning. The most special thing about this traditional Canadian Festival is that delegations from other countries who have settled in Canada will introduce themselves to the origins of some of their country's culture with visitors through the food, clothing, artwork, the signature dances of each country. The Vietnamese community is also part of the festival when it is proud to bring his long-sleeved robes to the world.
    The Heritage Festival is not only joyfully welcomed by people who live in the area of Edmonton, but also attract tourists across the continent to visit, enjoy and explore this colorful culture.

    Tulip Festival Ottawa, Canada

    Although the Tulip Festival is also held in some other countries around the world, the largest flower festival in the capital City of Ottawa -Canada is known to attract more visitors. The festival is usually held in 11 days, from the 9th – 19/5 annually is the convergence of more than 100 different tulip lines, every festive season attracts more than 500,000 people, with the overwhelming participation of organizers, art lovers, visitors to enjoy and celebrate the beauty of the Chinese flavor.
    Canada is a country rich in cultural tradition that without going deep feel visitors will hardly be able to understand the full accuracy, but if once are immersed into the air of 1 of the 5 traditional festivals in Canada above you will more understand and love the trip to visit this North American land.

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