• Sumptuous hotels in Austria make you overwhelmed with the upstream style

    In Vienna, many lavish hotels are the palace built more than a hundred years ago, offering an art-filled space for visitors.
    Vienna's capital of Austria is one of the most civiliest cities in the world. This is the center of classical music, modern designs and unique coffee culture. You will find the Palace with classic and elegant beauty, many of which have been renovated and now used as lavish hotels in Austria to welcome visitors from all over the world.

    Here is a list of the most luxurious hotels that you can refer to to make a reservation when traveling to Austria.

    1. Park Hyatt Vienna

    Hotel brand 5 star Park Hyatt will not disappoint you with the version in Vienna. Set in a magnificent building and exudes elegance at first glance, Park Hyatt Vienna is perfect for the top quality of service.
    143 luxury hotel rooms are meticulously decorated, artistic, all with a lovely patio area. The hotel makes the most of its space to offer a great experience for tourists, helping you delight in exploring fashion, cuisine, art, music or exercise at the property.

    2. Ritz-Carlton, Vienna

    This lavish hotel in Austria opens in 2012, consisting of four Vienna Palace built between 1865 and 1871, during the height of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, thus bringing an incredibly delicate Gothic and Baroque architecture. All four of the palace are located on Vienna's famous Ringstr Boulevard, the ideal location for you to take a break from the city.
    Những khách sạn xa hoa ở Áo dành cho giới thượng lưu  Rooftop View of the Ritz-Carlton in Vienna is popular with other travelers. Photo: My Daily Style Book

    Travel Austria and book a room at the Ritz-Carlton, you can take advantage of the hotel's facilities such as the 18m indoor swimming pool, which also features classical music for relaxation while swimming; Visit the Ritz-Carlton SPA with its class service; Enjoy dinner with beef-themed dishes at Dstrikt Steakhouse Restaurant...
    Your pet is also resting at the hotel at a cost of 40 euros (VND 1.1 million) a day at the rate of 2019.

    3. Sacher Wien

    One of the lavish hotels in Austria featuring a location in the heart of Vienna, Sacher Wien is located right across from the national Opera House. Inaugurated in 1876, the hotel has been welcoming many celebrities during the holiday and displays their portraits in a private room.
    With a long history, Sacher Wien has a very fast pace with a modern style, applying high technology to all of its rooms. Many gym rooms are open 24h, allowing guests to use the Finnish sauna and herbal baths free of charge. Sacher Boutique Spa offers interesting treatments from chocolate to visitors.

    4. Palais Coburg

    Lavish hotels in Austria The Palais Coburg is set in a splendid white stone palace built in the years 1840 for a prince. Today, this is one of Vienna's most exquisite hotels, offering only a very limited suite of rooms and a number of 33 rooms. Each room is equipped with antique Viennese antiques and is named after a member of the Royal family of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha of Austria.
    The hotel's restaurant, Silvio Nickol, is named after the chef, one of Austria's culinary stars. Not only serves fine cuisine, the restaurant also attracts wine enthusiasts from all over the world.

    5. Palais Hansen Kempinski

    Kempinski is the oldest luxury hotel brand in Europe, founded in 1897 in Berlin (Germany). Palais Hansen Kempinski- This lavish hotel in Austria resides in a heritage building from the same era and also puts on the famous Ringstr Boulevard in Vienna.
    With 98 regular rooms and 54 suite rooms, the hotel provides guests with a wide selection of options during their travels. You can customize your stay with the help of an iPad in your room.
    Die Küche, the hotel's main restaurant has a menu that changes regularly, serving typical dishes from around the world. The Lobby Lounge & the Palais Hansen Kempinski Bar is one of the most popular luxury venues in Vienna to meet friends, enjoy cakes and coffee.

    6. Hotel Bristol Vienna

    While traveling to Austria, Hotel Bristol is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the art of Vienna, by this dignified hotel located next to the national Opera House. Both have existed in that position for over a hundred years, the theater opened in 1869 and the hotel inaugurated in 1892.
    The classic atmosphere of the hotel is reflected through the style of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The exception is that rooms at Bristol Suites are designed in a charming Art Deco style.
    This Austrian hotel has a pet-friendly policy, offering an open 24-hours gym, however a spa and an on-site swimming pool is lacking.

    7. Hotel Imperial

    This is the oldest hotel in Vienna, which was built as a magnificent palace in 1863 and opened its business 10 years later. Hotel Imperial is also located on the Ringstr.
    The design of the hotel is overwhelmed for tourists with gold, marble and chandeliers everywhere, true to its "Imperial" (Royal) name.
    Hotel Imperial's famous pastry shop is where you can not ignore if you are a sweet person. It has been welcoming Emperor Franz Josef at the hotel's opening ceremony in 1873.

    8. Hotel Sans Souci Wien

    Hotel Sans Souci Wie is one of the lavish hotels in Austria which is most notable for having only 63 rooms. The hotel is conveniently located, the tenants can walk to visit hundreds of famous places in Vienna.
    Designed by the British company YOO Design, the rooms in the hotel are very wide, light and quiet, combining modern and classical elements such as hardwood floors, high ceilings.
    The hotel also offers comprehensive spa services, a large indoor pool, an extra charge for use of the swimming pool and the gym. Wifi and buffet breakfast are free, rarely seen in Vienna.

    9. Guesthouse Vienna

    Austria Hotels Guesthouse Vienna is considered to be "the second house of the far Away", giving a relaxing and comfortable feel to tenants as their own home. The hotel offers free WiFi and pets allowed. Guests are encouraged to invite you and your colleagues to the room.
    Guesthouse Vienna is located in the historic centre of the capital, a UNESCO World Heritage area. Tourists can visit many famous places, enjoy the music of the composers Mozart, Strauss. The hotel has 39 rooms, an area from 23 m2 to 52 m2, designed in the style of 20th-century English blended with modern beauty in the interior. The hotel serves all-day meals and does not have a gym.

    10. Hotel Altstadt Vienna

    Altstadt Vienna- lavish hotel in Austria located in Vienna's old House district, guests are loved for their proximity but not least in personality. Each of the 58 rooms at the hotel is the work of various designers in the world. They all have a modern look with airy space, plenty of natural light.
    Altstadt Vienna only the restaurant serves breakfast, with bread, butter and ham, which are described as the city's finest.
    The above is a list of the 10 lavish hotels in Austria that are most loved by the ultimate level of service. Hopefully you will have more suggestions for the upcoming Austrian Tour, soon choose the property to suit your conditions, needs and interests.

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