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    Skate on the Zellersee lake in winter or take a mountain hike to drop the sight of the Green Lake Hallstatter that is the lake experience in Austria that you shouldn't miss.
    A landed country located in Central Europe, Austria is famous for its magnificent lakes scattered across the country. Whether you want to immerse yourself in a picturesque waterfront setting or have a glimpse of a fledgling water in the valley of the Alps, travel in Austria can bring you that rich experience. If you have a chance to visit this country, please plan to visit at least one of the lakes in the beautiful Austria as below.

    1. Hallstatter See

    Lake Hallstatt, or Hallstatter See, is one of the Lakes in Austria in the Salzkammergut region. The lake is surrounded by mountains, which resemble a picturesque oasis. The name Lake Hallstatter See is named after the popular town of Hallstatt, which possesses traditional Austrian architectural features and many attractive sights.
    For the most sweeping view of Hallstatter See, you can take a hike in the mountains and drop your eye on the sweeping blue waters. Those who want to explore this beautiful lake in Austria are closer and more true than can sign up for a diving lesson from local establishments.

    2. Zeller See

    Located in the Austrian Alps, Zeller See (Alternative writing: Zellersee), or Lake Zell, is a relatively small but magnificent freshwater lake. With its size, Zellersee is easily frozen in winter, so you can come here several times at all year round to witness the lake's change in Austria .
    In summer, you can swim, fish or kayak amidst clear waters. In winter, let's draw on the crowd of locals to slip on the icy surface of Zellersee.
    The lake is named after the nearby town of Zell am See , where the magnificent castle existed since the 16th century, as well as an impressive church built in the Roman style.

    3. Wolfgangsee

    Salzkammergut is a resort area near Salzburg, where people from all over the world pour about to admire the lush landscape and the abundance of spectacular lakes. One of the most favorite Lakes in Austria is Wolfgangsee. The lake was named after Saint Wolfgang, who lived in Austria in the 10th century and is said to have built a church near the lake more than 1,000 years ago. For the best views on the lake, take a train named Schafbergbahn to the summit of Schafberg, which gives you an astonishing view of the crystal clear waters of Wolfgangsee.

    4. Achensee

    The largest lake in the Austrian state of Tyrol is Achensee, also called "Fjord in the Alps". With its prime location right at the foot of the mountain, the Lake in Austria is immediately impressed by the first new ones. However, the main colors and levels of the new water make it an unusual and unforgettable destination. Achensee can be seen with green or blue color of aquamarine rocks. There are positions you can look down to the 10 meter depth of the lake.
    The most interesting ways to enjoy the natural scenery in Austria include canoeing, windsurfing on Lake Achensee (thanks to the ideal wind conditions) and hiking on nearby Bärenkopf Mountain to see the panoramic view of the lake.

    khám phá những hồ nước ở Áo đẹp như trong cổ tíchCruising the lake Achensee is also a luxury experience. Photo: Tyrol

    5. Mondsee

    Mondsee is one of the largest privately owned lakes in Austria, and this is a stunning retreat that allows visitors to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Referred to in a novel about James Bond, Mondsee is a miniature image of the scenic in Austria.
    From the convenient points around the shore, you can see the northern limestone Alps and the northern Sandstone Alps. From the town of Mondsee along the lake shore, you can also collapse the panoramic view of the famous Drachenwand mountain.

    6. Worthersee

    To find the Water Lake in this beautiful Austrian , visit Carinthia. In the 19th century, the Austrian aristocratic class spent the summer in Wörthersee to enjoy the fresh air. Worthersee boasts some of the warmest waters in the country, making it the perfect summer swimming spot. You can rent a bike from the small city of Pörtschach to visit the area, or board a ferry in the summer to cruise through Lake Worthersee and to various destinations.

    7. Faaker See

    Faaker See is considered to be a Lake in Austria with the cleanest water sources and can be taken on the spot. The lake has a lot of impressive views and several seaside resorts where you will have to pay a small fee to relax, swim and immerse yourself in the sun.
    The lake is also the hub for major events, including the European Bike Week – the largest motorcycle race on the continent that takes place. Fishing is a popular pasgame, and skating is the game for those who love to feel the strong when the lake freezes in the winter.

    8. Weissensee

    Located in the Gailtal Alps is Weissensee, or the white lake. This glacial lake is an incredibly popular Austrian destination for all sorts of outdoor activities. The ban on private boats helps it to keep the atmosphere peaceful, beneficial to the growth of wildlife. During the summer in Austria, you can sit on the boats crossing the lake, trout and perch, or take a stroll around the shore. In winter, some locations next to Weissensee become the main ski area and there are even speed skating competitions on the lake side.

    9. Gruner See

    Just outside the village of Tragöß in Bruck an der Mur, Styria is Gruner See, meaning Green lake. The name is perfectly matched to the characteristic of the lake, which is brilliant green, shining sparkling under the warm sun. The water in the Lake in Austria includes melting snow from the Karst mountains, so temperatures are very low even in summer. However, you can sign up for a scuba diving trip with a local guide to explore the wonders beneath the clear waters.

    10. Millstatter See

    The Carinthia region is famous for Millstatter See, a beautiful lake in Austria that is quite steep, reminiscent of a narrow bay. The lake's terrain is created by the Nock Mountains and the Drave Valley. The Hochgosch area in the south is planted with lush greenery, attracting both tourists and locals alike.
    The mountains protect the lake from the chilly winter winds, while also keeping the water temperature at a suitable level for swimming in the summer. To Lake Millstatter See, don't miss the village of Millstatt next to the lake, where the 11th-century convent is carefully preserved.
    Above are the 10 lakes in Austria's most famous, where you can come to the scene, breathe in fresh air, join exciting outdoor activities and save impressive moments while immersed in nature.

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