• Travel experience Suoi Giang Yen Bai pick tea, live a beautiful virtual "forget the way back"

    Traveling to Suoi Giang Yen Bai, you will be able to admire the immense green tea fields, experience tea picking with the people and enjoy the famous Shan Tuyet tea specialty. The following Suoi Giang travel experiences will help you get the most experience trip.

    Where is Suoi Giang in Yen Bai? 

    Where is Suoi Giang ? Suoi Giang is a highland commune of Yen Bai province located at an altitude of about 1400m above sea level, about 13km from the city center and about 200km from Hanoi. Suoi Giang is located in the middle of the clouds, with a cool climate ideal for viewing the nature, learning culture and enjoying fun. 

    From Suoi Giang, you will admire the villages of H'Mong people lying among the sweet tea hills that are like a soft silk cloth in the middle of Yen Bai hills. Suoi Giang is associated with the legend of the famous Shan Tuyet tea tree of the Mong people for many generations. The legend recounts that in the past, there was a fairy who sowed seeds in Suoi Giang and sprouted into lush green trees.
    When the tree grows and spreads its leaves wide, the buds are white like snow. At that time, the Mong people living there were hungry, so they used this leaf to eat.After eating, the body felt healthier and thought that it helped them to set up a village here to live called Suoi. Giang. Traveling to Yen Bai, you should not miss Suoi Giang - a famous tourist destination to admire the beautiful scenery here.

    When to travel to Suoi Giang most beautiful? 

    The best time to visit Suoi Giang is spring, at which time the weather is cold and very pleasant and also the time when H'Mong people organize a festival to honor Shan Tuyet tea, along with many special culinary and cultural activities. sharp. What's better than waking up in the morning enjoying a delicious, delicious Shan Tuyet tea. Besides, you can also watch the sunrise between the mountains and forests of the Northwest. 

    How to move to Suoi Giang tea hill 

    Traveling Suoi Giang from Hanoi with a distance of 200km you move to Yen Bai by bus or motorbike. In general, the road to Yen Bai is quite flat and easy to go. 
    By coach: Catch the car at My Dinh bus station with the price about 150.00 VND / person. 
    Private car: If traveling by self-driving car you follow the following route: From Hanoi -> Thang Long Bridge straight along Noi Bai Highway (Lao Cai) -> to Km121 + 300 turn Yen Bai Bridge go straight to Yen Bai. Travel time is about 3 - 3.5 hours. Or you can go towards Lang Hoa Lac -> Thang Long Boulevard -> turn right into Highway 21 -> go to Son Tay -> Trung Ha Bridge -> Phong Chau Bridge -> Noi Bai Highway -> Lao Cai - Yen Bai. 
    Motorbike: Phu Suoi Giang by motorbike from Hanoi -> going to Son Tay -> over Trung Ha bridge -> to Tam Nong town (Phu Tho) -> along the Red River to Van Phu bridge (Yen Bai) . You should bring all papers and go at the right speed.  
    When you arrive in Yen Bai, you move to the center of Van Chan district, about 13km from Suoi Giang. The road to Suoi Giang is quite rugged with bends and quite steep, but the scenery on the way is very beautiful you can stop to take pictures. 


    Admire Suoi Giang tea hill as beautiful as paradise

    What is Suoi Giang fun ? In the mountainous region of Yen Bai, visit Suoi Giang, you will admire the hundreds of years old Shan Tuyet tea. Besides, there are endless green tea hills covering each other. Not only famous as "the land of tea", Suoi Giang also owns a poetic and charming natural landscape. 
    Suoi Giang is a highland commune of Van Chan district possessing attractive attractions such as: 
    Visit the ancient Shan Tuyet tea forest very famous in Yen Bai province and experience tea picking, taking pictures with tea hills, tea stars and enjoying tea. 

    Traveling Suoi Giang
    Photographed with tea hill

    Traveling to Suoi Giang, you can also learn about the beauty of traditional culture of Yen Bai people and participate in fun activities and special festivals of H'Mong people here such as the tea ceremony nest, Gau Tao ceremony, spring festival, ceremony to worship the tea tree and enjoy all kinds of Northwest specialties. 
    From above Suoi Giang, you will admire the whole view of Nghia Lo town and the picturesque Muong Lo fields. 
    Visit Pang Cang cultural village, villages of H'Mong people here to learn about life and unique culture.

    The note when traveling Suoi Giang

    • Because tourism has not been exploited much, Suoi Giang Yen Bai tourism  can rent a homestay or motels, hotels in the area of ​​Van Chan district, Pang Cang cultural village. 
    • Traveling to Suoi Giang, you can buy Shan Tuyet tea as gifts or dishes of the Mong people here such as: Bamboo shoots, wood ear fungus, wild vegetables, kitchen meat, armpits stealing pigs ...
    • About eating and drinking in Suoi Giang, you can enjoy specialties, buffalo meat, kitchen pigs, armpits, forest vegetables, cassava, corn wine. 
    Hopefully, with the above experience sharing Suoi Giang tourism will help you have the most useful information during the trip to discover the "tea capital" of Yen Bai province and take photos as a souvenir.

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