• Trekking Lung Cung - A beautiful road in Yen Bai

    Famous as a beautiful trekking route, making anyone crazy - Lung Cung becomes a certain trekking point that must be conquered by the people. 
    Trekking Lung Cung will surely bring you many interesting experiences, go through beautiful landscapes and overcome difficulties that seem impossible. Try this route, you will understand why Lung Cung is a famous trekking trail that has made young people crazy in recent times in Yen Bai!
    Trekking Lung Cung - an unforgettable experience for young people who love to explore and conquer majestic nature. This route will surely pick you up by the beautiful natural scenery, vast grass hills, tall green pine trees, the sky with white cotton, tables and clouds, and the top of Lung Cung to create a picture. fascinated.
    The name of Lung Cung peak is named after a village located deep in the most rugged mountains in Nam Co commune - Mu Cang Chai district - Yen Bai province. To conquer Lung Cung street, you need to have a thorough preparation of health and personal belongings as well as perseverance and endurance. If possible, practice a few months in advance before conquering. Side exercises, leg training are definitely necessary for a smooth trip!

    Lung Cung trekking road


    Lung Cung Peak is 2913 meters high, to conquer this peak, you need to cross 20km of mountain roads, the path is quite small with steep slopes.
    This is a remote and hardest-to-reach commune of Yen Bai province. Not to mention the climbing path, the road from the city to here must also pass the mountain pass, through mountains that are bumpy, hard to go. Only 20km from the town of Mu Cang Chai , 30km from the town of Tu Le but it takes you 2-3 hours to get here, enough to see the toughness of this place like.
    From Hanoi, starting on Highway 32, straight Son Tay to Thanh Thuy, Thanh Son, Thu Cuc, Van Chan, Nghia Lo and then to Mu Cang Chai. This road is about 300km long, the road is quite beautiful so you are not too difficult to move.

    trekking-lung-cung-yen-bai-7Invite each other to the top

    There are 3 ways to trekking Lung Cung, you can choose arbitrary, suitable to your conditions and time!
    • First road: is trekking in the direction of Tu San village: The journey to conquer this road will be very arduous but in return, the landscape is extremely diverse and beautiful. You will walk through the immense grass hills, fluttering in the wind, the pristine ancient forests or the most unique and fascinating bamboo forests in the Northwest. 
    • The second route: you can trekking in the direction from Thao Chua Chai. You will have to cross 3 km of mountain trails. This road is long but beautiful and very romantic, making every tired on the road lessened.
    • The third route: trekking in the direction of Lung Cung: From the village to the communal committee, 25 km of mountain roads are difficult to go, if you go on rainy days you have to walk, the dry season can trekking by motorbike. This road with one side is the cardamom forests and ancient trees, the other is a ringing stream to create a scene that is both wild and charming.

    Time should go Lung Cun

    You should avoid the rainy season from May to the end of August for the following reasons:
    • The dirt road becomes muddy. Even mountainous terrain vehicles are half flood prone.
    • There was a lot of rain, landslides soaked regularly, landslides caused disruption of traffic, people couldn't come in, people couldn't come in. 
    • Forest rain makes the hiking trails blur and lose a lot. For those who are familiar here, it's still normal to get lost.
    • The wild fever is easier to come in the summer, if not careful you will fall into a weak health condition.
    • The time you should go is from early Autumn (September) to the end of Spring (April). During this time, the climate here is always cool, dry weather, vivid scenery and many delicious dishes for you to enjoy.
    Please select the time you want to admire Lung Cung and ... let's go. Trekking this route, you can continue to visit Mu Cang Chai, or on the same route to visit the beautiful Pu Nhu Waterfall !
    Conquering Mount Lung Cung, you will have to say, "Heaven on earth seems real." Standing on the top of the mountain, watching the lush green forest, listening to the birds singing, the sound of insects, sniffing the scent of soil, wind and flowers will help you feel more peaceful and relaxed. Whatever difficulties and hardships of the journey have just passed, temporarily put aside the worries of everyday life. 
    Many couples choose Lung Cung to express their love, conquer the peak together, conquer nature together, do the same things of youth and youth. And of course, in the beautiful natural scenery, there is nothing to love with five people and happiness, right?
    Trekking Lung Cung will bring you many interesting experiences, overcome difficulties on the long journey, in return, you can pick sweet fruits when you are watching and overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery on the whole journey. submit. It is said, trekking Lung Cung does not matter the destination, but the way, by the surrounding natural scenery, by the feeling of the breath of life, and being released into the majestic nature. trekking!

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