• Yen Bai tourism beautiful season? The best time to visit Yen Bai for sightseeing

    When choosing the right time to travel to Yen Bai will help you have the most convenient and complete trip to admire and discover all the famous destinations here. So when is Yen Bai's best travel? The following article will help you answer this question. 

    Weather feature of Yen Bai

    To easily choose the time of beautiful Yen Bai tourism , you should first learn about the weather here. Yen Bai is located in a tropical monsoon climate, with a high temperature, heavy rain and sunshine. The average temperature in Yen Bai ranges between 18 - 20 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature is about 2 degrees C and the highest is 39 degrees C. Yen Bai is characterized by the south-east and northeast monsoon winds, rainfall the average annual range is about 1,700 - 2,000 mm. In some areas of Yen Bai in the spring, there is usually little rain lasting all days of the month. 

    Climate of Yen Bai is classified into 2 main seasons:  
    - The hot season lasts from April to October, the weather is hot and humid with an average annual temperature fluctuating around 25 degrees Celsius, heavy rain and an average rainfall of about 2,300mm accompanied by flash floods causing floods in the area. the mountains. Rainfall varies gradually from East to West. 
    - The cold season from November to March next year, the highland provinces in Yen Bai often have the early cold season and end later than other areas. The upland districts in Yen Bai do not have hot seasons, with a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius, where the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius and sometimes ice, snow and salt hoarfrost occurs. At the end of the cold season in Yen Bai there is often a lot of drizzle concentrated in the city areas, Yen Binh and Tran Yen. 

    The best time to visit Yen Bai is

    The best time to visit Yen Bai depends on each person's own preferences such as exploring festivals, sightseeing or relaxing. As follows: 
    If you want to admire the majestic pouring season, the flooded rice terraces mirror like a mirror you should go to Yen Bai around May - June.
    If you want to see the golden rice season, check-in with terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai, you should travel to Yen Bai in the middle of September to October.    

    Yen Bai travel time
    Tourism Mu Cang Chai rice season ripe

    You can also travel to Yen Bai during the period from September to November starting to chill or from December to January next year to take a relaxing dip in hot mineral springs. In particular, at this time, you are also "beautiful rattan hunting" in highland areas in Yen Bai such as Ta Nhi Nhù, Ta Xua. 
    To enjoy the festive atmosphere in Yen Bai, you can refer to: Mau Ba Temple Festival (held on January 9 of the lunar calendar), Muong Le ethnic dance festival of Mo Le (December 3, December 3). ), Doc village festival (January 3 of the lunar calendar), Nhuoc Son temple festival (September 20 in the lunar calendar), and Muong Muong festival of Thai people (January or February of the lunar calendar). 
    When traveling to Yen Bai to admire the beautiful flowers, you should go to Nghia Lo in March to admire the ban flower and medlar blooming throughout the hillsides and villages. Traveling to Yen Bai at this time, you not only enjoy the beautiful scenery but also enjoy taking photos to make super beautiful memories. 

    Where should Yen Bai travel?

    When choosing a good time to travel to Yen Bai , you can refer to famous places that are loved by many tourists such as: 
    - Suoi Giang: This famous place in Yen Bai is located at an altitude of 1,400 meters, has a fresh climate and is inhabited by H'mong people on both sides of the mountain. Suoi Giang is known as "miniature Sapa", attracting tourists to visit with immense tea fields and old tea trees.
    - Muong Lo Field: If you want to find yourself a beautiful place to admire the immense ripe green rice fields, the Muong Lo field is the ideal destination for you. Muong Lo field is located in the southwest of Yen Bai, with flat terrain and cool climate all year round.
    - Hot mineral springs area 5: From Tram Tau district go 2km to the hot mineral springs area 5 famous for terraced golden fields. Besides, you can also relax your soul with the source of natural hot springs here with heat up to 50 degrees Celsius, with rocky gaps. 
    Thac Ba Lake : This is an artificial lake with the largest area in Vietnam with a length of up to 80km and an area of ​​250m2. Thac Ba lake has about 1,400 islands, large and small, including many caves and temples. Come to Thac Ba lake you can relax at the resorts here. 
    - Hang Te Cho Waterfall: This famous waterfall in Yen Bai is located in Lang Nhi commune, Tram Tau district which is considered as a dangerous site in the Northwest region that attracts young people to explore. After conquering the rugged roads, you will admire the beautiful scenery of the waterfall.
    With the above-mentioned consulting information, it will surely help you answer the time when Yen Bai is the most beautiful and ideal time? What are you waiting for without planning immediately for the upcoming trip! 

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