• Check in now the ancient wonder wonder Hau Giang park has just appeared in the West

    Hau Giang Ancient Wonders Park is where you can admire the miniature version of famous architecture works from countries like Egypt, Greece, Iraq, Turkey.

    Guide the way to Hau Giang ancient wonder park

    The Park 7 ancient wonders that just appeared in Hau Giang has immediately become a favorite Western tourist destination for tourists, especially young people who love to check in. This park is located on the campus of Western Pearl 2 Cat Tuong urban area on Vo Van Kiet Street, Ward 5, Vi Thanh City, Hau Giang Province.

    With a very convenient and easy to find location, located in the heart of Vi Thanh city, visitors can find 7 ancient wonders Park by many popular means such as motorbike, bus, taxi, ... From Ho Chi Minh City, you should take a bus or car to be able to move to Vi Thanh city safely and quickly. After that, continue on to the famous park of the West by the vehicle that best suits your schedule. The world famous wonders are waiting for you to check in and explore.

    Check in immediately Hau Giang ancient wonder parkExquisite check-in photos at The Miracle Light of Ancient Park.

    Park 7 ancient wonders is an attractive destination for visitors, especially young people to visit and take pictures. This is a heritage complex of ancient architectural wonders that is simulated, miniature but still vividly reproduced in every detail of the original version. It can be said that Light of ancient wonders park The Miracle owns unique architectural works and embellish new landscape. This makes a highlight of Hau Giang tourism , different from the extremely familiar river garden tourism in the Mekong Delta.

    What's hot in the ancient wonder park of Hau Giang?

    The Miracle 7 Wonders Park is designed from ancient times with the inspiration of world famous architecture. This place has green space with the main positions as the architectural system in harmony with the landscape. This Hau Giang tourist destination is especially impressed with a 'huge' fountain in the middle of the campus, simulations of surrounding wonders extremely attracting tourists. Each work here represents the development of each ancient culture.
    Making the strongest impression is probably the simulation of Zeus in Olympia. Indeed, when admiring this work, you will be able to admire the grandeur of the ancient supreme saint of the world. In ancient Greek mythology, Zeus was considered the king among Greek gods. That is why the original Olympic statue of Zeus was made from the precious materials of that time, made of wood, ivory and metal. However, this marvel was burned in 462 BC, during a fire in the city of Constantinople (Istanbul). The most regrettable thing is that this work does not have a copy to restore, but posterity only knows about this statue through the description in ancient records, as well as based on the drawings on ancient coins.
    And then let's explore a symbol of ancient Egyptian civilization with the Great Pyramid of Giza . This is the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu, and it is also the oldest wonder - the only surviving on the list of the first 7 wonders of the ancient world. This is a great work dating back 4,500 years and made entirely of human power, so it took 20 years to complete. Interestingly, the replica of this work in Hau Giang also has a famous statue of the Sphinx for young people to check in.
    The third striking architecture in the park of 7 ancient wonders is the sun statue in Rhodes (Greece). This giant bronze statue named Helios - is the patron god of the port city of Rhodes. The statue simulates the Statue of the Sun in Rhodes (Greece), but when shown, it is also very sharp and fine. About the original statue, the height is up to 34m and is sculpted in bronze with iron pillars. The construction of the statue was in 280 BC at Mandraki port on Rhodes Island. From a distance, this man-made wonder is shaped like a stylized portal. Unfortunately, the statue of the Sun in Rhodes collapsed 56 years later due to a massive earthquake. And then, people in the area did not dare to remake the statue because fear of offending the sun god.
    The fourth ancient wonder of the world modeled in Hau Giang 7 Wonders Park is the temple to worship the goddess Artemis. The original work was built of marble from Ephesus (Turkey today) with a length of 114m, a width of nearly 55m. The famous ancient temple impresses with 127 stone columns made of white marble supporting the temple roof. According to records at that time, each column weighed up to 100 tons and made a man-made wonder - beautiful architecture. Through many upheavals in history and natural disasters, the temple was once destroyed and rebuilt, but eventually burned again and now only the foundation and some other parts remain. Therefore, when the miniature version of this masterpiece appeared in Hau Giang has attracted a lot of tourists to visit and visit.
    For those who love the history and ancient architecture, being checked-in with the Alexandria lighthouse is a great desire. Since the famous original was built 1,500 years ago in the city of Alexandria, Egypt with the main purpose of guiding ships into safe harbor. At that time, the Alexandria lighthouse was considered the standard for all lighthouses in the world with three floors including a low square with a central core, the middle with an octagon and a round top. . The building has undergone many repairs but is still damaged by earthquakes and finally in 1303 collapsed completely. When you come to Hau Giang, remember to visit the ancient wonder park and take beautiful photos with a miniature version of this famous wonder.
    Babylon Hanging Gardens is the name of one of the seven most famous wonders in the ancient world. This work is known around the world not only for its size but also for its special location and story associated with the love of King Nabuchadnezzar (605-562 BC) - the ruler of Chaldean dynasty of Babylon. dedicated to the queen - princess of Medes. The original garden was built right next to the king's palace, on the banks of the Euphrate River in Mesopotamia. This place is only 50 km south of Baghdad, Iraq. And for the first time in Hau Giang, visitors will admire the special edition of the famous wonder across these five continents.
    The shortened version of the next wonder of the world that you'll see and check in is the Turkish Mausoleum 's Mausoleum . The original work was built by Greek architects Satyrus and Pythius in the period 353 BC – 350 BC. The tomb is nearly 45 meters high and the special feature is that each side is decorated by one of the four famous Greek sculptors, respectively: Bryaxis, Leochares, Scopas and Timotheus. When completed, Antipater considered this tomb as one of the seven wonders of the world because of the beauty of its architecture and its magnificence, splendor and many beautiful sculptures.
    Seven world-renowned buildings in the ancient wonder park of Hau Giang with countless beautiful shimmering corners have really "cut the hearts" of thousands of young people. Therefore, right after being inaugurated and opened, this place has created a boiling fever for check-in and is a destination not to be missed when traveling to Hau Giang with many tourists.

    Hau Giang ancient wonder park - a tourist destination in the West not to be missed

    The Seven Wonders Park was put into operation on June 21, 2020, which is really good news for the devotee and tourist check-in, photography in the West. What is more wonderful when you do not need to go abroad but just take a walk in " The Light Park of ancient wonders - The Miracle " at Cat Tuong Western Pearl 2 project that you can freely admire the world. easily via miniature versions of famous works.
    Just recently opened, but people have actively whispered each other with "rocket speed" on this hot hot place already. What are you waiting for without catching the waves right at the coordinates of this attractive Hau Giang destination and then get on the map right away to travel around the world.
    Another good news for the travel fans is that the ancient 7 wonders park will open 100% free to visitors when visiting here.
    Most of the world wonder models in the park are made primarily of composite plastic and stainless steel. This is a safe material and is created meticulously as well as meticulously to every small detail by the talented hands of domestic and foreign artists.
    Coming to The Miracle Park , visitors will have the feeling that the whole world is suddenly shrinking to a small area. In which, in turn, 7 ancient wonders of the world are reproduced very vividly and in detail. Be sure not to miss any of the following famous ancient wonders: Statue of Zeus at Mount Olympia, Statue of the Sun at Port Rhodes, Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx, Mausoleum's Mausoleum , Alexandria lighthouse 3 floors, Babylon hanging garden and the sacred temple of Artemis.
    All of the ancient buildings here have been skillfully reproduced by artisans and more, the location is extremely reasonable, so when visiting, visitors easily find many shimmering angles. Best.
    Hau Giang ancient wonder park is also one of the first amusement parks in the Mekong Delta area which is carefully and meticulously invested. This place is like 2nd Europe in miniature in the heart of the western river.
    Visitors just need to prepare beautiful clothes and a few slightly 'deep' positions to immediately have virtual photos of the pan, destroying facebook. Hurry up and schedule a meeting with your buddies to discover this interesting park to enjoy and do not forget to try all the delicious Hau Giang dishes again. If you have a little time, you should also stay overnight to fully admire the ancient and sparkling beauty of the 7 wonders park at night!
    Another attraction of The Miracle ancient wonder light park is that on weekends or Tet holidays, visitors are also "entertained" with vibrant and colorful water music performances. Because the park also has shimmering lights, the street is full of lanterns, creating a nostalgic look and there is a swan lake to contribute to the cool and lively landscape. All have created an exciting and new entertainment complex for Hau Giang residents as well as tourists from all over the country to visit.

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