• Explore the culinary paradise at Chau Doc An Giang market

    Chau Doc Market is an extremely attractive destination for An Giang tourists because it is a giant dining paradise with all kinds of delicious dishes from fish sauce, dried fish noodles, fruit, cakes, ... enough to fill anyone's hungry stomach.

    Location of Chau Doc Market An Giang

    This famous An Giang market is located on Bach Dang street, Chau Phu An ward - the central area of ​​Chau Doc city, An Giang province. If you have the opportunity to travel to An Giang and do not know the way to the market, do not be afraid to ask the people or reception at your hotel for instructions on how to go to this famous market. Because the locals are quite enthusiastic and hospitable, especially in showing the way to visitors.
    Chau Doc food market should be close to the river of the same name, convenient location, easy to move and especially close to the center area, not far from other An Giang tourist destinations such as Cham villages and Ba temples. Lord Xu, Thoai Ngoc Hau's Mausoleum (if you follow Tan Lo Kieu Luong). So when you come here and travel to the market is finished, you can combine to go to these tourist destinations.

    The best time to go to Chau Doc market

    Normally, Chau Doc commercial area will have the market from early morning to late afternoon and at any time of the day, customers come to the market. Especially the ladies, uncles, sisters, small traders often open booths from very early, so until 5am - 5h30, trading and exchange activities have started to take place.

    Explore the culinary paradise at Chau Doc marketThe appropriate time to go to Chau Doc food market is from 6-8 am.

    However, to be able to enjoy the delicious dishes and specialties of Chau Doc , when it is still hot or want to buy the freshest ingredients as gifts, the ideal time to go to the market is from 6:00 am to 8:00 am. Because coming to this moment, you will see the bustling, bustling and diverse scene of a famous market of the Southwest region - where both a dining paradise and a role as a gathering place. distributing retail goods and also an extremely attractive tourist destination.
    This place sells many different items and is divided into separate areas such as: processed food, instant food, agricultural products market for fruits and vegetables, fish market, cloth market, clothes,… Although there is such a huge amount of goods, the inside of each zone is arranged fairly methodically and neatly. Visitors to An Giang market can easily visit, shop and find the items they are looking for.

    What to eat at Chau Doc market?

    Chau Doc Market is known as the largest culinary area in An Giang, so when you come here, you can freely enjoy the specialties of An Giang with thousands of people love such as vermicelli, cakes, fruits and many dishes. Other attractive snacks. According to the An Giang tourism experience of many young people, coming here, you have to keep an empty stomach to be able to eat many Western delicacies with more than 100 different dishes, from main dishes, to eat to full. , eating, snacks to desserts are enough.
    The first is the dishes that serve the needs of eating well, eating meals. Surely you can not ignore the delicious An Giang dishes such as bun fish sauce, roasted dolphin vermicelli, grilled rice vermicelli, old salad vermicelli or pancakes, banh canh cha, then broken rice, fried mussel with white rice, beef noodle soup ... That, the most famous is the fish vermicelli and bun Mam with the sweet aroma emanating from the giant giant pot of broth that can hold the footsteps of any visitors. Along with that, there were enough invitations from the sweet voice of the salesmen or sisters to create an indescribably bustling space for the unique Western market.
    If you just want to have snacks to eat a lot of delicious dishes without fear of being full or fat, Chau Doc food court also treats you with countless other specialties such as crispy copper pancakes, frog rolls, quail eggs. fried meat, green vegetable spring rolls, fish meat spring rolls, or banh beo, sturgeon cake and crispy spring rolls, ...
    If other Western delicacies such as My Tho noodle soup, delicious Soc Trang noodle soup are often sold at specific addresses and restaurants, snacks in Chau Doc market are the best at car stalls. pushing or carrying street vendors or in a small market stall. Because most of them are processed through long-skilled, skillful hands, the dish will be very delicious.
    Along with salty snacks, the most famous market in An Giang also has sweets such as the famous jaggery beef cake from Tri Ton area, pig skin cake, and pineapple leaf cake fragrant with coconut milk scent ... All of them are dishes with delicious flavors, attracting many tourists who are passionate about Western cuisine. A big advantage of the snacks in the market is that they are quite cheap, like a beef cake, it is only about 5k that you have bought a big one. Guests also very easy to stop, choose to buy and eat in many areas, throughout the small road in the market.
    Another outstanding cake that is sold in Chau Doc food market is the sponge cake with all kinds of toppings covered on the cake such as meat orchid, salted egg sponge, sausage sponge, and sponge. milk and orchid ... If you are afraid to eat a lot of sweet dishes, do not worry because there are enough sizes for visitors to choose from, depending on the needs and buying purposes of each person. For example, the big one is for you to buy to bring to eat with friends and family, while the smaller one for you to comfortably sip without worrying about gaining much weight while visiting the market.
    Especially in the market and also an attractive tourist destination An Giang is also a paradise for many kinds of fancy fruits and vegetables, which are the specialties of the land of Co To mountain, Ta Pa lake like bananas. persimmon, cherry, jaggery, blended fruit, May Thai, ... Visitors can freely choose and enjoy their meals and vitamins.
    Among the attractive fruits in Chau Doc market , one must definitely mention ground fruit and hemp rattan. The fruit has a slightly flat oval shape. outside the crust is black or dark brown and slightly brittle. When you eat, you just need to press lightly with your hand to break the shell and sip the meat inside.
    Because it is quite light and easy to eat, it does not smell too strong, so you can buy a bag of crushed fruit to take along the road or buy as a gift for friends and relatives. If you can buy the right forest fruit, when you eat it in your mouth, you will feel the fullness of sour, sweet, sweet, and especially fragrant.
    Besides the ground fruit, the thorns rattan is also a fruit widely sold in this An Giang market. The hemp fruit is native to Thailand and is imported across the Cambodian border. When still alive, the fruit is orange, and when ripe, it gradually turns black. This fruit is called the spiny rattan because the outer layer has small spines but is not pointed, it is pleasantly touching and easy to peel. Thorn clouds are also very attractive because they smell like jackfruit and a little fragrant scent of mountains and forests. Like the ground fruit, when you eat thorns, you will feel the characteristic sweet and sour sweetness.
    After you've eaten enough delicious dishes at Chau Doc food market , don't forget to order yourself a cool jaggery. Palmyra is a typical tree of An Giang land with a tall tree with no branching, leaves spreading round like palm leaves. Jaggery fruits often bloom into chambers, large fruits like Siamese coconuts, especially inside with a white kernel that looks exactly like coconut water but when eaten aromatic and much fatter.
    Drink a glass of sweet and cool jaggery right away, you will see nothing more sweet and cool. Indeed, just a small sip is enough to make it difficult for visitors to forget the impressive taste of this An Giang delicacy.
    In addition to ready-made jaggery, there are also many stalls selling fresh jaggery or processed into many dishes such as jaggery, jaggery beef cake ... According to the experience of many young people in An Giang , if you want Enjoying the freshest jaggery fruit in the best season, visitors should come here from January to July of lunar calendar because it is the season when the jaggery is flowering and fruit-bearing.

    Explore the culinary paradise at Chau Doc marketWherever you go, you should go to Chau Doc food market once.

    There are also 101 types of tea of ​​all levels from sweet, sweet to passionate, extremely attractive waiting for you to enjoy in the market such as: green tea, latex tea, cooked palm juice, types of tea. beans, ... All of these are dishes that you can eat on the spot or buy take away.
    In addition to the above food and drink stalls, there are also pickles that women especially love such as tamarind, toad, mango, tomato, ... more. You can freely choose to buy and sip.

    What to buy as a gift when going to Chau Doc market?

    Types of fish sauce

    Referring to the name of Chau Doc market , people will definitely think of the kinds of fish that are sold a lot, if not the most here. It can be said that this place is the kingdom of famous western fish sauce such as flexible fish sauce, key fish, snakehead fish, melon fish sauce, ...
    That is why locals and tourists also call this famous An Giang market as Mam market. This is the gathering point, exchange and purchase of all kinds of fish sauce from different provinces in the Mekong Delta. If you have the opportunity to travel to An Giang and visit the Chau Doc food market , you just need to stand hundreds of meters away to smell the specific aroma emanating from the stalls in the fish sauce market.
    The most attractive thing to tourists is that the sauce in the string is super delicious, with the right taste but the price is extremely cheap, only 1/2 or 1/3 compared to other places. Chau Doc Market is an ideal place for those who love to eat fish sauce and delicious western fish dishes such as vermicelli, fish hot pot, duck egg sauce, ... You can choose to buy fish sauce you like to bring. Come home to relatives and friends, make a fragrant gift from the land of Bay Nui, Sap Mountain, Co To Mountain.

    Fruits and jams

    Along with delicious but unique fruits, rare in other regions such as Thai rattan, tomato, jaggery, and ground fruit, fruit-based jams are also sold in Chau Doc An Giang food market. Besides the fish sauce selling area, the jam stalls also attract a lot of tourists to visit and buy as gifts after an interesting An Giang tour.

    Pickled vegetables and fruits

    At Chau Doc market , visitors can easily see a lot of crispy pickled and pickled vegetables, tubers, and fruits, such as lotus root, daikon, cauliflower, cabbage, papaya, kimchi ,. .. Through the skillful hands of the sisters, the food is extremely stimulating taste buds are elaborately and easy to eat, with a characteristic aroma, usable for many days. So, buying these as gifts or to eat gradually is also very appropriate.


    Chinese sausage is also one of the popular An Giang specialties . In addition to pork sausage, which is already familiar to many diners, this area also has beef sausage, also known as the very famous "mopping". This is a gift that should be bought to your relatives or friends if you have just come back from Chau Doc.


    Not only is the famous food market, Chau Doc market also has a lot of points selling affordable fabrics. Because the weather in An Giang is quite hot, cold fabrics and linen are sold the most here. You can choose to buy some cloth with Cham motifs to bring about sewing clothes, souvenirs or gifts.

    Experience shopping at Chau Doc market, An Giang

    Chau Doc Food Market is a large and famous market in An Giang province. This is also a tourist destination that many tourists visit, visit, shop, eat.
    Because it is quite crowded and bustling, the state of telling the price to tourists is inevitable. So you need to keep in mind a few tips before going shopping, eating and drinking to ensure that you buy at the right price, not be cut.
    The first is to remember to ask for the price of the food in the instant food area. Before shopping, buying gifts, you should ask for prices in some places, especially clothes, shoes and then pay the price gradually.
    An Giang is a province quite close to the Cambodian border, which is also the point to pick up goods from other countries such as Thailand and China, so in addition to quality products, there are also a lot of counterfeit, defective and poor quality products. So before buying, remember to look carefully at the barcode and packaging, do not buy goods with poor packaging, wrinkled or pale color compared to the original logo.
    Another quite important point when visiting and shopping at Chau Doc food market is to pay attention to preserving personal property because this area is quite crowded.
    When buying food as a gift, you also need to ask about the expiration date and care. Items with a short shelf life such as snacks should only be purchased in sufficient quantities. When buying fish sauce to take home, ask the seller to pack it in plastic or glass containers with a high degree of tightness for convenience when getting on the car back home.

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