• Full experience of amusement park Kittyd & Minnied Hau Giang

    Take in the entertainment experience of Kittyd & Minnied theme park to immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of the largest and most modernly designed entertainment spot in the Mekong Delta.

    Where is the Kittyd & Minnied Amusement Park located?

    Kittyd & Minnied Amusement Park belongs to the campus of Vo Truong Toan University . More specifically, this amusement park is located in Chau Thanh A district, Hau Giang province. This place is like Disneyland of Vietnam and attracts a large number of young people to check-in and take photos.

    Kittyd & Minnied Recreation Area is considered as an integrated model between the park with many European-style buildings and modern entertainment area with many sightseeing areas and attractive game areas. With an area of ​​up to 20 hectares, the amusement park facilities are built in European classical style to bring a new atmosphere and breeze, giving visitors interesting experiences of a New land as far as the West. This place is also a wonderland with Snow White, Cinderella, Aladin genie, ... steps from fairy tales.

    Travel experience for Kittyd & Minnied amusement parkEuropean sky in the heart of Hau Giang.

    How to move to the Kittyd & Minnied amusement park

    If you do not choose Hau Giang tour or travel by bus but go with the starting point from Ho Chi Minh City, you can go to the Kittyd & Minnied amusement park according to the following itinerary: first is to go Phan Street Van Hon comes to the National Highway / National Highway 1A at Tan Thoi Nhat. After that, tourists continue to drive from Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong expressway and then pass NH1A to Tan Phu Thanh to reach the park.

    Ticket price - service at Kittyd & Minnied Amusement Park

    According to the experience of Hau Giang tourism of many tourists, the package ticket price and entrance fee of Kittyd & Minnied Park in the period from 8:00 to 16:30 fluctuate as follows:
    - For guests with a height of 1.4m or more, the package fare is 125,000 - 250,000 VND, the price will be 40,000 - 80,000 VND if you just want to enter the gate and then choose to add the form of sightseeing. then buy more later.
    - For guests with a height from 0.85m to under 1.4m, the package fare is 97,000 - 195,000 VND. Particularly, the entrance fee is only 30,000 - 60,000 VND depending on the day.
    - For guests with a height of less than 0.85m, the good news is that you will get free tickets.
    Special case: When guests arrive at the park late in the afternoon after 16:30, the preferential fare is as follows:
    - Guests with a height of 1.4m or more: package fare 125,000 - 195,000 VND, entrance ticket price: 10,000 - 20,000 VND depending on the day.
    - Guests with a height from 0.85m to less than 1.4m: package fare 97,000 - 155,000 VND, entrance ticket 10,000 - 20,000 VND depending on the day.

    In the amusement park of the Kittyd & Minnied amusement park , the ticket prices of some games are as follows:
    - Video game area, ticket price 40,000 VND
    - Viking pirate ship: 30,000 VND
    - Spaceship: 20,000 VND
    - Space bike: 20,000 VND
    - Super speed swing: 30,000 VND
    - Flying car: 20,000 VND
    - Electric car collision: 30,000 VND
    - Train excursion: 15,000 VND
    - 360 degree roller coaster: 30,000 VND
    - Water park ticket: adult 100,000 VND, children 80,000 VND.
    In addition, when visiting this place to take wedding photos or record music videos, make movies, the fare will be applied as follows:
    - Wedding photography: the total cost is 1,000,000 VND (this price applies to the crew of 04 people, including the crew taken and the bride and groom). In case of traveling with more people, the fare for each person will be applied as a regular passenger.
    - The price for renting a space to film music videos or make movies is 3,000,000 VND / day. If the recording time is from 4 days or more, on the 4th day or later, the crew will receive a discount - a 30% discount on costs. If the crew is traveling in a larger group, the fare is the same as a regular passenger. 
    Package wedding photography ticket price for the crew of 04 people (including crew, bride and groom is 1,000,000 VND.
    Ticket price for filming music videos or filmmaking at Kittyd & Minnied Park is 3,000,000 VND / day. If the crew comes in a larger group, the fee is equal to the entrance ticket price as retail tourists. If the crew shoots for 4 days or more, the cost from the 4th day onwards will be reduced by 30%.

    Explore the Kittyd & Minnied amusement park

    Walking Street Olympus Street

    Olympus Street is a long and expansive street that leads visitors deep into the precinct of the famous entertainment district of the West.
    With a large area and open space, this street is also the place where special performances attract tourists across the country such as a street parade with repertoire of characters. came out from fairy tales like Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Princess Toc May, Aladin. Guests traveling Hau Giang is the crowd absolutely loved scrabble chatter performances mascot, the program's overhead object, ...

    The complex of castles in Kittyd & Minnied

    Olympus Street not only has cool space but also a place where many European-style castles are gathered. 
    There is a complex of castles lying close together. Most of them have a cone-shaped roof design and are coated with ancient but luxurious colors. The gray and white colors of the brick walls, the color of stone lining the floors or the terraces are perfect for the pedestrian street, which is planted with bright green plants and flowers.
    When walking between the castles, visitors will feel like they are lost in the fairy world, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the miniature Disneyland, the western version.

    Castle Coeus

    Among the unique buildings at Kittyd & Minnied - an attractive tourist destination in Hau Giang , Coeus Castle is the most prominent highlight. Indeed, the front of the castle is decorated by populations of ancient Greek idols - a beautiful view corner for the photos that destroy the social network of many young people.
    In general, the castle is quite attractive because it is designed in the European royal style. This work also has a solid wall surrounding it. This is also the place where the unique shows alternate every night, bringing visitors into the world of fairytales on earth.

    Eros Square - Love Square

    If the ancient wonder park of Hau Giang is famous for 7 famous wonders such as the statue of Zeus, the temple of the goddess Atermis or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Kittyd & Minnied Park has a unique destination, the love square with the reign of the idol Eros associated with the anecdote is to engrave the name of the tourist on the love lock to close the heart with the lover and save the square with the desire to bring love and lasting happiness. .
    Eros Square is not only a square - where the statue of a cupid is located, but also a symbol of hearts with the words "Love you forever". If you have the opportunity to travel to Hau Giang and visit the Kittyd & Minnied amusement park , do not forget to come here and admire the idol and then manually return the lock to wish your love always beautiful and eternal!
    In addition to Olympus Street, Coeus Eros Square, the park also has many other impressive spaces that also attract visitors, most notably the miniature version of Khai Hoan gate, colorful umbrella streets, The area is designed and decorated with a beautiful European architectural style, promising to be a place where young people can freely pose and take pictures.

    Entertainment game area

    Leaving the magnificent and luxurious Western space, please come to the amusement and entertainment area in the park with thrilling game area with electronic games area and especially indoor and public games. Modern water pills, ...
    In addition, if you are adventurous and passionate about searching and challenging yourself through active, thrilling games according to international standards, Kittyd & Minnied Park is a very reasonable choice. . Because it offers enough experience for you through games like the thrilling 360 ° roller coaster, exciting swing game or Viking pirate ship with high adventure, snake dragon swing , rotating wire tower, eagle nest, ...
    If you like gentle games to enjoy a fun and comfortable atmosphere and want to return to your childhood, choose games such as ferris ride, space bike, ocean jellyfish, ...
    In addition, the Kittyd & Minnied entertainment area also has a genuine Water Park area with attractive water games, especially in the hot summer, such as a tornado slide, a "raging curve", ...
    The most special thing is that visitors will have unlimited play at all the top shelf game areas of the park when you purchase a package entry ticket.

    Eat and rest at Kittyd & Minnied Park

    What to eat at Kittyd & Minnied Park

    Coming to this famous tourist destination Hau Giang , you will not have to worry about getting hungry because even inside or outside the castle grounds, on the pedestrian street and the square there are also stalls. or trolley of all kinds of food and drink tables, from Hau Giang specialties or delicacies to snacks, dishes, eating and filling. In particular, the snacks such as fish balls, meat balls, sausages, ... have a very chestnut price, only ranging from about 20,000 to 50,000 VND.

    Where to spend the night at Kittyd & Minnied Park?

    If you have plans to stay in Hau Giang for more than 1 day and want to spend the night at Kittyd & Minnied Park, you can refer to the room rates in advance here as follows:
    Hotels and motels here almost only have double rooms or more (from 02 guests) with an average price of 700,000 VND / night.
    As for three rooms (03 guests), the price will be 900,000 VND / night.
    Room 04 guests cost 1,000,000 VND / night.

    Some notes when traveling to Kittyd & Minnied amusement park

    After purchasing tickets at the area near the park gate, visitors will be given a red bracelet by staff as well as given a detailed map of the Kittyd & Minnied area for easy access and destination.
    Note that when you come here, you are not allowed to bring food, drinks or pets outside, otherwise you will be charged a fine. So, be sure to check your backpack / bag before going to the baggage check counter because if you find out there is food you must go out. Because inside the park, there are enough food and drinks with a variety of menu from rice, snacks to drinks ... so don't buy anything to bring in.
    Another point to note is that you remember to bring a swimwear if you intend to swim. If not, visitors only have to buy at the counter. And don't forget to bring sunscreen too as there are some quite sunny areas.
    And remember not to smoke in the park area to protect your health and the community and prevent fire.
    Another tip is that because the Kittyd & Minnied theme park campus is quite large, choose for yourself a pair of comfortable and smooth shoes for easy movement! Remember to wear comfortable clothes and don't forget to bring a jacket, hat, gloves, ...!
    If you have the opportunity to travel to the West and go down to Hau Giang, do not miss Kittyd & Minnied as well as experience the culinary, cultural and idyllic lifestyle typical of this river region!

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