• Kon Klor suspension bridge - a symbol of the majestic Kon Tum heaven and earth

    Connecting the double span of the Dak Bla river bank, the Kon Klor suspension bridge not only plays a great economic role, but is also an extremely hot check-in point that captivates devotees when stopping at this sunny and windy plateau. 
    Kon Tum land is one of the most promising destinations for believers to move near and far, thanks to the majestic natural landscape of the thousand, with unique cultural features. It also has very attractive tourist attractions such as Mang Den (Da Lat of Kon Tum), Wooden Church, local villages and rich cuisine. Especially, for those who have been to Kon Tum, it is impossible to forget the image of the Kon Klor suspension bridge spanning the Dak Bla river. The bridge is considered one of the images representing Kon Tum and is also the unique check-in point loved by devotees. 

    The iconic Kon Klor suspension bridge amidst the majestic Kon Tum sky 

    Kon Tum tourism tourists will certainly not miss the opportunity to visitthe most beautiful cable-stayed bridge to the Central Highlands regionof this, large industrial and the bridge is the symbol characteristic of this thousand university lands. 
    Hanging from the rolling Dak Bla river, Kon Klor bridge is located in Kon Klor village, Kon Tum city. The bridge was built in 1993, completed a year later and became the pride of the mountain town people because of its great role in connecting the trade between the two rivers. The bridge is 292m long, 4.5m wide and is one of the most beautiful industrial suspension bridges in the Central Highlands region . 
    Before the Kon Klor suspension bridge, Kon Tum people who wanted to move back and forth across the Dak Bla River often had to row a boat, but the bridge appeared to bring new development, trade and relocation. should be more convenient and quick. 

    Fascinated by the breathtaking beauty of Kon Klor suspension bridge 

    With a prominent orange color, the bridge  is a prominent highlight on the Dak Bla river. The bridge has a unique architecture with the suspension cable system tinged with moss. Not carrying a flashy or splendid beauty like other bridges, Kon Klor Bridge still retains a rustic beauty, as simple as the soul of the mountain residents. 
    Go to Kon Tum to visit Kon Klor suspension bridge to check-in to fascinate the moving people The outstanding bridge on the Dak Bla line. Photo: @ - hoon___3103

    Set amidst a lush green area of ​​banana fields, bamboo groves on the banks of Dak Bla, Kon Klor Kon Tum suspension bridge becomes even more striking and impressive. On hot summer days, the suspension bridge is even more prominent. The time when the Kon Klor suspension bridge becomes beautiful and most impressive is when the sunset falls.
    At this time, the whole red sky, the bridge stands out on an impressive space, creating an enchanting, romantic scene. Anyone who has the opportunity to admire Kon Klor Kon Tum Bridge at sunset must be fascinated by the beauty that is too authentic, not splendid, fussy but makes us unable to take our eyes off and want to immerse ourselves in a long time. 


    Great experience of visiting Kon Klor Bridge

    Traveling to Kon Tum and visiting the Kon Klor suspension bridge , you will enjoy the experiences and emotions that rare land can bring. Firstly, it is the experience of admiring the beautiful scenery of the bridge climbing the great region. The surrounding scenery along with the bridge with corn fields, immense and green rubber hills create a beautiful picture that you will not leave forever. 
    Walking on the bridge, watching the flow of cars, passing people or simply enjoying every moment, the peace of each step between the great Central Highlands is also an emotional experience. 
    In addition to visiting and admiring the beauty of the iconic Kon Tum bridge , you can visit the ethnic village BahNar - Kon Klor. This village still retains the unique culture and activities of the Bahnar people. You can explore the lives of the people, chat and taste the drunken yeast needed by the windswept plateau. In addition, you can also come to KonKtu ethnic cultural village to participate in unique cultural activities, listen to and hear about Khan by the fire and sleep in traditional communal houses. 
    Coming to Kon Tum in general and Kon Klor suspension bridge in particular is a wonderful journey that promises to bring passionate souls to move memorable experiences. If you have the opportunity to come to Kon Tum, do not forget to visit this famous suspension bridge. 

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