• Notes when traveling to the West you should not ignore

    Summer is an opportunity to visit the river garden, prepare for your journey, do not forget the note when traveling to the West to make the trip convenient.

    Note when traveling to the West: luggage

    Before traveling, how to arrange luggage is also a very important thing to consider first. During the journey to the southwest of the river, many distances you have to travel by boat and boat. Therefore, the luggage should be compact, avoid carrying too many bulky items. Besides, also choose to wear lightweight, not too picky outfits. Shoes are easy to move, especially sports shoes that are sticky and are waterproof. 

    Note when traveling to the West with technology items you should keep in a separate compartment. It is best to wrap them in shockproof and waterproof bags. Be aware of water entering when traveling between locations. Also don't forget to bring sunscreen, hat and hat to protect your skin. For those with sensitive skin, it is also necessary to have mosquito repellent, allergy medicine, ... 

    Money matters, jewelry when going to the West

    Traveling, you need to find out where you will go in advance, if not too far away, you do not need to bring a lot of money with you to avoid theft. In the West, there are also many ATMs, so you just need to bring just enough pepper, go there to draw more, not too much. As for expensive jewelry, it is best not to bring too much, valuable items to bring are sometimes difficult to preserve, easy to lose while organizing. Should also avoid bringing it to ensure not lost. 

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    Vehicles in the West

    As one of the major tourist centers, the movement is extremely convenient and fast so that visitors everywhere can easily reach. There are many means of travel to and from the first time visitors to this Mekong river region. As follows:

    Going to the West 

    Note when traveling west self  what you are far away can choose the airplane went to Ho Chi Minh or Can Tho airport, ... and began to bus or taxi to the tourist destination that I have predefined. 
    - If you stay close, you can go by bus or by motorbike or by car. Both save money and get to see more points in the itinerary without having to depend on the stop.

    Travel in the West

    - Those in the neighboring provinces take their private vehicle to avoid the need to rent expensive taxis during the journey. 
    - If you are far away, you can also rent a motorbike to easily move and explore everywhere you like. 
    - There is a special point when you come to this land that you do not forget to try exploring everywhere by boat, boat. Experiences in the West in the summer as well as at any time are popular. Walking while watching the romantic river or wandering through the canals on both sides of the orchard will be extremely excited. But remember to pay attention to safety, wear full life jackets and obey the rules when traveling.

    Note when shopping in the West

    Every time you travel to a certain place, you also like to walk around the shopping places to buy gifts. The West also has many famous products that everyone who comes once must buy them. However, note that you should not buy too much, go anywhere you see or buy, just choose the necessary things that can be taken home. And it's important to go to reputable places recommended by many people to avoid being bought with poor quality goods.
    Consult, ask price in advance and carefully check the label before buying, especially in crowded tourist areas. Traditional markets, night markets, wholesale markets or traditional craft villages, ... are the places that people often visit the most. A note when traveling to the West is often overlooked when shopping is to preserve your belongings carefully. Especially, go to markets where many people pass by in case of pickpocketing. Valuable objects can be left in the room before leaving. 

    Other notes on the trip to the West

    - If you are going to the West for the first time and do not follow the available tour, you should actively find out your schedule in advance. Arrange travel time logically to see where to go first, where to go later. 
    - Find out in advance where to rest, eat, visit, ... to get there without having to search.
    - Going to festivals or places where people have a lot of people to eat or buy, you should ask for the price first to avoid being cut. Besides, do not forget to preserve your belongings to prevent pickpockets. 
    Traveling in the southwestern region can not ignore the temples, but before entering, remember to follow the rules there. And remember not to dress too short, revealing, or making noise that affects others. 
    The land of 'nine Dragons' has never ceased to be attractive to cultural favorites and famous destinations of the alluvial river. Experienced journeys beyond understanding the places to visit, where you go and stay, you also need to pay attention when traveling to the West to make the trip more convenient. The above suggestions will hopefully bring you fun and useful information. 

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