• Phong Dien Can Tho Tourist discover the garden and famous tourist area

    Learn interesting activities and sights when traveling to Phong Dien Can Tho, which owns the idyllic beauty of gardens, ancient poems.

    About Phong Dien district

    Phong Dien is a famous district of Can Tho, about 15 km from the city center. Phong Dien Can Tho tourism is rich in ecology, especially the long garden covered with lush green extremely attractive to visitors. This is also one of the rare places that still retains the idyllic features of the southwestern countryside. With pictures of typical, ancient houses or silhouettes of mothers wearing grandmother's clothes, lovely coconut bridge. 

    For those who love to find nature, a place to relax away from the noise and dust of the city, Phong Dien is an ideal choice. Can Tho fruit gardens are always green, full of fruit all year round, waiting for you to visit and enjoy. Not only that, in recent years the district has also developed tourist resorts with many interesting games and experiences. While promoting the potential of the homeland, still innovating, attracting a large number of tourists every year. 


    As a famous tourist area, the way is convenient, so you can choose to go to Phong Dien by road or try a boat ride to explore the river more. 
    - Take a passenger car or ride a motorbike or car to downtown Can Tho. From there, you follow National Highway 1A towards Soc Trang via Dau Sau Bridge, when you reach the Cai Rang bridge area, you just need to turn right to continue 16km to reach Phong Dien district.
    - Go by boat, boat: go to Ninh Kieu wharf and buy tickets to visit gardens and rivers of Phong Dien district. 

    What time should I travel to Phong Dien Can Tho?

    Many people often think of the West to go in summer or flood season. But with the available advantages of fruit orchards and investment in attractive amusement parks. You can come to Phong Dien any time of the year to enjoy the sweet fruit or simply rest with your family. Best times to suggest:
    Spring (from January to March): the weather is quite beautiful at this time, everywhere are beautifully decorated to welcome the new year. You can come here to sightseeing, visit the temple or to the breast milk gardens, ripe red plums. Pick and enjoy freshly in the garden. 
    Summer (from March to June): at this time the Ha Chau strawberry gardens, rambutan, durian, mangosteen,… are harvested. The bustling atmosphere of traders coming to buy, tourists visiting, is spoiled for you to check-in. 
    - The season of floating water, the end of the year: Tourism in the Southwest region as well as in Phong Dien is quite crowded at this time, people come to go to the floating market. Visit longan garden, apple orchard in the green season, enjoy the unforgettable simple dishes of this place. 

    Favorite Activities

    Phong Dien Can Tho travel experience , here there are many diverse activities and experiences that attract the love of tourists. Whether traveling alone or with family, friends also have unforgettable joys. 

    Explore the rustic life

    The features of folk activities for many generations are still preserved by the people here, if you want to try the feeling of life in the West, do not forget to explore. Try cycling around the cool village roads, through the mossy houses. Or stay with the people, learn about the craft villages of making mats, making pottery or traditional candy. To understand more about the people and culture of this place. 

    Join the bustling game

    Besides the idyllic features, the bustling games in the eco-tourism areas of Can Tho also bring equally attractive. From games with Western style such as crab catching and snail catching, fishing ditches, monkey bridge, boat racing, ... There are also collective games to connect with each other, in a cool, river landscape. calm water, moments of stress relief will bring unforgettable memories. 

    Experience Phong Dien floating market

    Surely anyone coming to the West wants to once wandering around to explore the floating market. No exception in that, the floating market in Phong Dien also has its own features with a bustling and bustling business atmosphere. But also has its own characteristics due to maintaining the old business life and lifestyle. People still get up early to carry boats, boats full of fruits, daily necessities, and other essentials, ... don't forget to enjoy a rustic breakfast right on the boat! 

    travel-style-travel-can-tho-cho-noiPhoto: @ mademoiselle.phuong

    Famous sights

    My Khanh tourist area

    Possessing a space of up to more than 50,000 hectares with fruit gardens of all kinds from: durian, jackfruit, rambutan, longan, mango, plum, ... Along with simple Southern style, look to the area This Phong Dien Can Tho travel you relax with quiet space. Canoeing through the canals picking fruit, catching grilled fish, enjoying peaceful moments that rarely get in the busy life. 

    Vam Xam fruit garden

    The fruit garden welcomes you with a rustic image right from the entrance, with a wooden door and a path leading to the two sides of green bamboo. Going inside you will be tired of the unique decorated scenery. With 4 seasons orchard, areca rows, poetic hibiscus flowers. This place is also great for you to check-in and bring back impressive photos. 

    Truc Lam Phuong Nam Zen Monastery 

    It is one of the rare temples in the western region built in the style of the northern pagoda. In a large and tranquil ancient space, not only people but tourists also love to visit. Truc Lam Phuong Nam Zen Monastery has Buddha statues, an Arhat statue, a miniature pillar temple, bell tower, empty tower, etc. 

    Ong De eco-tourism area

    Coming to this resort, you will be returned to a familiar but peaceful childhood space. Refreshing folk games such as monkey bridge competition, cycling, fishing, ... waiting for you with fresh and cool air. There are birds chirping around, having fun, taking photos, sailing, enjoying garden specialties, ... Not only that, at the eagle training camp and watching them learn how to fly is equally interesting. 

    Muoi Cuong cocoa garden 

    The garden has an area of ​​only 1 hectare but grows up to 20 different types of cocoa, and above is the familiar fruit trees such as mango or mangosteen, toad, guava, ... Phong Dien Can Tho Tourism , at Here you can learn and participate in the stages to create the finished product. From annealing, drying to powder processing to make a variety of products. Besides, do not forget to enjoy and buy as a special gift for your loved ones. 

    Lung Column Cau tourist area

    Like other tourist resorts, here visitors experience the idyllic life of the peaceful western countryside. With orchards surrounded by canals and perennial melaleuca trees. Along with participating in folk games that are arranged attractively, here you can also enjoy the famous durian specialties. The durian here has long been loved by its delicious varieties, flat seeds, and fragrant rice. Enjoying the cool breeze while enjoying delicious food is really great.

    Lung Tram tourist area

    Famous throughout Tay Do for its idyllic landscape, typical of the Mekong River region, but no less noisy and attractive. Lung Tram tourist area has a fruit garden filled with alluvial soil along with organic planting methods, so it is safe for health. Do not forget to paddle along the canal through the cajuput forest to explore the fruit kingdom. Or take a check-in photo at the sunflower garden at an angle, feel the culture of the West through the authentic culinary space here. 

    Vu Binh tourist garden 

    Hidden under the lush, green Lo Ren nettle gardens all year round are simple leaf houses for guests to rest after sailing through the gardens. The milk breasts with the same types of guava and breast are grown, making everyone fascinated. Besides, other activities such as visiting places of production of handicrafts, souvenirs made from berries. Or try to catch fish, make Nam Bo pancakes, many tourists actively participate.
    Always constantly promote and create unique advantages and qualities for ecotourism in accordance with garden standards. Every day, it becomes the leading tourist destination of the Mekong Delta region. Phong Dien Can Tho tourism is becoming more and more attractive and promises to bring you countless impressions that are hard to fade!

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