• 'Virtual life' with picturesque O Ta Soc street in An Giang

    Romantic and beautiful as if stepping out of the swordplay movies, O Ta Soc is a 'hot' destination that young people check-in recently.

    Where is O Ta Soc roundabout?

    Located in O Ta Soc, also known here as Ong Soc stream, in Luong Phi commune, Tri Ton district, An Giang. Mountain Wolong Son - the highest mountain region famed Seven paint and Triton town about 11 kilometers. Due to its dangerous terrain, during the anti-French resistance war, it was an important revolutionary base of the Provincial Party Committee. And today still contains many attractions for tourists. 

    The way to get to the road waving

    To reach O Ta Soc An Giang , you first take a bus or go by private vehicle according to Google Maps to Chau Doc town. From there, taking the car to the gate of the O Ta Soc base zone on Provincial Highway 955B, along the way to the O Ta Soc lake are rows of green-sighted trees stretching for tens of hectares in the remote region. The road is paved with concrete so you can walk to admire the scenery and take pictures as you like.

    O Ta Soc, a beautiful road like a movie

    O Ta Soc is a humid land with many wild features, so tourists love to explore or visit. This place is now even more 'hot' with the path of growing the mountain from the foot of the mountain to the young people like the step out of the swordplay movies. Just looking at the pictures makes everyone want to once set foot in this impressive country.

    road-triangular-sugar-ta-chocolate-tri-tonPhoto: @thamhiemmekong

    Vapang is a sodem tree, the people here have been attached to it for ages. Especially during the years of resistance used as a tool to fight the enemy, so today when you visit you will see the monument of the militia holding a staggering cane like a heroic symbol. This famous tourist destination Tri Ton is not only the ideal shooting spot but also a source of rice to feed and protect many families, protecting the land from landslide.
    Along the way to the mountain, you will see regardless of how sunny or rainy, the sturgeon rows of trees still stand up and rise green. Although it does not take much care, but to be green is also a lot of self-care. The trees can be taller than a dozen meters, upright but beautiful beauty, not thorny like bamboo or bamboo. The rattan is used to produce handicrafts that many people love because it is durable, rustic but very beautiful. 
    In Tri Ton or Ngoa Long mountain, there is no shortage of famous check-in places. But if you come to O Ta Soc , you will be surprised as discovering a new land. Walk along the path up the mountain, in the cool fresh air. When the rustling winds pass, the reach is still quiet, not causing creaking noises like bamboo, so you can only feel the gentle gentle breeze. 
    For those who love living close to nature, this is a comfortable place to stop. If you are passionate about photography, just bringing along the costumes according to the ancient concept or the sword will bring in dozens of impressive frames without going anywhere. When you finish taking pictures, when you get down to the gate of the base area, stop at the waterfront restaurant, enjoy a glass of jaggery mixed with fat leopard milk and fragrant peanuts to close the journey with unforgettable memories.

    The sights are near the road vaguely

    As one of the major tourist attractions of the land of Tri Ton, An Giang. From culture, history to check-in spots that are loved by young people. Traveling to the West to Tri Ton region, next to O Ta Soc , you should not forget to visit equally attractive addresses. Here are some other suggestions for you to have more experience. 

    Ho O Ta Soc

    As a natural lake flowing down from a rocky mountain, the water here is cool green all year round. Surrounded again by mountains, long paths and trees. Therefore, when you come here, you can not only enjoy the scenery and check-in. But also bathing, playing with cool water, fishing. Or simply sit and rest to collect the immense coolness in front, a very suitable place to relax with close friends. 

    O Ta Soc base camp

    Located in the path to O Ta Soc Tri Ton , this is a place for those who love majestic nature and explore new lands. This is the homeland of so many children, where the whole family participates in the revolution to protect the country. Streams, rocks, caves are blessed by nature with the impressive beauty of stacked rocks weighing tens of tons. The stone caves have unique names such as military medical cave, logistics cave, electric sky cave, ... 
    Although the terrain here is quite dangerous, but with friends, explore the monuments of important historical and cultural value. Visit the traditional houses, galleries of wartime artifacts and images, squares and nature like a mysterious maze. Hear stories about a heroic anecdote of the army and people of this land during the years of resistance. 

    Check-in at the top of O Ta Soc mountain

    Passing bumpy trails, streams with both sides are bumpy rock niches. Through the forest, you will reach the top of O Ta Soc mountain, from here panoramic view of the majestic beautiful mountain at the foot of the famous mountain in That Son region. The charming painting with immense fields, the life of the heroic hometown people, along with the scenic road of O Ta Soc this place will bring unforgettable feelings. 
    Go to That Son area outside to visit the pagoda, check-in with immense rice fields or beautiful jaggery, ... Besides, do not forget to spend time wandering around to explore and take pictures with this beautiful vision. Memorable experiences are waiting for you, let's discover it today!

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