• Visiting Thi Tuong lagoon Ca Mau - discover 'Ho' in the plain

    The immense river and lake Dam Thi Tuong is an ideal tourist destination for those who have fallen in love with the wild natural landscape, wide open spaces and Ca Mau countryside love dishes.

    Where is Thi Tuong Lagoon located?

    Dam Thi Tuong  (also known as Dam Ba Tuong ) is a natural lagoon with the largest area in Ca Mau in particular and the Mekong River Delta in general. This place is also known as "Bien Ho in the plain". In the past, this large lagoon was one of the largest shrimp and fish ponds in Ca Mau. Until now, this is still a common house - home to brackish water aquatic products such as crab, tiger shrimp, fish and many other diverse creatures.

    Thi Tuong lagoon is located about 40 km south of the center of Ca Mau city. Along with Dat Mui, Hon Da Bac , Khai Long sea, this famous lagoon is an attractive destination, attracting many tourists to visit when traveling to Ca Mau.
    Ba Tuong lagoon is deeply embedded in the three mainland districts of Tran Van Thoi, Phu Tan and Cai Nuoc of Ca Mau province. This immense lagoon area has a water surface area of ​​about 700ha and a length of more than 12km, the widest place is up to 2 km, the deepest place is 1.5m, connecting to the Gulf of Thailand. The lagoon is made up of alluvial and alluvial deposits of My Binh River, Ong Doc River and many other canals.
    Because of its large size, Thi Tuong lagoon is divided into three sections of Tren lagoon, Giua lagoon and Lower lagoon, of which Dam Giua is the largest lagoon ... Visitors can come here by walking on bamboo bridges in The lagoon and spoiled the beautiful scenery of the homeland Dat Mui. Moreover, you can also enjoy the Ca Mau specialties made from abundant fish, shrimp, and seafood here ...

    Guide the way to Thi Tuong lagoon

    Dam Thi Tuong is about 2 hours from Ca Mau city by boat and is right next to Ba Keo canal, connecting with the Gulf of Thailand.
    If you come from Ho Chi Minh City, you can choose a bus, car or motorbike to go to this famous tourist destination Ca Mau . The road connecting these two southern towns is about 380km long, passing through 3-5 tollbooths. The average travel time between the two places is about 8 hours.
    Depending on the itinerary and cost of traveling, visitors can freely choose to travel by many means, but according to the travel experience of Ca Mau of many people, you should choose a bus to ensure safety and convenience. Because the road from the city. HCM to Ca Mau has many difficult sections to go, especially the road to Thi Tuong lagoon is quite difficult to find and also has to go through many other means such as high-speed ferry. If you know the road and terrain, when you reach the center of Ca Mau province, you can rent a motorbike according to your needs and preferences.
    If you do not choose Ca Mau tour but go out by yourself, please note how to move to this place as follows. The lagoon named Thi Tuong (also known as Dam Ba Tuong) is located about 1 hour from Ca Mau city on a high-speed ferry. If you have to ask the local people for directions, remember to add more information that this lagoon is located next to Ba Keo canal, the area connecting the Gulf of Thailand through the My Binh River.
    Previously, when tourism was underdeveloped, it was difficult to reach the lagoon because it had to go through many poor roads. However, at present, the situation has changed, visitors can easily travel because the path to the Dam which was difficult to travel in the past has been repaired and upgraded so it is much wider and flatter.
    On the way to Thi Tuong lagoon , visitors can freely admire the scenery on both sides of the road with the shade of green trees. Watching the eyes in the distance, the lagoon appears like a water-ink painting in the land at the end of the country, enough to shake people's hearts.
    When visiting the lagoon, you can sit on the typical motorboats of the Ca Mau river region, cross the water, glide lightly on the lagoon surface. Now take advantage of the cool breeze blowing in from the land by the sea. And especially do not forget to zoom in to observe the romantic scenery around with many beautiful angles, fully exploring the landscape of the lagoon.

    Legend of Ba Tuong lagoon

    Legend has it that in the past when the ancestors reclaimed and opened the land in Ca Mau, there was a woman named Tuong who was brave and brave and drove the wild tigers to disturb and kept the lagoon peaceful. immensity. Due to remembering the merit of protecting the lagoon and keeping the lives of the people here, she named the lagoon Thi Tuong (ie Ms. Tuong) by her name.
    Another folk legend says that, during the reclamation of the village, the Tiger King liked a princess who was the daughter of King Thuy Te and brought a wedding ceremony to propose to the princess. However, King Qi Qi refused to make the Tiger king extremely angry. The Tiger God sent the birds of the sky to cover the sea with rocks, making the people and creatures living in the lagoon suffer. 
    Moved by that situation, a woman named Tuong bravely drove the birds away from disturbing people's lives. Therefore, people took her name for the dress to remember the grace of the ancients. The land where Ms. Tuong chased the birds away is still present and becomes a lagoon attracting a large number of aquatic species to reproduce and flourish. This is an infinite source of benefits for the local poor and neighboring areas.

    Beautiful scenery in a day of Thi Tuong lagoon

    On the two sides of Ba Tuong lagoon, there are dense development of leafy trees, creating a green feature that adorns the wild scenery of the whole area. If you come to this famous Ca Mau tourist destination at dawn, visitors will have the feeling of stepping into a water-color painting in a peaceful place. In this pristine early morning, the whole lagoon's surface is as if it is glowing like a giant water mirror reflecting the blue sky with small huts, mixed with a few coconut groves on the shore, adorn the landscape. These are the boats lying gently in the shadow of the flow of the lagoon.
    Enjoy this unforgettable moment because just after a while, the dress will become extremely bustling with many types of vehicles such as canoes, fishing, nets, hoop, paw, delicious beams, ... transportation to catch and exchange goods and pick up passengers.
    After picking up the sunrise on the lagoon, Ca Mau tourists can stop for lunch and step into the small huts of fishermen to learn and talk about daily life in the lagoon. If you are lucky, you will also listen to interesting anecdotes and interesting stories about Thi Tuong lagoon.
    In the afternoon, the dress brings a different beauty than the one in the morning and noon. At this time, the light softens, making room for a purple sunset with a new layer of color covering the sky. This is the time for visitors to fully embrace the cool breeze, blowing away all emotions of unhappiness or sadness in daily life. In this windy afternoon scene, you definitely do not miss the experience of fishing, catching shrimp and immediately enjoying these delicacies on the beautiful small canoe here. Eating and enjoying the beauty of the sunset scenery, listening to the birds in the afternoon echoing in the surrounding forests will surely leave an unforgettable mark on any visitor's heart.
    And when night falls, the romantic evening scene is replaced by sparkling lights, alternating with a few of the oil lamps flickering as far down as dancing on the water, making it easy for visitors to associate to the flower festival.
    In addition, when coming to Thi Tuong lagoon, visitors can also visit the base area of ​​Xeo Duoc Provincial Party Committee nearby. The trip will give you the opportunity to learn about the arduous and heroic activities of revolutionary soldiers during the years of the American resistance war to save the country. This is a historical relic at the provincial level recognized by the People's Committee of Ca Mau province on June 11, 2007.

    Excursions Dam Thi Tuong Ca MauThi Tuong lagoon is becoming an attractive tourist destination for many tourists.

    Visitors to Ba Tuong lagoon can choose to visit the revolutionary Xeo Duoc monument around the lagoon or just visit a place. The boat takes about 1 hour around the lagoon, but if you want to go to the entire lagoon, the canoe will run for about 2 hours.

    Experience the life of a fisherman

    On the surface of Thi Tuong Ca Mau lagoon, there are simple leaf buds built by the local people to raise blood cockles. Along with the three-leaf canoes flapping their paddles and rows of lush green coconuts scattered in the lagoon area, this landscape is unspoiled.
    But Thi Tuong lagoon is not only that. This place owns a variety of aquatic resources, creating a livelihood for people living in the lagoon by farming and fishing. Because the water level on the lagoon often changes with the ebb and flow of the tide from 0.7m to 1.5m, people also rely on it to take advantage of catching fishes and shrimps.
    Ca Mau tourists can participate in the experience of the local people's rustic life such as fishing, fishing, fish, shrimp ... and the most attractive is to prepare dishes according to their own taste.
    With only about 100,000 VND / person, you can visit or participate in activities such as catching dog mackerel, old calf fish, yawning fish, blood cockles, shrimp, crab…. There are 2 main points here, one is that you are served meals, and the other is serving for sightseeing and catering to visitors. At Ba Tuong lagoon, there is a ferry and the cooperative's boats to serve visitors the most carefully.
    Passing more than 40 km from the city center to Thi Tuong river area, ignoring the initial fatigue and wonder, tourists will feel warm by the friendliness and hospitality of the people of the river, especially This is when participating in the experience of 'eating together' with the most famous lagoon people in Ca Mau.

    Enjoy fresh seafood on the lagoon

    Coming to Thi Tuong Ca Mau lagoon , visitors can not only feel the beauty of nature, but also enjoy the specialties of the river, the homeland of the mangrove forest, the mangrove forest in the three sides of the land. bordering the sea with honest and honest people 
    Located quite far from the center of Ca Mau city, but not so that Ba Tuong lagoon reduces the attraction to tourists. One of the points that will hold you back to this place is the source of fresh seafood, making delicious dishes of the southernmost region of the country such as sea crabs, crabs, shrimp, mudfish, brown fish, salt-roasted turtles. , ...
    Moreover, when coming to this famous Ca Mau lagoon, you are also welcomed by the hospitable locals to the dishes that do not have to be proud of the taste but make sure to eat once, remember forever not to forget like boiled shrimp. genuine vegetable rolls, fish pots from fresh fish caught under the lagoon, or simply a famous Rach Goc three-notch plate with bee pupae and Dat Mui squid egg rolls served with white rice. These delicious meals full of specialties make visitors can't help but compliment their taste.
    And then when night falls, under the cool breezes of Ca Mau beach, sitting on Thi Tuong lagoon , in small huts, do not miss a cozy moment with friends and people telling stories about the past, then Sipping a glass of wine with a good bait of a little crab, boiled shrimp or grilled caught just below the lagoon. Surely, the sweet and sweet taste mixed with the stickiness of shrimp and crab mixed with the gentle pungency of the wine will make many people fall in love and drunk on the southernmost land of the country.
    Thi Tuong lagoon has a rustic, simple beauty, but there is no shortage of poetic features, promising to be an attractive Western eco-tourist destination that any tourist cannot miss in Ca Mau tour ! So if you have the opportunity to go to the last land in the south of the country, do not forget to visit this famous lagoon, to enjoy an exciting day in the vast water waves!

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