• Wander through the garden with exciting summer experiences in the West

    Sitting on a boat to watch the scenery, slapping a ditch to catch fish, visiting the pagoda, visiting the garden, ... will be experiences in the West of summer that bring many interesting things to you. 

    Wandering the fruit gardens

    If asked in the summer in the Southwest, the most crowded places are the orchards. This is the time when the season is ripe for many famous specialties of this region such as rambutan, durian, mangosteen, longan, mango, ... Therefore, going to those places not only get lost in the cool scenery. . But also hand picked them right on the tree to enjoy.

    Wandering around the fruit orchards of Can Tho , Cai Mon fruit garden (Ben Tre), My Khanh fruit garden, Cai Be (Tien Giang), ... An unforgettable experience of anyone when they have the opportunity to leave. River water every summer comes. The luxuriant orchard surrounded by lush green space, full of aromas of different fruits is also an irresistibly beautiful check-in point during your trip. 

    Boating to explore rivers, Melaleuca forests

    Coming to the West, you will forget to sit on a canoe and explore the garden. The Mekong Delta region possesses a tangled system of canals, so sitting on boats to explore the scenery everywhere is an ideal choice. There, you are not only free to enjoy the scenery with the life of the rustic countryside people, the fruit garden while close to the banks. 

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    But sitting on a boat, you can also weave through the lush melaleuca forests, the bottom of which is duckweed drifting and coming to an exciting natural world that is also experienced in the attractive summer western . This area has a multitude of famous Melaleuca forests known as: Tra Su Melaleuca forest, U Minh Melaleuca forest, Xeo Quyt Melaleuca forest, Tan Lap floating village cajeput, ... Perennial melaleuca trees deep in the mud. , the body rises up straight to create an attractive beauty that makes everyone be amazed. 

    Sightseeing and check-in with sen

    Summer can be seen throughout the lake, lotus pond everywhere is blooming gorgeous and the West is no exception. Watching lotus is one of the many experiences that many people love because of the unique beauty of this land. There are two places that many people choose to visit to watch lotus in summer, especially in Dong Thap and Bong Binh Thien lotus fields of An Giang.
    At Bung Binh Thien, sailed on the lake to pick lotus, fish, and crazy cotton. In Dong Thap, lotus is an iconic flower present everywhere. Lotus grows in the wet rice fields, in the swamps. Although 'near the mud but not stinking of mud', the ecstatic scent and the pure beauty make everyone admired fascinated. Wander through the lotus fields to watch and check-in to bring you an impressive summer Western experience . 

    Slap fishing ditch

    People in the West all year round are attached to the canals, so if you come here in the summer you will also experience a real farmer. Put on her father's clothes, roll up her pants and wade in the trench to catch fish and shrimp. In tourist areas often have this activity for tourists, but if you want to feel more authentic, you can ask to go with the locals to catch fish. Although it is stained with mud, but in return there will be many fun and unforgettable memories.

    Visit the bird sanctuary, melaleuca bird

    The West is endowed with a diverse ecosystem, so there are many conservation areas and biosphere reserves where birds live, including those in the Red Book. Everywhere in the western provinces, it becomes more and more noisy in the summer. You can visit places such as Vam Ho bird sanctuary , Tram Chim national park, bird garden in U Minh Thuong and Ha national forests, ... to see firsthand their lives. 

    Visit the temple

    The Southwest region is also one of the areas with the most pagodas in our country, attracting spiritual tourists who come to visit every year. The pagoda was built in many different styles such as: Khmer pagoda, Zen monastery, monastery, ... With diverse and beautiful architecture, associated with many spiritual and historical stories. So when you come here in the summer, a good time do not forget to visit the pagoda, burn incense and enjoy the tranquil scenery. 

    Going to floating market

    For Westerners, floating markets are not only typical beauty but also become an inseparable culture, experienced in the Western summer that everyone loves. This is a large concentration of business, boats anchored with all kinds of goods to serve people's lives. There is no shortage of things from fruits, vegetables, agricultural products, clothes, rice ... not inferior to the supermarkets on the shore. The bustling business scene from 2am, when it was not seen yet.
    Tourists also love to come to the market early to enjoy the scenery, enjoy breakfast, coffee and buy some gifts to take home. The boat is so crowded, but just looking from the tree hanging something to know immediately the goods that place sells. Famous markets that are known as: Cai Rang floating market, Cai Be floating market, Nga Nam floating market, Phung Hiep floating market, ... are places that you can visit and experience. 

    West sea bathing

    In addition to the fruit garden, floating market or lush green Melaleuca forest, ... the sea is also a 'specialty' that attracts many people when experiencing in the West of summer . In this area, there are also many famous beaches for you to have fun with such as Tan Thanh beach (Tien Giang), Khoai Long beach (Ca Mau), Ba Dong beach (Tra Vinh), Mui Nai beach ( Ha Tien), ... And especially to mention the beautiful beaches like paradise in Phu Quoc - Kien Giang.
    If the beaches on Ngoc Island own the beautiful beauty of clear blue sea water, smooth white sand. Free to enjoy swimming, playing and check-in with beautiful scenery. The other western beaches, though somewhat turbid due to the influence of alluvial water, possess equally wild beauty. Come to relax, relax, enjoy fresh seafood and participate in many interesting activities such as clam raking, crab catching, ...

    Sleep at Chau Doc raft house

    Homestay has many types, but sleeping on fish-raising houses in Chau Doc - An Giang in the summer brings a new feeling when traveling to the Southwest . The floating raft houses are set up close together like a village mounted right on the river. Staying here, living, eating, and chatting about people's lives is a hard memory to find.
    Especially at night when the lights are reflected on the river surface, creating a sparkling and brilliant scene. Sitting there looking out into the distance, sleeping in the quiet air. Not only that, you can also participate in fish feeding activities, learn about how to raise fish in raft. And can not ignore the opportunity to taste the delicious specialties that are hard to resist, especially the seafood raised right at the raft. 

    Enjoy specialties

    For those who love to explore food, this is an experience in the West of summer that cannot be ignored. The characteristics of the dishes in this land of ripe Dragon are rustic and close to distinct flavors. There are plenty of dishes for you to enjoy this season as: hot pot fish parts cork cotton, fish trui, hamsters spinning rollers, hot pot sauce, salad lotus, noodles, pancakes, ... Listen to severance Forums feel craving, to enjoy once for the merit to go here. 
    Summer is hot, but it's also a season of turmoil and exciting journeys. If you do not plan to go anywhere, do not hesitate to book a trip to the West to experience all the exciting activities mentioned above. Be sure that you and your family or friends will have moments of relaxation and joyful memories. 

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