• Wandering around the Dong Thap fruit gardens with fruitful eyes

    Dong Thap fruit gardens together with lotus fields, immense rice fields or other attractions create cultural beauty that attracts tourists. 

    Hai Thuy fruit garden

    The fruit garden has an area of ​​more than 10.00 m2, with many typical fruit trees of the Mekong River region such as rambutan, longan, durian, mango, ... Due to its location next to the Sa Dec riverbank, rich land is suitable. The rich alluvium so the fruits here also have a special taste. All year round, it is always green and lush, producing a large output not only contributing to economic development for local people but also being the leading tourist attraction in this place.

    Coming to this fruit garden in Dong Thap , go along the idyllic brick road, enjoy the fresh air. Wade into the scenic gardens and enjoy the fruit at the garden. This is the ideal place for you to relax with green ecological space, delicious simple dishes. Besides, there is an old brick kiln, which is a beautiful ghostly check-in point, with a close look at the traditional brick making tools. 

    American Female Fruit Garden

    This orchard was just opened in 2019, owned by Mrs. Vo Thi No, with a modest area of ​​just over 8,000 m2. However, My Nuong fruit garden is supported by the government for investment and development. Residents as well as tourists come to visit the scenery. In this place, you will enjoy the garden landscape with many familiar trees such as guava, pear, custard apple, durian, longan, mango, ... planted in a clean and safe direction.
    In addition, the simple and rustic cultural and culinary space of the West is also enjoyed through famous dishes. Fishing, resting, relaxing by themselves, listening to the amateurs. This fruit garden possesses a quite convenient terrain located near the center of Sa Dec town. It is a place connecting famous tourist destinations of the region such as: Gao Giong eco-tourism area , Sa Dec flower village, Buu Lam pagoda, Xeo Quyt tourist area, ...
    It is a province not so famous for its orchards as in Can Tho, Bac Lieu or other provinces in the Mekong Delta. But this place will give tourists new experiences. As a pioneering step contributing to the development of tourism in association with agriculture of Dong Thap. Along with lotus fields, traditional craft villages create a great attraction for tourists everywhere to learn and experience. 

    Tam Sang ecological fruit garden

    This Dong Thap fruit garden is located only about 7 km from the center of Chau Thanh district, the road is quite convenient. This garden is also planted with many kinds of fruit trees specialties in the South with: longan, rambutan, plum, ... wrong fruit all year round to enjoy. In addition, there is a large and beautiful lotus pond at this site for you to take pictures without fear of crowding like other famous lotus fields. 

    Son-son-cay-dong-thap-to-chom-chomPhoto: @vivi_tathanhvi
    Spend all day long visiting the gardens, picking them down by yourself and enjoying the juicy fruits right at the garden. Sitting waiting to enjoy fishing under the canals and bringing it up to self-cook into your favorite food. Or relax in the leaf huts and saturated with Western dishes served right here. Many interesting activities for the days escape the bustling city to this peaceful countryside.

    Thanh Hien Fruit Garden

    Traveling to the southwest  of Dong Thap Muoi lotus hometown, do not forget to visit this newly opened ecological fruit garden. Like other places, here visitors will visit fruit orchards larger 3ha with fruits:grapefruit, durian, mangosteen, longan, mango, rambutan, ...Just go sightseeing, eating agreements If you like, if you are tired, you should stop at the hut to enjoy the typical unique cuisine of Chau Thanh in particular and Dong Thap in general.
    Although it has only been developed and exploited tourism from May 2020 up to now, but this place also attracts many visitors to experience. Besides, this fruit garden is less than 700m from Phuoc Long pagoda, also known as banh xeo pagoda. Because when visiting the temple, in addition to visiting the Buddha, you can also enjoy the vegetarian pancake for free. Or visit other famous scenic spots in the famous lotus land in the same area without having to move much.
    Along with immense lotus fields, rice fields straight stork flies or attractive tourist attractions. Dong Thap fruit gardens greatly contribute to bringing a familiar but new ecological space to visitors every time they have the opportunity to return to this land. 

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