• Where is Can Tho tourism? Pin now 9 most beautiful homestay Can Tho!

    Can Tho has white rice and water, people from afar don't want to go home. After a long day of exploring tourist destinations, you will need a place to rest, relax, a homestay in Can Tho that is both beautiful, comfortable, and soft at the same time will definitely be a great choice for you.
    Can Tho is said to be the capital of the western part of the river. Truly so, the immense Can Tho river becomes a part of the life of Tay Do people, and is a destination for many tourists. Can Tho tourism best likes to stay in homestay with leafy garden with water plants. In the afternoon, sitting cross-legged by the river, watching the clouds of the sky, watching the sunset dyed with gold. In the distance is the canoe, the boat carrying fruits and vegetables of the people, laughter and sales, the sound of sales and purchases buzzing in a corner of the sky.
    In addition, it is impossible not to mention the beautiful homestay in the city, because near the center, it will be easy to move to more entertainment venues.

    1. Hometravel Mekong Can Tho

    Inspired by the garden nature, Hometravel Mekong Can Tho is designed with leaf huts, wooden walls that are extremely simple and close, but you are assured of accommodation facilities because there are full pages here. equipment for relaxation. 
    Why is Hometravel Mekong ranked in the top of beautiful homestay in Can Tho ? Because there is a beautiful view overlooking the river, behind is a monkey bridge specially decorated, suitable as a virtual living place for visitors. To get here, visitors will be transported by a boat.

    Where is Can Tho tourism?  Pin now 9 most beautiful homestay Can Tho!Come to Hometravel Mekong Can Tho, don't forget to check in virtual live with a bamboo bridge!

    Come to Homestay Mekong Can Tho, do not miss the following interesting experiences: watching the floating market on the river, enjoying the sunset, cycling to visit the beautiful garden ...
    In addition, the homestay is also very close to the Can Tho fruit gardens, so visitors can visit easily and conveniently.

    2. Mekong Rustic Can Tho

    Mekong Rustic Can Tho is one of the beautiful homestays in Can Tho that is highly appreciated for its decoration style and service quality. 
    The impression when coming to Mekong Rustic is that the scenery is filled with green and green plants. Homestay uses wood, bamboo, brick and red materials to build, bringing home-grown simplicity but no less sophisticated and luxurious.
    The paths are beautifully decorated, bringing sympathy to tourists when coming here.
    Mekong Rustic not only gives you a rustic experience in the Can Tho river, but this homestay also gives visitors the opportunity to discover unique local culture through visiting silk factories, bakeries. coating, projection workshop ... and ride experience.

    3. Green Garden Homestay

    Green Garden Homestay is one of the ideal homestay in Can Tho for you, with extremely beautiful layout and ideal price.
    Built in the middle of an orchard, Green Garden Homestay's space is green and peaceful. The rooms are simply decorated, but still ensure full facilities to give you the most satisfying experience.
    The most favorite is being swinging in a beautiful small hammock, below the porch full of green leaves, the life of the stars is so beautiful.

    4. Hung's Homestay

    Hung's Homestay - a typical riverside homestay in the heart of Can Tho in the heart of Can Tho. Designed in a simple style with a simple leaf-walled bamboo house in the middle of a lush and airy fruit garden. 
    Leaving the noisy place of town, coming to Hung's Homestay, you will be immersed in village life without any trouble. Breathe fresh air with no dust, loud noisy car horns, all peace suddenly rushes back, giving you mellow emotions.
    Another special feature is that Hung's Homestay welcomes a lot of foreign guests, you can take advantage of "practice" your foreign language skills!

    5. Green Village Mekong

    Like its name, Green Village Mekong reminds of a green village, filled with trees, incense.
    Rated as one of the beautiful homestays in Can Tho , Green Village Mekong makes visitors come here sobbing their hearts because the scenery is so wonderful. The walled bungalows, the leaf roof are located between the village bamboo and the beautiful small canal, get up early in the morning to listen to the birds singing, summer noon swaying on the porch, and What's more wonderful.

    6. Nguyen Shack Homestay

    Nguyen Shack Homestay has a garden style of Tay Do with a simple, rustic, leaf-walled house, a bamboo bridge across the river, giving visitors the most peaceful and poetic.

    7. Firewood Coffee & Homestay Can Tho

    The extremely lovely decoration space has helped Cui Coffee & Homestay reach the top of the most beautiful homestay in Can Tho.
    Firewood's design style has a bit of Da Lat direction when using basswood to create a vintage feel, and a little nostalgic.
    Firewood's rooms are fully equipped, neat and cozy, making you extremely comfortable. Also, the drinks are awesome.
    No need to go anywhere, right at Firewood Coffee & Homestay Can Tho, you will also have dozens of amazing virtual live check-in photos.

    8. Winter Spring Homestay Can Tho

    Located in the city center, Winter Spring Homestay Can Tho has a pretty top view of the city, and is very close to commercial centers, shopping, and not far from Can Tho airport.
    Winter Spring Homestay's rooms are designed as small apartments with full amenities, giving guests the comfort of being at home. The best part is also has a bar and kitchen for you to cook. In addition, you can also borrow free bikes to explore the city of Can Tho.

    9. Leng Keng Homestay Can Tho

    Located in a small alley in the heart of Can Tho, Leng Keng Homestay is quite quiet and peaceful, suitable for those who want to rest in the city center but not too noisy and hustle.
    Recognized as a beautiful homestay in Can Tho , Leng Keng is quite beautifully decorated, everything is small, beautiful and evokes a nostalgic and simple atmosphere.
    In addition, the homestay also has a nice small bookshelf for those who love reading and researching.

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